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  1. Ty for the clarification. I haven't read all the spots yet.
  2. So does that mean you can head back out to the outer tier after you are in the middle? I only saw you mention moving from the outer to middle.
  3. So my wife and I just started our first game and her mission card was to go to the Apothecarium Sepha…. She was the Adepta Sororitas and so started on St. Antias sanctuary. For her movement phase can she just spend the 2 influence to go up a tier? Seems like you could…. Then can use the recover option even though she doesn't need it and complete her mission correct? On her next turn can she just exit the same way she came in? Does she even have to spend influence? or is it a one way trip for her and she should ignore the mission and just run around the outside for awhile before going in?
  4. I live in Anaheim and would like to try FoD or other fantasy flight games, if you guys are still looking for people.
  5. The7thFlame2

    Gaming mats

    I also have ordered my mat from Banners on the cheap. I went and looked up Hubble Space Images and then selected the image I wanted to use. I made to sure to find the hi rez version of it that was as close to 20 mbs as I could find. Downloaded it. Opened with MS Paint I shrank the size from 30 mbs to 19.5 and uploaded the image in the custom Banners on the Cheap page. With shipping I am out the door on a vinyl mat at $22.00
  6. 2 Core Sets So a total of: 5 Tie Fighters 3 X-Wings 3 Y-Wings 3 Tie Advanced ------------------ I pre-ordered: 2 Millennium Falcon 2 Slave I 3 A-Wing 3 Tie Interceptors ------------------------------ 24 pieces
  7. http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/479387.page#4821427 This guy did an incredible job on creating his world for X Wing. Check out his post, I found it while looking at different ways to create mats for Star Wars.
  8. So I finally got around to separating all my cards into events, heroes, attachments, and Ally stacks. I have not gone through all the stacks yet, but I have just noticed that I only have 1 of Dark Knowledge(Attachment) and 1 of Henamarth Riversong (Ally). Should I have more of these?? Will there be more cards where there will only be 1 of them? I currently own all the expansion packs out and 1 core Thank you
  9. Why isn't this stickied? It should be listed at the top of the forum... just saying...
  10. Thank you!! I thought maybe when I was clearing out the threat level of locations left and right I was doing something wrong.
  11. Maybe they plan on overlapping the release of the products?? So you can buy the new products while waiting for the end of the first cycle??
  12. Sorry if this is a total noob question, but I was wondering if I have 2 or three northern trackers in play can I use them all to completely remove unexplored locations from the game? Thanks
  13. Found 3 Dunwich expansions at store, when did it make it back into stores?
  14. I don't have this expansion and have looked everywhere for it in southern CA. I am eagerly awaiting for it.
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