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  1. Sorry for the late answer, I did not realize that you had edited your post. Outside of Kith's signature cards, there is only one that has anything to do with khymeras. That card is Beasthunter Wyches, which allows you to put a Khymera token in play, at your HQ, if you pay one resource after playing a DE event card.
  2. On that article, there are actually two previews. The cycle preview, which is why you see cards there from other packs. Below that, is the first pack preview, which shows us Striking Ravener, Ravening Psychopath and others. It is not made entirely clear, so I can understand your confusion. I went through the same thing when they previewed the first cycle/pack in the same article last year.
  3. Yeah, I think you have a good point. It makes a lot of sense for them. As for saying it, FFG rarely goes into too many details for their reasoning on the timing of releases.
  4. Honestly, I'm more concerned with when is it coming out? According to the upcoming page, the darn thing is still at the printers. Looks like a mid to late July release at the earliest. That's a long time from the last pack. I realize that a bit of a break and giving people time to assimilate/experiment/familiarize with the existing card base is a good thing, but a couple of months and maybe longer is too much.
  5. 1-The ability is being triggered from whichever planet you choose to trigger. Carnath only gives you the choice to do so. In your example, the enemy unit would have to be adjacent to Atrox Prime or at an HQ. 2-No. Once initiative has been determined at the beginning of the combat phase, it does not change in subsequent rounds. This is regardless if the conditions that gave you initiative are no longer present. RRG P. 25 3.2.1 Determine Initiative. 3-Yes, it would if the attacking unit has only one HP overall or one HP left. The Declare Defender step happens before the Resolve Attack step, so the Firedrakes would assign their ability damage before the attacker deals attack damage. RRG P.25, 26 3.2.3 and 3.2.6.
  6. Hmmm, I must have been thinking of something else, then. My mistake.
  7. Seems like LCGs and CCGs in general all suffer from this same issue. Early on, there is always one faction/group/whatever that is ahead of the rest or perceived to be so. In my experience, this is almost inevitable in the first year or so of a game's existence. Unfortunately, the issue always gets exarcebated by players who only play the easiest deck they can win consistently with. This frustrates other players and even sends some away. It's, I'm afraid, part of most game's growing pains. Facilier, in his post above made some great points. If I remember correctly, SM did not win at World's last year either, it was DE. The data gathered on that link points to SM being near the top, but far from invincible. However, it is likely that the more casual the environment, the more dominant they are. That's probably due to the fact that they are fairly simple to pilot and it may take a bit more skill and deck tuning to beat them that you may find in many of the casual environments. So, the issue seems to be at the casual level rather than competitive. Nevertheless, I think that this is an important junction for the game. There will always be some issues showing up early on. It's all about how the designers correct those issues that truly matters. In my opinion, most players are more casual than competitive, so it should matter to FFG if there is a problem at the casual level. Hopefully, it is one that can be remedied fairly quickly.
  8. Although I haven't seen anything that indicates dominance by having first initiative, I think there are some advantages. You may have a better chance to take the first planet, specially if it's an important one, because you are swinging first and there won't be a whole lot in play yet, being the first turn. You get initiative at all the "tiebreaker" planets. Third, fifth, seventh. If you're trading planets with an opponent, you have a better chance to keep the pressure on. In my experience, most games end somewhere around the fifth planet, a planet in which the player with first initiative, will go first. If the game goes to the extreme, the player with first initiative, will have it at the seventh planet, as well. And while it all comes down to how you've positioned yourself, it never hurts to have a little something extra going for you.
  9. Elite is just a trait on a unit. P. 15 RRG : Traits: "More cards have one or more traits listed at the top of the text box and printed in italics. Traits have no inherent effects on the game. Instead, some card abilities reference cards that possess specific traits." This would differentiate them from the skull symbol next to a card's name that makes it a unique.
  10. I've always thought that HH could be made into a LOTR style solo/co-op game with a choice to play either loyalist or traitor. The Emperor was made as a promo card in the old HH card game. I still have it. Having said that, I agree it is unlikely we will see him here. Maybe a card called The Golden Throne or Imperial Throne Room could be made, though. The loyalist primarchs are even more unlikely, as they are almost all either dead or missing in action, their fates unknown. The only exception is Guilliman, who is kept in stasis after receiving a mortal wound, but it is unlikely he will ever recover. As for Ku'gath, he is powerful, but not nearly as powerful as the fluff makes the daemon prince/primarchs out to be. They are pretty much the most powerful Chaos beings besides the gods themselves.
  11. Fulgrim is still alive, yes. He, along with all the surviving traitor primarchs has become a daemon prince of Chaos. However, they are not involved and perhaps not even concerned with their legions anymore and are almost never seen. It is doubtful they would be seen in the game due to that reason and the fact that they would be immensely powerful. I mean, in the two glimpses I've seen, Magnus walked through the massed fire of a half dozen Space Wolves dreadnoughts, several squads, including Long Fangs and Wolfguards and mortal heavy weapon emplacements, as a "man pushing through fields of corn". In another battle, Angron was the size of a Warhound titan and it took 100 Grey knights just to temporarily banish him into the warp. Their power would be off the scale.
  12. Yeah. Fabius is also not all that slaaneshi anymore. He's sort of strayed away from that path and just concentrated on his experiments.
  13. I would really love to see Lucius as the slaaneshi warlord. If not him, at least someone from the Emperor's Children. It's high time we had some of them in the game.
  14. Well, we do have Xavaes Split-Tongue, who is Slaaneshi and can generate cultists, though he would have to be in play and in a position to do so. At least, he's a start.
  15. More or less this is it: Cacophonic Chorus-Power-Maneuver????-Slaanesh: Exhaust your warlord to have your opponent inflict X amount of indirect damage among the units he controls. X is the number of units your opponent controls. Clan Snakebite Brute-Warrior-Rok???????: Forced reaction: After this unit resolves it's attack, deal it 1 damage. Flavor text: Snakebites are ferocious in combat and even more lethal when wounded. Firedrake Terminators?????-Soldier-Salamander-Elite: Reaction: After this unit is declared as a defender, deal 1 damage to the attacking unit. Flavor text: These space marines are as unstoppable and deadly as the lava rivers of their homeworld, Nocturne. Not an exact translation, but I hope you get the gist.
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