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  1. I wouldn't call Greyjoy Choke top tier anymore. It's still very good, but doesn't match up well against Targ Burn, which is just as good, and played a lot more. Honestly, since we got the new agendas dropped on us pretty quick, alongside a brand new restricted list, I don't think there is much room to objectively figure out tiers because there is so much untapped potential. In the current state of the game, if you can build a deck that can hang with KOHH decks and also Rush decks, I'd say you've got a pretty good build.
  2. I'm a pretty big fan of Shadowcat in heavy shadow builds. They're a nice chump block, and the stealth helps you bypass the defenders that you don't manage to hit with your control. They also don't have bad traits, and can't be one shot by Flame-Kissed.
  3. Seksibro said: So uh… why didn't they just make this a new keyword? It's a super keyword. Kind of like how crests are super traits. It's new and shiny, so I'm down for it. But yeah, I think adding multiple versions of challenge enhancers like this, along with things like the shadows mechanic are going to turn the new players away a little.
  4. Slot misinformation and use your shadows and spiders first or second turn. Worst case, they cancel it if you draw into it, best case you delay the game 2 turns because you drew into 2 copies and they used Art of Seduction on your Shadows and Spiders turn. Misinformation will also easily bleed power off of the Conclave when used with Lannisport Tourney Grounds. I really like the threat of 3x Castellan 3x Enemy Informer + First turn Retaliation also. Maybe look into that? I would take out Mel because as you said, she's kind of a liability against Game of Cyvasse. The cost is just too much. Being PBTT, you also want to explode out of the gate on the first turn. Try to beat them to the punch. Run your 3x Cersei, also run a copy of The Mad Huntsman, he will get you your 2 intrigues when it really matters… If you want to extend his life for a turn, add some infamy characters: -House Clegane Outlaw works well because he is cheap, and he's a pretty awesome target for I'm You Writ Small. -Yezzan's Grotesquerie is also an amazing character with Infamy. Hope this helps out some.
  5. ktom said: If an effect allows you to search your deck for a particular card, you are obliged to reveal the card you find in order to prove it matches criteria whether the search effect tells you to reveal or not. (The exception to this is if the search effect tells you to put the card into play or some other "public knowledge" state; revealing would be redundant in such circumstances.) However, if an effect allows you to search your deck for a particular card, you are not obliged to reveal your entire deck in order to prove that you haven't got a card that matches the criteria left. Yes, you are on the "honor system" in that situation, but it's usually not an issue. After all, not a lot of people go through a search effect, find a qualifying card, and decide "nah, I don't really want it…." Thanks for the quick reply ktom. I was trying to determine if Yoren's Task could be used as a pre-plot action in that way to avoid Rule by Decree by not actually taking a character. Rats.
  6. Hey rules board! Quick question here. I play an effect that searches my deck for a character with a certain trait and put it into my hand… am I required to resolve it? I'd thought yes, but since your deck is not public knowledge, in the instance you didn't have a character of the correct type to search for, how would you prove that you were unable to resolve the effect? Are you basically on the honor system when you trigger one of these, that if you have a character of the correct type you must reveal and put it into your hand?
  7. Outside of the fact that all of the Lannister/Neutral holy options besides the Doubting Septa aren't very good characters, I'd say the deck will do well. You get access to confession, and an easy trigger for terminal schemes (with your non-kneelers) I'd say that's strong enough by itself. Some non-kneeling tri-con's post valar will also help seal the game pretty well after the reset goes off. I'd say give it a shot. I wouldn't add Aeron and other out of house cards, because you need your first turn or 2 to be really strong. If you do go that route, Misinformation is really good insurance, especially with Shadows and Spiders. (I'd probably run those cards anyway.) You need a way to deal with The Laughing Storm if you take this to a tourney, so keep that in mind. Don't forget to add some holy characters over 2 cost, because early First Snow will be pretty common
  8. Ah, gotcha. Wish I could've been there. Can't wait to read the tourney report.
  9. Nice! Well done everyone! Was Ram still playing Lanni CoS?
  10. Your draw is a little on the light side. If you don't have pyromancer's cache, or prefer not to run them in this build, I would slot insidious ways. That will help you win your challenges, trigger terminal schemes, and stay up on cards. Tommen is nice too if you're willing to buy a chapter pack for one card. Unless you are really confident with your decks ability to win intrigue, I would highly recommend Misinformation in your event slot, as you are running PBTT. As far as matchups. Targ will be tough, as well as any deck that can out initiative you. I usually do really well against Stark with PBTT, but not everyone feels the same.
  11. Make an 8x10 inch 200dpi photoshop document and drag the images from cardgamedb into it. Resize it to 200%, and it will be a little smaller than regular cards, but use almost no ink and be just legible enough. I would guess somewhere around 230% is the size of a regular card.
  12. Hmmm… i see what you are saying, Dennis. And I agree to an extent. If you aren't prepared for a house's strength, yeah, it has the potential to ruin you first turn. I find myself patching my houses big weaknesses with my plot choices, and honestly when I do that, it doesn't feel like RPS to me.
  13. Great writeup Syd. Great game too. It was my favorite of the tournament by far.
  14. John Deatrick (Fieras) won the joust. He was playing Bara.
  15. Wow, no Lannister at all? That's kind of depressing.
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