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  1. @sinker: Thanks man, will look into. Have to pay for shipping to Korea anyway so maybe will just grab both in a bundle.
  2. I've really enjoyed my TI experience having gotten the game about a month ago and playing my fifth game this weekend. Since I have to order card covers for my TI game I figured why waste the packaging and am looking to grab another Fantasy Flight game at the same time. I was curious if anyone would mind suggesting and summarizing a follow up game. Generally anything with scale miniatures is impossible and something with a little less play time than TI would be best. I was looking at Battle Star, while a fan of the show though I have no idea what the game is like. Thanks in advance guys.
  3. Daejon, South Korea anyone? Could use one more player for either our Twilight group or D&D.
  4. I enjoy the randomness there, especially given a proper fighter escort can avoid most of the worse catastrophes. While I have you though, on the Muaat card the racial advantage is the ability (for a command token) to produce 2 fighters anywhere where there is a War Sun or a Space dock, assuming you did this at a space dock would it stack with Sareen Tools, and not activate the system?
  5. Thanks, just seemed excessive if someone's poor warsun tried to land.
  6. Just set up and finished our first game of Twilight. Six player game with none of us having played before seemed to go fairly smoothly. However an issue arose during a Distant Sun event that came up. A player moved two Dreadnoughts carrying 2 ground forces each (because of appropriate tech) into a system and landed them on a planet with the Automated Defense token. Reads as follows: AUTOMATED DEFENSE SYSTEM Roll 2 dice. For each 6+ lose 1 ship in this system and one landing Ground Force. If no Ground Forces remain on this planet, it remains uncontrolled. The first player to successfully invade this planet removes this counter and may place one free PDS unit on the planet. The dice were rolled and scored a single hit. We removed the ground force but were conflicted about the fact that Dreadnoughts can take two hits. Literalists felt that the card says "lose a ship" but others felt that it should simply damage a Dreadnought in the same manner as a PDS. Has there been an official comment on this? The FAQ seemed devoid of details on this instance.
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