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  1. Hi. I haven't seen the update on your webpage yet; is there something I'm missing? Thanks.
  2. So, I have this campaign germ idea that came to me last night, and I wanted some input. In other place, in another time, where and when doesn't really matter apart from window dressing, facts are an inconvenience and opinions are a nuisance, unless you happen to toe the correct line. Unfortunately for the PC's, this means them. Examples: archaeologists find something that breaks with the Appropriate Narrative that our country wasn't always here, A librarian who shelves the wrong books that suddenly fall out of favor with a new administration, or a geek who finds a comic book that the Religious State Sec finds inappropriate. And now, they have to run, and if they keep the Mcguffin around long enough and get it to the Resistance, they get a bonus. Alternatively, they could be a part of the Resistance already, and suddenly a more tolerant, more "Enlightened" administration comes to power. Can they patch up the pieces and restore things to the way they should be while dodging the lingering elements of the Old Regime looking to put them out of business? So, what trope set would I use? Horror or no horror, and how much of "hard mode" would I want to have? Thanks.
  3. So, I've been working on a xenos race for a while now (5 years+) and I was wondering how to script them out in this system. Specifically, they have poison glands in their upper jaws for both food gathering and self defense. It's a chemical cousin to Chronerix Fleckeri, the box jellyfish from Australia, really nasty stuff. Would it cause straight damage or status damage? Thanks. Also have a question regarding licensing that I would appreciate a PM for.
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