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  1. Hey Guys I'm new to the game and have the core set and a few expansions. I play solo and have been having some challenges but still really fun. My question is when building your decks for solo play do you build a 50 card deck or a 2/3rds card deck (33 cards). To date I've only built 50 card decks but I find it can be very tough. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and tips.
  2. You need to check out Miah's Tannhauser blog. He's got very good reviews on expansion figures and map backs.
  3. How often do you guys get to play Tannhauser? I wish I could play more often-maybe once a week with buddies-but its tough scheduling around work, kids, other commitments, etc... I really enjoy the game-I think I would appreciate the strategy and subtleties of the game a lot more if I could get more play time. How do you guys feel about your gaming time?
  4. Butch Diehard

    Dear FFG

    my sentiments exactly
  5. OK, so I think I understand how this works but just want to make sure: Once per attack roll you can give away any number of dice to a friend or foe sharing your path. They then use that number of dice and their values for either a shock or attack roll. Then Hoss can roll new dice to replace the number of dice he gave away, correct? So I could in theory roll 4 dice for an attack, roll all 1s then give them all to my target, who would have to use them ( and fail) for his shock roll. Then I essentially re-roll my attack roll using the new dice values. Do I have this right? This is a pretty wicked power then.
  6. It's a great game. Getting ready to play tonight. Domination mode battle royale!
  7. Does bull rush constitute an action or is it just a movement?
  8. Thanks, that's what we thought too.
  9. Can Eva's Iron Cross be discarded at any time during the game to gain CPs or just during her activation?
  10. Alls good, they arrived today. The problem was with USPS tracking-absolutely useless.
  11. Hey guys, I placed an order for the new cards and an expansion pack from FFG in March. They sent me an email saying it had been shipped out April 4th. It's now April 17th and it hasn't arrived yet. I checked the USPS website to track it and it just states that they have received information about the shipment but it hasn't been received. I sent FFG an email but no response from them. They've charged my credit card though. Just wondering if you guys have experienced anything similar? How long did it take for you order to arrive? Thanks.
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