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  1. For those of you missing having a great game to consume your spare mindspace, I genuinely recommend getting into 40K Conquest. If you can transcend your bad blood towards Conquest because it was likely somehow tied-up with Invasions cancellation, I think after giving it a chance you'll realize its a gem of a game just like Invasion was. Just my opinion after playing both games extensively! There's life after Invasion! ;-)
  2. Is it just me or is the Tyrnaid artwork a bit disappointing? Just goggling "Tyranid Artwork" and seeing some of the amazing images that come up relative to the artwork on most of the spoilers makes it seem like the art on these cards is a bit second rate.. Particularly cards like Hunter Gargoyles and Termagant Spikers seem way to tooney, and just of an overall lower level of detail and quality than top-rate Tyranid art. I know we've only seem a few cards so hopefully we'll be seeing some better art as more spoilers roll in.
  3. Not sure if I missed this as I only skimmed the posts. I believe this is the best way to break it down: 6 packs with 60 cards = 360 cards 9 X 7 = 63 of these cards are reserved for Warlords and their respective squads. Therefore 297 of these cards are regular player cards. 297/3 = 99 unique regular player cards to be released this cycle (ie because they will all be triplicate) So how many of these 99 will be neutral? Likely 8, because when you subtract 99 - 8 you get 91 cards, which divided by 7 is a real number at 13. So I would guess in this cycle, assuming 1 warlord and squad of 8 for each faction, we get 8 neutral cards and 13X7 = 13 regular player cards per faction.
  4. That's what the Netrunners would have you believe... But they're delusional.. We're actually ruled by idiots called politicians.
  5. Are we really worrying what will happen 4.5 years down the road from now? That's an eon in the LCG universe. Let's see how this game develops first! For now just treat this card as a staple and come back to this thread in 4.5 years when cyborgs rule the planet and we've cured cancer..
  6. Ya I'm very close to your preference, 3 promo and 2 drones seems about right to me. With new cards as choices get harder I'd stick with promo over drones just for the shields. One things to keep in mind though is how (when your running Tau with Ambush platform), seemingly harmless units can instantly be juiced (ie with an Ion Rifle etc.) to get a good punch in on a Warlord or other important unit. I have a good feeling that Warlord kills are going to become a very competitive strategy as the packs roll in, particularity with more cards like Aun'ui Prelate! Should make warlord assignment an even harder decision!
  7. All good cards, though the problem with Recon Drone that became clear while playing it is that it's limited. This prevents you from using a crucial promotion later that turn (and promotion is one of those cards that you MIGHT need as an final deploy to screw over your opponent). I kept running into this problem which really turned me away from running 3X drone. I totally agree with you on Archons Terror though.
  8. Overall for me it's Superiority. Command switches are devastating. Unit wise I think it's becoming clear that Tactical Squad Cardinis and Vior'La Marksman seem to rise above the rest. At least for now.
  9. Sometimes they land at the end of the month, but that usually means they've arrived early. Normally packs are released to intentionally hit stores at the end/start of the month boundaries, and vary a little based on the time of the week. So I'm guessing you think Howl is lining up for a late Nov./early Dec. release, instead of the late Oct./early Nov. release that (I think) was advertised. No big deal, just wondering if I should expect it at stores anytime soon, it likely won't last long..
  10. Where is Howl of Blackmane? Expansion packs to the LCGs are usually released at the start of the month. Anyone know if Howl of Blackmane is intentionally late, perhaps because its supposed to be released in December? Or is it just deviating from the usual LCG release schedule due to some other circumstance, and will arrive sometime mid/late November? No big deal just wondering if anyone's got the inside scoop..
  11. Yes thats correct. One core is not really meant to be customized. Its essentially a stand alone set with 7 different factions, that is meant to be treated more like a board game. For those who want to get into this game as an LCG, FFG seems to now be assuming (at least based on card distribution) that you will buy more than one core. The plus side of this is that now when you buy that 2nd and 3rd core, there is a lot less card waste. In your 3rd core you're still getting ~110 cards that you still need. As opposed to the older LCGs, where you would gain only about 15-20 cards you still need. This also means the base card pool at release of the game is substantially larger than the older LCGs as well. Which is nice while we sit around waiting for expansions to slowly churn out!
  12. Do we really need to think about additional planets right now? Just curious why people seem to be pushing for more of them already, before even the first battlepack. To me they're just not really the most appealing aspect of this game. In addition, throwing more planets into the pool would destroy the built in balance that lies within the 10 card core set deck. Namely the fact that if you draw seven random planets from that pool of 10, you are GUARENTEED to have at least 3 of each colour in those seven. If you start adding planets to the deck of 10 that don't have all three colours on each, this guarantee would be lost, meaning some colours could be impossible to win with in some draws.
  13. Spouting my opinions about card games is the only thing that distracts me from work when I'm at work! ...ok its not the only thing
  14. CoC has stopped getting cyclic releases and has been recieving single big-box expansions only for a good bit now. They will always be at 7 cycles and later big boxes, and nothing is ever going to phase out. This is the beautiful sunset Invasion deserved Edit: Instead the space marines played "Exterminatus" on the sun. (yes I edited for that)
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