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  1. TIE/fo and The Art of The Force Awakens
  2. Does anybody know why the latest Android Novel does not have a mail away card?
  3. I went to the local gaming store to see if they got in my copy of Android Netrunner yet, which they still have not But, this was on the counter! I can't wait to find the time to read it!
  4. This thread will of course be all speculation at this point. As I have yet to take the opportunity to read up on the rules of the classic Netrunner game, and have quickly read through the news on the new Android Netrunner game, I am not sure on what counters are used with this game. What do you guys speculate will be in the upcomming Organized Play Game Night Kits for this LCG? Also, this may be unethical, but is it possible to ask your gaming store to order in a kit for your own persona use?
  5. I recently picked up and read both of the Android novels. I felt both had a blade runner / Total Recall 2070 vibe to them. I can't wait for the next volume in this trilogy to be released. I found I had a hard time putting this novel in particular down when I needed to get some sleep. I had to know what happened next!
  6. In regards to Era symbols, what could be used for the alternate timeline from Forces Unleashed 2? Not that this is a storyline FFG will ever use. On a side note, there is a lot of Star Wars lore that can be used nowadays with the mountain of fiction out there. I am kinda hoping they stick to the original trilogy and the handful of expanded universe stories revolving around and between these films. A Shadows of the Empire expansion would blow my mind!
  7. el Igore said: I knew I had heard the name Noise before! He is one of the suspects in the Android boardgame! Here is his brief description: Ji Reilly, or "Noise" as he prefers to be called, is a G-Mod - a genetically modified human. Noise's IQ is off the charts, and his skills with computers and robotics are formidable. He is suspected of several counts of hacking, but has never been caught. He is also mentioned in the Android: Free Fall novel as well
  8. Mikko Leho said: While this has come up in various forums, I do not believe too many people are going to buy three core sets. I do not have any previous experience with LCCs, but I do not think you automatically need three copies of every single card. If your deck concept requires more cards than came with the core box, just work out another plan. I mean beside obsessive collectors aside most people are going with the core set and any expansions they need. I will be one of the obsessive collectors for this game. I will have cards to play with and have a seperate bindered set for safe keeping. Tis the collector in me that makes me do it.
  9. skolo said: where can I buy it in Europe? If you are looking for the book(s) and live in Europe, I would suggest http://www.bookdepository.com/. I live in Canada and have ordered many Doctor Who books from this UK book store. I also believe that there will be free shipping if they are able to ship to your country.
  10. i am new to this game and I have a question that might be kinda silly. It is about the Days of Ice and Fire Promo Commander cards: Is there a way to get these cards still? Like, a round about way to get them? Sorry if this question is asked all the time, I am still new to this forum
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