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  1. Roll20 has great map tools for GM's
  2. Might need a Gmail or Google+ account, it works for me. Just a guess. Left out Space Wolves Faction and the special rules regarding Space Wolf Scouts (Veterans rather than initiates like other Astartes). They start off with off with a few extra traits and skills and a balance factor of only 800 XP's to spend (initially) compared to other Marines. Just a quick glance so far, will look deeper a bit later and respond further.
  3. Korvis

    Sniper Rifles

    Disagree. The PRIMARY difference between 5.56mm (NATO) and .223 (Remington) is SAMMI Pressures produced during detonation of the cartridge. Though the "miniscule" difference in the chambering allows 5.56mm to be fed .223 and NOT vice-versa safely, it is the pressure difference in the cartridges that is the SAFETY factor for not chambering a 5.56mm into something designed and chambered for .223. Same goes for the 7.62x51 and .308. The newer standards for the 7.62x51 surpass those of the .308 developed pre and during the Viet Nam War. Higher pressures produce flatter and longer trajectories and the ballistics tables with the same weight bullets prove this out. BOT (Back on Topic), these weapons are set in a time and place where humans and other races of beings have natural AND supernatural means of traveling across the Galaxy at speeds that are NOT more than theoretical by todays current technology. Beings that are hatched out of pods (Orks) or that can craft organic structures through a meditative "singing" (Eldar Bonesingers) and so on. Suspend your premise of comparison to currently employed technologies because it has NO place in this imaginary GAMEworld of the 41st Millenium. Just get over it and move on.....SERIOUSLY.
  4. Korvis

    Sniper Rifles

    ANYONE taking into account that this is a GAME? Direct correlation to existing military technology is irrelevant......they don't even have stabilized turrets in their tanks and fighting vehicles FFS.....they HAVE to stop to shoot and rub the tanks down with sacred oils to keep the machine spirits within the metal happy.
  5. eBay or retail/online bits shops could help out your efforts. There is a SM backpack with eagle heads that could be used for several things. Intact for your ranking Marines, cutting off the heads to be used as staff heads or the Crozius for instance. Lizardmen Shaman staff heads and assorted other bits could easily be used to "flavor" your army as well. Using the spears for instance straight up, or even shortening them a bit to be used to replace the swords of some of your Marines as their CC weapon. if you REALLY need some help creating/making a Chaplain, PM me when the time comes. I may be able to help you out. Give me a little time though because most of my existing available bits don't currently match what my mind has envisioned.
  6. Perhaps choose a piece of armor; i.e. one lower leg, or right shoulder paudron to incorporate a simpler and less busy version of one of these panels for squad markings: http://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/inca-iconography-vector-992949 Making up a version of the spear in this image could be the central feature of your Chapter Iconography, possibly: http://www.mnartists.org/work.do?rid=30316 Maybe adding stylized wings to tie in the "Eagle" motif as well as tie in a representation of the Imperial Aquilla signifying the Empire of Mankind.....either on a field of red (symbolic of the "Blood" portion of the warcry/motto) or with specific blood red highlights. Using (suggestion) the stylized spear as the body and adding appropriately themed/styled wings. The second rendering is far less busy than the first one. Since you have a "Blood" element "for the Emperor", I might go with a red helmet, keeping the black face and changing the eyes to green. Also, I might add red fists, symbolic of the ancient blood sacrifices where the bloody and still beating heart was removed from their sacrifice and raise by hand in presenting the offering to the heavens and their God(s). Increase the use of gold in your ranking and leadership individuals to set them apart from the rank and file Marines. Perhaps using greenstuff and adding on "eagle feathers" instead of the standard purity seals or to indicate reward/recognition for specific deeds/actions that were above and beyond the call or as additional indications of ranking members. Arm band with a specific number of feathers for a Sergeant, more for a Captain and obviously a flamboyant variety of options for your Librarians AND Chaplains. A large eagle skull atop the head or helmet, a feathered cloak, Crozius with an eagle head/skull and wings or a spear (instead of a staff for the Librarian) styled like the spear in the linked picture decorated with feathers and so on. Maybe look to the WFG Lizardmen army for appropriately themed bits and so ideas. Your Army, do what you want.
  7. Meh....seems an "easy way out" to avoid the role playing....one of the key parts to DW is how players interact with each other from different Chapter backgrounds/histories/cultures/traditions and experiences. Sure, maybe a similar parallel can be made in the IG context about different hometown/village/settlement and so on. Making a single squad of the same Chapter just seems so very small scale that I'm missing the potential enjoyment...maybe it's just me. The DW is diverse for a reason....the Kill Team can benefit from the variety and difference of each member and become a better team than is they were ALL from the same Chapter. Different specialties, different experiences, different approaches to face the problem/enemy at hand. I'm not saying the camaraderie wouldn't be a bonus to a squad of same Chapter guys, but it too would exist with a Kill Team after they had been together longer enough to forge that bond in trust and abilities through the crucible of missions under fire. I apologize if I am a descenting opinion.....but i am just missing the enjoyment (potential and/or actual) in your premise. When a Chapter deploys a Company.....to follow a squad or half squad of 5 or so battle-brothers just seems so.....trivial on the greater scale of why they were deployed to begin with. The DW wouldn't fill Kill Team slots with ALL members of the same Chapter, IMHO, and I guess I am just missing your point in this endeavor.
  8. Space Wolves or Salamanders....Smurfs are NOT compassionate.....
  9. You are saying Devastator, but do you mean Dreadnought? No. In context of the TTG, Centurions are between Devastator and Dreadnaught in firepower and between Terminator and Dreadnaught in Armor though without the "honors".
  10. Upgrade form a Devastator. Double the Req (to justify additional weapons and ammo as well as Armor) and Renown from Devastator as rarity within the DW would be rather extreme IMO. Mission type would have to be extremely specific in nature and parameters, On the flip side, perhaps there should be a significant downside to loss of this Armor on mission due to it's (alleged or supposed) rarity within the DW.....loss of Renown.
  11. I would start with Terminator Armor and build on extra armor value as well as weapons. I imagine mvement rates and agility would be less than Terminator Armor and depending on the mission area (Space Hulk or other confined spaces) there could be a size liability to be considered. Noise could also be a liability issue on some missions as stomping around in this armor would be less than stealthy....to put it mildly.
  12. In general I would've hoped FFG would've done this from the onset.....that would've been ideal for cross import of races and characters. I am intrigued with what you have come up with but cannot access it from work so it will have to wait until later before I can glimpse at what you've come up with. Other things that would've been streamlined (and/or fixed more rapidly) would've been things like Rapid and Automatic Fire off the top of my head. I've read gaming groups using the rules from other systems in DW because the DW rules were broken or hodge-podging rules from other games to fix rules in DW. Finding a conversion matrix for importing races and characters from other games into DW compatible ones and so on. Not sure if the blame lies with FFG or GW on the different rules/systems for the different RPG's. A singular system being developed from the inception would've made integration SOOOO much more user friendly than what has materialized. Perhaps with the 2nd Gen of DH and so on will address that.
  13. Also think of the increases to "Accute Senses" regarding detection ranges of hearing, smell AND Sight due to ocular implants as well as just being a bigger beast. I play a Wolf Scout and am aiming for a Fenresian Wolf at some point. I am interested in the progress and eventual outcome of your endeavor, even though I don't see my character ever riding a Cyberwolf mount.
  14. There would also have to be modifiers for size as a Cyberwolf is bigger in size than a Fenresian Wolf. Strength would be increased naturally before the cyber enhancements. Rending would be increased as well (Penetration on Attack), Knock Down should be considered as an "automatic" result of contact with an opponent regardless of charging or swatting with a paw/claw. A Charging attack might also include "Stun" as an automatic result as well. Implant(s) for communication/control would grant a higher level of control than Beastmaster as it is a "mount" (Cavalry) unlike a Fenresian Wolf. All these (and more I'm sure) should be considered for eventual stats and costs via Requisition, Experience and/or Renown. Potential baseline stats as well as level/upgrades if you want to make a thorough effort in creating such. Please update for C&C as you make progress.
  15. The trick is Active Moderation by staff..... Not sure how many are on staff in the FFG Forums, nor this game in particular but it would appear that there aren't many nor are they very active....much less doing anything to actively clarify Rules nor answer questions directly related to their product.
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