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  1. To me, the real sexists are the GMs who believe a female player would be too dumb / not cool enough to only be able to role play a Space Marine.
  2. You've misunderstood it: the 15 damage is an example. The rule is "Each hit that causes any amout of damage reduces a Horde's Magnitude by one". So, bolters always hurt a hormagaunt horde's magnitude
  3. N0-1_H3r3 said: Stormast said: Yeah, but if there's a use for Sanctioned Psykers on the world you stop by to take in new unsanctioned Psykers... Why would a Blackship have already-Sanctioned Psykers on it, beyond the few who work there? The purpose of a The League of Blackships is to gather up all the psykers so that they can be slain (the "too dangerous to be allowed to live"), sanctioned (the rare "potent and stable"), soul-bound ("potent, but not quite stable enough to be left alone") or sacrificed (everyone else), as appropriate to the situation. It's not a case of "we've got a fairly stable, potent psyker lying around here in one of the vaults, and this world needs one for some inexplicable reason... lets just let him off here by himself..." As I understand it, the Scholastica Psykana (the organisation responsible for the training and monitoring of all non-Astropath Sanctioned Psykers) doesn't work like that. Organisations request psykers, not individuals (unless said individual is an Inquisitor or similar). The Imperial Guard within a given region needs two dozen Pyromancers, while the Adeptus Arbites need a couple of telepaths or diviners to serve alongside their Detectives, and so forth. The psykers are Sanctioned on Terra, and then shipped out (not on the Blackships - Psykers who'll serve the Imperium get their memories of their time on a Blackship wiped because it's so sanity-breakingly awful on them for a psyker... so you don't finish Sanctioning a guy and then put him straight back on the mind-wreckingly dreadful ship) to various Scholastica Psykana facilities across the Imperium for further training and then assignment. Well I had understood from a certain number of other discussions that Sanctioning could be done somewhere else as on Terra, and especially that it could be done on a Black Ship. So you Sanction psykers and sometimes just drop them off before reaching Terra, just because it's convenient. And that would made much more sense on the logistics point of view (which was the angle of the aforementionned discussion).
  4. Yeah, but these ones are not especially prone to mutations. The Rubric was made in order to avoid mutations - and it worked, somehow, only those with the greatest strength of will - and therefore, those who had the least chances to mutate, resisted it.
  5. I tend to not consider the "quality upgrade" for armors. Want more protection? Get yourself an Artificer Armor. ****, a Power Armor is a masterwork of its own, it should be mastercrafted already ^^
  6. Luthor Harkon said: It is not that they were stereotypical berserkers in every part of their life (i.e .when they go fishing, hunting, drinking, doing the dishes, loving their wife etc.). This made my day ^^
  7. Yeah, but if there's a use for Sanctioned Psykers on the world you stop by to take in new unsanctioned Psykers...It's not a stop to let people off on a planet, it's a programmed stop where coincidentally one person gets off.
  8. Gillam Harrow said: I'd find some way to shut off the Golden throne, or seriously damage it in such a way that no matter how many souls you feed into the Astronomican, the nature will run its course and the emporer will FINALLY die. What way to shake the faith of a population than to kill their god?unless of course you decide to mass desseminate that little fact the Emporer was effectively an Aetheist, who never saw himself as a god, and then you have that "EVERYTHING I'VE BEEN TAUGHT TO BELIEVE IS A LIE" crisis on everyone's hands... Really like the first scenario Second is much less likely: how many people know about that in the 41st millenium?
  9. The fun is "yes I'm random but I still have some kind of twisted sense of honour, and I'm not going to let that fade away". Not that much depth, but much more than your usual mindless berserker.
  10. UncleArkie said: It becomes even more unpretty if he uses the jump pack to move away from the assassin after he attacks, then he bounces out of bolt pistol range and back in for every attack. How? He surely doesn't have Assassin's Strike, does he? Whereas the Assassin can, I'm quite sure of that. And here you're just taking a Vindicare who doesn't have a long range weapon, too bad And against normal enemies, there is no Killing Strike.
  11. 18 kg? No big deal for an Astartes Though I admit your average Acolyte may find it a bit heavy ^^ But Crusaders definitely are supposed to be strong and tough.
  12. Yu^, I'd do that, too. It's something very subtle, and if you don't have Psyniscience, the only manifestation of Psychic Powers you can distinguish is when something physically impossible happens.
  13. Yeah, Power Well is definitely cool. Especially if you want to play the "careful" psyker who wants to avoid Phenomenas
  14. Yup. Don't forget that the Assault Marine only has one Reaction and Swift Attack at Rank 1! Whereas the Assassin is likely to have at least Steap Aside (iirc) and Lightning Attack when he gets to Ascension. And I'm not taking into account Vindi-brokens. They are utterly cheating
  15. Agreed. But anyway, Culexus are a very special case, and shouldn't be playable in DH ^^ But I personally wonder why the Callidus wasn't. It's just as game breaking as the Vindicare ("Enemy base? No problem! Secret cult? No sweat!"), but it's funnier to play. And less broken in combat, maybe :] And I'd say it's fairly possible to "become" a Callidus later on in your life, much for the same reasons as the Vindicare, whereas to be a good Eversor you have to be drugged and trained for much much longer.
  16. I can see why Vindicare would be selected later on, though. You know, to chose people who actually have skills at shooting So, why not, but I agree, a Vindicare doesn't do "social" infiltration. Eventually stealth, but the whole point of being a super duper mega extra ultra sniper is not having to get close to the target... And yeah, Eversor are nuts, and Culexus are blanks.
  17. Yes, I think. Generally, if a weapon is not included in the table, it means it hasn't changed (I remember seeing a Customer Service answer along those lines some weeks ago...). Melee Weapons from the Core rulebook haven't seen that many changes in the errata anyway
  18. I don't remember a rule for that, but you could just hand-wave it and say he can requisition the DH versions of Astartes weapons for approximately the same cost (or a little less maybe), or give him the same weapons as the Astartes, just not calling them "Astartes". Like, "I requisition a Gamma-Eta-Upsilon pattern Boltgun, it does exactly the same thing as the Godwyn-pattern Boltgun, but it's not Astartes so I can use it". Much easier for you. For DH-specific equipment, I'm afraid there will be no easy conversion rule :/
  19. I think Black Crusade used DW's errated boltguns rules. Not sure here.
  20. Be careful that you can still only use one Reaction per attack you want to avoid, i.e. you can't try to parry an attack, fail and then decide to parry with the Reaction from Wall of Steel But aside from that, it's very powerful.
  21. I think the RAI is that it is a power, just that it is triggered by an attack action. It's just that you can't do Smite + the killing force in the same turn, to me.
  22. Where I disagree is that I don't see why you should have a 130% chance to make it with a "Challenging" (+0) test. For the Big E's sake, the WH40k RPG system considers that you don't have to roll for everything. You don't even "Take 10", you just manage to do it. If Asrodel wants to kick a sh*tty wooden door, I won't make him roll, i'll just tell him "Yeah, you kicked it well, you cheap bastard!". Honestly, i'm not even sure I'd make Bore roll for that (kicking a door is fairly easy and doesn't require strength, unless it is strengthened or locked with a good lock, in which case you'll need much strength, or better, something to apply your strength with).
  23. You know, if I ever get to a roll where I am sure to get at least 14 DoS, why would I roll? This is D&D all over again. "Take 10" means that if you have enough skill, there is nothing stopping you from just passing through difficulties like it's nothing. An RPG is not about having your character succeed in each and every way, that is boring. You get much much more happiness when you overcome a potential failure, imho.
  24. Can't answer everything but here're my two cents 1)a) I'd just say it's a fluff sentence, if you want to add something to your harness, pay the price. b) I think a Servo-Harness only has 2 arms? 2) No idea ^^ 3)a) I'd say yes 3)b) Don't have the book right now to check. 3c) I'd say no. You don't add your unarmed attack when using a melee weapon, so the Servo-arm doesn't either. 3d) Don't know if you can really mount a Powerfist on your Servo-arm, but if you do I'd play it the way you describe it (i.e. 2d10+21/24). 4) I'd say yes, because it's the character who "wields" it. 5) A Techmarine can always do a two-weapon attack. If he doesn't have Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee), he has a -20 to hit on both attacks. If he has the Talent, then the malus is only -10. Maluses should be -20/-40 (dominant hand / non-dominant hand) without the Talent and -10/-30 with it, but Space Marines are Ambidextrous, which evens the maluses
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