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  1. Yep and new alliance of the endor cycle on don't list it for the force packs either. Thank you for trying to assist. I appreciate it greatly.
  2. I don't see destiny supplanting this because it's a different game type. More akin to qwuarriors or dice masters which is gaining popularity lately while the card game is strictly a card game a good one in my opinion. As for sets I would advise a core and the set with scum and villainy to round out all three base types and just pick up whatever fancies you from there and have fun.
  3. Cardgamedb always seems to be down I've been trying that lol. Would you by chance know where on the website that is listed? They used to have it as part of the product information for the smaller cycle sets but don't on the newer ones and there isn't on any of the deluxe sets either. Unless i am just a baka and am missing it.
  4. Does anyone have a link or the information of what objective sets are in each expansion. They quit listing the info on the website for the newer sets and they never have for the deluxe sets. I'm trying to make up a collector's list so I can try working on my collection again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Like many others I would love to see these lists for the newer sets released. Hopefully when life and time allow we shall see them again. Thank you for all your great work!!
  6. Thank you for these lists. I have been looking for what objective sets where in the deluxe expansions for a while and they don't list it on product page like they do the packs for the cycles.
  7. I think the fundamentally forgotten thing here is that fantasy flight games is trying to run a business here. To do that they need to sell product. Requiring legit components helps do that. That money people spend supports more game and the people who make it. Why would you want to take possible new stuff and food out of the mouths of everyone involved in the products.
  8. I personally like the release style. Gives me a good reason to buy the books even if i dont really care about colonists, or politico or what have you. I still get species and starships and stuff to use. I really like dividing the extra legal part of the universe from the military part and from the organized force users. I soo far have really enjoyed the system they are using it feels like star wars to me. They do have a generic star wars rpg line of product already that only contains adversary decks and sice but has potential for unified adventure paths and supplements. I look forward tos e3ing what happens after the preplanned runs of career specialization, adventure paths, and area based splats are done. I soo far prefer this over both WEG and WoTC versions by far and the release schedule while consistent isnt over bloated and the books are reasonable. I Cant afford a $50 book every month its why i quit keeping up with pathfinder and i think Paizo does great with it.
  9. Anyone know of a good resource for pics to use for the 1" square stands for paper inserts or something equivelant. We were going to use the litko stands. http://www.litko.net/products/Paper-Figure-Counter-Stands.html. link for reference. To use to help keep track of positions of different stuff during fights. Didnt plan to use maps or anything just stands on the table for positional reference. I use xwing ships for space and we wanted to use these with different pictures printed out for ground fights. If anyone knows where to find some or a good resource to use it would be a great help.
  10. Karon


    Thank you everyone for all the input it has helped a Great deal in the wife and I's decision process. After much debate and discussion and research that we shall invest in privateers p3 line of paints. Partially because all the information I have gotten on it is positive except for apparently their lids and metallics. The lids are the same as the old citadel paints apparently. I'm used to that. I will have to fill in the few missing spots with other stuff but it can be done. A lot of the decision was based on quality and reviews but the wife and I both hate droppers and mixing paint so the pots work better and that definitely influenced our decision. Thank this wonderful community yet again for all of your help.
  11. I would definitely like to be able to replace pegs and stands. I've got a few pegs from my starter (oldest) that are looking really rough where they attach.
  12. Here so far the wave 2 tie interceptor and a wings have been sparse but everything else is easy to get. I'm still waiting on my order of tie interceptors and a wings as well.
  13. Karon


    By complicated I meant with all the mixing and thinning and whatnot. I'm not a good painter by any.means especially with my nervous system problems these days but I do want my stuff painter it just looks soo bad otherwise I cant handle it. I tried vallejo in the late 80s or early 90s though so I may be mistaken. I changed to citadel/gw in like 95? I think. I have kinda have been disappointed with gw lately anyway so maybe I'm being a little rediculous but I'm gonna maybe try using the coloured undercoats from army painter and the P3 paints for the colours and maybe the dip stuff some from army painter. I was wanting some opinions has to how things where and I have gotten some great info so far and have the above plan as a tentative possibility.
  14. Karon


    Apparently they don't sell the paint sets anymore. Everything has to be bought single. That is what she told me at least. Things are really strange lately for me it is like people don't want large sums of money. First tigerdirect with my wifes PC now gw with their $500+ paint set. I'm researching others now and so far I like army painter and p3 from privateer but I have used gw for soo long I am a little lost and kinda want some informed opinion LOL. Ah well gw has been less than favoured by my lately anyway so if they don't want my money someone else can get it.
  15. Karon


    Apparantly gw isn't willing to let me order a paint set from them. Seriously told me they couldn't take orders on them. So the question is who has suggestions on what might BS a good replacement set. I don't paint with pallets. I like painting directly from the pots and the variety gw had cause I suck at mixing. With Myers nervous system problems I honestly have trouble painting at all. But I want to find a new paint option for me and the other half that isn't super complicated (valejo) or something. Honestly I'm posting this on several forums and intend to compile opinions and research to find the option that fits me and the other half best. Thank you in advance for the input
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