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  1. I am definitely interested, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it. Right now my schedule is erratic, and I frequently don't have Saturdays off. That hopefully will change within the next couple weeks, so please at least keep me in mind. I'll let you know more when I do.
  2. Yes, I meant microbeads, not combeads. I think I am getting my sci-fi confused.
  3. If they have combeads, the range is about a kilometer. Of course, that can be made much shorter if they are in a steel building, or in a cave or something. It doesn't seem that the characters in 11th Hour have combeads, but it's up to you if you want to let them have it. Personally, I think it'd be more fun and interesting if they didn't have an easy way to communicate. Actually, probably combeads are only available to elite forces. The job of the common grunt is to hold the line and die in the name of the Emperor, after all.
  4. Catachans. I just think they have a lot of personality, and the models look really cool. I like the Tallarns as well, but the models are expensive. I play 40K, and with the new allies rule, I am considering getting some Catachans so they can act as a speed bump to take some pressure off of my Crimson Fist space marines.
  5. I'm thinking Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and 2. Without knowing anything more about Only War, if I end up running it, I will probably style it as such.
  6. I've been watching a friend play through the Metal Gear Solid series for the past few weeks, so stealth gameplay has been on my mind. Last week, two of my five players were absent. The week before, they were trying to take down a renegade tech priest because the arch militant decided he wanted to pursue a bounty on his dataslate full o' bounties. They managed to take out a bunch of combat servitors sent by the Heretek to stop them (after the astropath let it slip that they were visiting him to collect the bounty, which the rest of us found amusing). They did, however, lose a few "redshirts," and one of the players took a critical hit. Since two of my players were missing, I told the players that after discussing their situation, they decided the best way was to sneak into the area. One of the redshirt crewmen was formerly involved in stealth operations for the imperial guard and would accompany them. He happened to be named Sam Fisher. My game is somewhat silly. Anyway, they managed to disable all the automated defenses, before a servo skull sounded the alarm and servitors started awakening from their storage tanks. The players ran into the next room to confront the boss. This was my first time trying this type of gameplay. All in all, it was an interesting session, but I felt it could have been much better. Thinking about it from a fresh perspective, I could have included things such as shadows, and being able to create distractions. The astropath did dominate one of the servants, so that was pretty cool. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you have tried anything like this? The great thing about stealth games is that there are plenty of alternate paths for the characters to achieve their goals. How would you set it up? I realize this type of gameplay may be more commonly seen in Dark Heresy, or maybe even Black Crusade, but I still thought it was fun.
  7. What about the ones you can find in Dark Heresy? One of my players wants to use biomancy from the DH core rulebook.
  8. I think I can answer your first question about the weapons. The thing you must remember is that Hostile Acquisitions is essentially an expansion. In the core rulebook you have the basic setting, while the expansions go into more depth, or provide you with tools for more easily creating situations for your campaign. For example, there is nothing preventing you from making an interesting bad guy using only the core rulebook. However, if you have Hostile Acquisitions, it is much easier to do this. Expansions flesh out a particular aspect of the world. In the case of Hostile Acquisitions, it focuses on the criminal underworld. Therefore, you will see things like the Footfall pattern boltgun (Footfall can be described as "a wretched hive of scum and villainy") and other weapons that common criminals would use. Of course you see more interesting things as well. Most likely the players will never want to own a weapon so cheap, and since they have access to massive funds, they never have too. However, they may end up facing scum who are equipped with these weapons, or they might end up buying these things in bulk for their crew members.
  9. Pretty interesting stuff, but I think 10 billion worlds is too high a number. That means 1 out of 10 planets is Earth-like. I guess the question is: what does Earth-like mean? Does it mean that it is made of dirt instead of ice or gasses? Does it mean that it has life? If it were the first definition, I would say that could be plausable. If the second . . . no. Then again, of the nine planets in our solar system (**** you scientists, I still say Pluto is a planet), one has life, and another may have had life at some point in time. Perhaps it is possible that there is a lot of life out there. In any case, there are somewhere between 200 and 400 billion stars out there, so the fact that the Imperium of Man encompasses one million worlds (some of which are possibly only moon bases) is entirely plausible.
  10. I'm curious as to what everyone's favorite expansion is. The only one I have currently is Hostile Acquisitions, and it seems pretty cool, especially the section about creating a memorable nemesis. So for those of you who have more of the expansions, which one do you find yourself constantly going back to?
  11. Yup, it's a case of the Star Trek syndrome. For some reason, the officers always put themselves in danger first. It requires some suspension of disbelief, but then again . . it's 40K. A man with psychic powers on life support for ten thousand years, demons, and the primarch of the Iron Hands being named Ferrus Manus is all totally realistic. I think as long as the GM lets the players know up front that they are supposed to constantly be putting themselves in harm's way, everything should be good. Oh, it is fun to sometimes send some red shirts down, and for the GM to kill them off in spectacular ways to alert the players to danger. I think as long as the GM isn't constantly trying to kill the players off at every opportunity (in Star Trek there is sometimes diplomacy), players will be more likely to want to go planetside just to see what situation the GM will put them into, and how they can get out of it. After all, the point of the game is to have fun, as well as to be challenged in interesting ways.
  12. When you guys have ship combat, what do you use for ships? I know that GW used to have a game called Battlefleet Gothic, but since they don't make the game anymore and pieces are hard to find, I was wondering if there were any cheap alternatives. I guess I could use the pieces from games such as Battleship Galaxies that my school's Sci Fi and Fantasy club has, but that's only if I'm there at the club.
  13. I too just picked it up today (okay, technically yesterday). I haven't had a whole lot of time to look through it, but the thing that caught my eye the most was the section on creating a nemesis. Part of a good story is having a compelling bad guy, and this expansion helps you create a memorable one. It is also probably the most useful section for any campaign. Players may decide not to pursue a criminal path, but having a cunning villain makes the game much more fun. If the players do decide to pursue a criminal endeavor, the book details how to set up a heist of epic proportions such as seen in Ocean's Eleven, or even Red Seas Under Red Skies (Sequel to The Lies of Locke Lamora). Also, it shows possible consequences for their actions, which I love. The artwork in the book, like the others from what I've seen, is really cool too. I especially like the depictions of the Arch-Heretek and Commodore Teodor Naremmus. Also, the image on page 89 will probably make you do a double take. I picked this book up because I am GMing a campaign in January. I happen to know most of the players involved, as we played Dark Heresy under a different GM. His game frequently bordered on the heretical, and certainly strayed from cannon in all kinds of silly ways, so I think that some of the things mentioned in this book might be right up their alley. Anyway, I picked this book up on an impulse buy after flipping through it, which is something that I have not done with any of the other expansions. There must be something in this book that calls to me. I am quite excited to read it in its entirety. However, it's now 3AM, and I really should go to bed.
  14. professor_kylan said: "Who comes to defile the holy kin-cave of Heculari? Do these strangers know what they have found? I am Heculari, and these [he says gesturing to the large mutants surrounding him] are my seventh. They have brought their sevenths. Forty-nine sacred warriors of the Grandfather! You defile our kin-cave with your presence. Step one foot forwards and I shall call upon Gerrak, who counts me amongst his seventh, and he shall bring forth his holy bethren. Step another foot, and Gerrak shall call upon Felka, who counts Gerrak amongst his seventh. Who can call upon Terrath, who can call upon J'Thoth, who can call upon Arah Heth, the harvester of spines. Should you take place your foot seven time more upon out sacred filth, Arah Heth shall call upon his master, the Swarm of Arroja, He Whose Name Is Decay, The Prince of Maggots, The Great Unclean One, who supped at the weeping cup of Grandfathers breast, who shall grant unto you the gift of rot and blackened bones! Begone, foul ones!" This sounds great, except for the end. Foul ones? I think you mean "Begone, clean ones!"
  15. Oooh, did not know that the Epoch Kronus existed. It looks like exactly what I am looking for though. Thanks guys!
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