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  1. Actually being surprised for a round sounds like it makes complete sense. Effectively as if you were minding your own business and enemies teleported right next to you ready to fight. A perception check makes sense perhaps at a flat -20 or -30?
  2. I wouldn't believe the amount of psy rating would have any effect on the disorientation. Regardless of whether I lost ten minutes or an hour I will probably be equally confused where I am and why people are shooting/hitting me. And I don't know about most people, but if I wake up and someone is trying to hurt me its not going to take me six seconds to punch back. Maybe I am a violent person though idk.
  3. My character is interested in crafting. I notice they put a whole table that gave the skills to use per item type, the amount of successes needed and how long it took to make the tests. It also states that the materials needed are one step more available than the item attempted to be created. It also states for crafting things with the tech use skill you must have access to the designs for them. How do you go about obtaining these designs? Would it be a separate aquisition? A whole sidequest line? Would you need peer adeptus mechanicus? Do you have to be a tech priest? By fluff it would seem that crafting stuff would be somewhat against the theme of the game, but then why would they put so much detail and rules on a mechanic they didn't want/expect you to utilize? Or are designs actually easy to acquire with the proper resources and the requirement of "designs" is merely to dissuade crafting unique tech weapons? For example a power sword with tearing, shocking, and proven 9 lol Also is it possible to acquisition materials for multiple items at the same time? For example the parts to make three las pistols as opposed to merely getting one? Last question should crafting things at higher craftsmanship levels be allowed and if so what would be the rules on how to do this? Best quality i am fine in assuming as being beyond anything a player is capable of, but good quality seems doable. Anyways I'm hoping to get some clarification because i would like to help my team reduce subtlety loss by crafting certain items for them rather than acquisition.
  4. Well I could be wrong, but i would imagine if erasure was designed for combat use they would have made some side rules stating how creatures would react to it. But they didn't so here we are! lol. And I see that hallucinate you "could" use in narration, but since the time is for half psy rating in rounds it seems heavily meant for combat purposes IMO.
  5. Which makes it last longer than hallucination which is strictly made for combat at the cost of half the xp. Not to mention erasure has many narrative uses. PR rounds is too much.
  6. Hmmm OK. Well if there are no actual rules I would love to hear your ideas of how to do it. By the flavor text it sounds relatively simple to do and yet yields a decent bonus.
  7. Hi are there any rules on making a twin linked weapon? And if you were to make a twin linked accurate weapon would the additional hit twin linked provides benefit from the additional dice from the accurate quality?
  8. But it says the phenomena he has rolled which a roll of 75-100 says roll on the perils table. So I was just wondering if the act of rolling on the perils table was the effect of 75-100 phenomena and thus negate the act of rolling.
  9. Hi this could be a stupid question, but the tier three talent warp lock states "Once per game session, he may ignore the Psychic Phenomena he has rolled (including the Perils of the Warp result on Table 6–2: Psychic Phenomena, see page 196), completely negating its effects" Now my question is do you get to see the perils of the warp result? Or do you have to negate the effects before rolling on perils?
  10. Is there a trade skill for the construction of bionic parts, implants, or gear? I know there is a trade skill for drugs as well as weapons and armor, but that is all i can find thus far.
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