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  1. I had all 4 figures at one time and to be honest they were not worth the price I had paid for them. I mean with all of the expansions for Descent you have so many heroes already to pick from that they really are not that necessary. I'd rather use the money on other boardgames or perhaps the expansions for this game.
  2. All 4 promotional figures and a set of dice are currently on ebay although like the other poster mentioned the prices are a little high.
  3. Good news and bad news. Good news is that after doing an exhaustive internet search I did manage to find an online store that has them in stock. The bad news is that they are located in Finland. So, if you really want to pick up some additional dice and are willing to pay A LOT for shipping (At least if you live in the US) and can wait 20 business days for delivery then follow the link below: www.boostep.com/descent-extra-dice-p-51828.html
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