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  1. Well, you can use meltas and/or power weapons, they make some mince meat out of power armour. Flame weapons will be very deadly to him, simply because his agility test is at -30. Again, the main disadvantage should be that every shoots at him, and that gets pretty rough pretty fast. Now, another idea is to encourage other players to bring up their survivability. The Explorator starts with Best Enforcer carapace, so he's already at AP 6, and gets a shot at the Machine Trait. Getting their hands on AP 5 or 6 gear is not all that hard, and in a situation where heavy armour is appropriate, there isn't a great deal of reason why the rest of the crew wouldn't want it as well. I can understand your frustration, but I don't think it is too fair to vent it at him for having a favourite aspect of the game, even if it is power armour. That stuff is cool. I mean really cool. Let him shine at what he loves most, and then make sure he knows that he needs to not be a behemoth at all times. Maybe point out that unless he wants a fusion explosion attached to him, his power supply should get some maintenance rather regularly.
  2. lurkeroutthere said: I'm seeing disturbing patterns here, I point out problems with your logic or statements you splutter "but but". …Whoa, my browser just redirected to 4chan… EDIT: Sorry, i had to. Anyhow, I think the problem is in perspective. From one side, the PCs, being center of the storyline and the only ones the group should be overly concerned with, are the most important part of the universe. Totally valid, and makes the "anything is possible" style of play possible and fun. On the other hand, the Universe has established canon, and a gamemaster looses the ability to control the direction of the group the moment players are able to do anything they want. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but if there is a story arc and a plot at work then it isn't fair for one player in particular to be able to flout the rules and suffer no consequences because he's a PC. It is a grimdark universe, and death lurks around every corner. Reality is, the gamemaster will likely have set up his campaign and the story thus far in such a way as to let the players know exactly where they stand in the galaxy. It could be on either side of the above coin, and neither is better then the other (I would know, having been both trapped and too happy to leave both realms of play style at one point or another!) only different. So, as I said before, talk to the GM. Talk to the other player. Sort it out as adults unhappy with a situation, and then work out a suitable solution in game. Perhaps the Rogue Trader receives a message from the Telepathica, while the Astropath receives a censure himself warning that while he has been protected by his years of honourable service, future transgressions will be met by them purging their ranks to save face. You get your stuff, but the rest of the group doesn't need to worry about your shiny new trump card.
  3. Full. I have pmed the GameMaster, in the hopes of joining you.
  4. As a side note on the Inquisitor thing: An Inquisitor DOES have theoretically unlimited, unrestrained authority over humanity. This, however, is much like the fact that every ship of Mankind and every planet or space station must provide a tithe: when there is no military presence around, it becomes more of a question of whether or not an inquisitor can muster the strength to punish transgressors. At Footfall, I would be VERY wary. This is JUST outside of the grander reach of the Imperium, and if an Inquisitor saw fit to go there you can be fairly certain that he has an in depth network of support staff to ensure he doesn't just get blown out the air lock. Just because there isn't a large fleet presence, doesn't mean the Inquisitor didn't show up with a letter from an Admiral to the Marshall saying if this Inquisitor is unhappy with the service you provided, I shall annihilate you by lance and torpedo. Such a threat would always bear teeth coming from a member of the Ordos, and it would be a rather great deal easier to give the Inquisitor the support of the Footfallen military then risk even potential annihilation. Also, the Telepthica is an Adeptus. The full title is the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, and they are responsible for the entire authorized psychic presence in the Imperium, from Sanctionite to Primaris Inquisitors. They have some sway. Anyways… Honestly, chat about it OOC with your GM first and foremost. Regardless of what your character would do, if your GM won't act as a mediator when people get irritated, the game will come to a table-flipping halt with no fun for anyone. If your GM is on board, then talk to the other player. Do this in game even, by receiving a demand from your adepta for the immediate return of all confiscated items and the issue of a formal apology. See how he reacts. Likely, he will treat your character like she's got teeth, which is really all you should be gunning for.
  5. Don't forget a Good Hermetic Infusion. Regeneration? Why yes, please.
  6. where is this Lathe Wrought armour upgrade?
  7. I would say you are wildly overstating. Look at the Ad Mech as they stand now: It requires rites and litanies to perform the most basic of functions on any machine. Screwing in a lightbulb may require a 300 word chant dubbed the Litany of Illumination, simply to appease the most venerated and holy machine spirit. With this sort of religious, mystical voo doo, how could you say the techno-shaman would be out of line? This browser sucks, it keep s erasing lines or paragraphs if I hit backspace. So pardon me if any typos or grammatically poor sentences go uncorrected, i fear losing my full post! Scenario: A Feral world, if not actuually a death world, in which a vast minority rules the masses by virtue of their technological marvels. These individuals use a sacred divination tablet (Auspex) to select suitable, worthy chosen ones to receive the blessings of the great Cog (genetic scans to ensure a high probability of surviving the implantation process). While they put on a great show for the ignorant population, the secretive and exclusive sect of techno-Shamans maintain absolute autonomy simply by keeping the limited tech that is oh so vital, like water purification systems, working and under their control. The sect, though small, is large enough to ensure the continuation of the sect through teachings, dataslates, holologs, vox-and pict- recordings, and ensuring that there are always enough members to re-implant the augmentations from fallen members into the new initiates.
  8. I believe I can summarize the why. Hexagrammic wards require very precise placement and orientation in relation to the rest of the ward, something that could not be guaranteed with non-rigid armour. The simple act of, say, rolling up a sleeve would negate the entire thing, at least until it is back in place. Carapace and power armour, however, are rigid and strong enough to resist almost any attempts to reorient their pieces, and so make the better choices for hexagrammic warding. Granted, non-dark heresy warding isn't circuitry, it's just warding. One could actually charge circuitry warding with Tech heresy, since it is tech interacting with the warp…
  9. I don't see any problem with a character having access to one of almost anything in the book. In fact, i believe in a more free-form approach, following the skill and talent allocation: Allow them to exchange gear for equivalent rarities (pending gm approval, of course). A character should be well geared, because otherwise a heretic of his stature would not have lasted very long!
  10. So, you say that dark heretical workings and a very free form approach are welcome… I am extremely interested. What characters do you need to flesh out the crew?
  11. The Imperial definition of Abominable Intelligence is a fractious, self-enhancing mind possessed of a consciousness. Nothing which I have described (using the modern term standing for Artificial Intelligence, rather then Abominable Intelligence) falls under that definition. The ability to think and reason is different then the ability to improve oneself in a very fundamental way. As exemplified above, with the Legio Cybernetica. Hell, look at a Land Raider Machine Spirit, capable of full autonomous function if needed. Artificial Intelligence? Absolutely! What I was saying was that the Mechanicus make liberal use of Artificial intelligence without crossing the line into Abominable, by rendering all of their creations unable to improve themselves. Now, having a human brain would solve a considerable number of problems even if it wasn't in control, simply by virtue of governing the myriad biological functions that the organic "chassis" uses. But, even with a human brain, they still can't actually think, only follow programming, so the AI thing doesn't even really apply.
  12. The Webway (Commoraugh is nestles deep within one of the largest segments of webway)makes sense as the greatest chance of survival for the Eldar, when you think about it. It's a place made to stand firm against anything the warp has to offer, period, and ensure the contents are safe from the predations of that abyssal plane. Sort of like how the safest place in the middle of a hurricane would be your hurricane shelter. Just because this hurricane is bigger, doesn't mean the storm cellar isn't still the safest place… Also, pardon the terrible run on sentences in my previous post. I am rather tired and need to finish some work, and so don't have time for proper editing of forum posts.
  13. There seems to be a general misunderstanding about the origins of the Imperium, JuankiMan. You said something along the lines of "the Imperium is a machine built for war, but it is and remains that way out of necessity and self-preservation." Incorrect. The modern Imperium was founded by the Emperor in roughly 30 000, as he unleashed his Astartes legions in an all-consuming crusade to retake all Human worlds and colonies and forge them into one cohesive empire. All who opposed in any way (be they xenos, corrupted, or simply wishing to be left alone) were to be crushed by the merciless fist of his armies as "deniers of the Imperial Truth." This was not some defensive move to fight the threat of an angry, advancing menace like the Tyrannids, this was a proactive and unprovoked crusade for power and wealth. Now, turns out, he made a grievous error in the incredible size and breadth of his armies, and in imbuing his commanders with such power (the Primarchs) and eventually one of them decided that he would rather fight for his own glory and power and wealth then muck around with his bastard of a father because Horus knows better(one could call the Horus Heresy the universe's greatest case of teenage rebellion). So, having forged the greatest empire Humanity is likely to ever see, and then had half of his forces turn on him, entomb him in the Golden Throne, and generally cripple the entire human race, the Imperium still has all this size and territory and population, but it no longer has the incredible might of the Legions and the Primarchs to support it and keep it in line, let alone actually make viable attempts to defend its borders coherently, and just perish the thought of actually expanding (Yes, yes, the Jericho Reach, and the various Crusades going on. Bear in mind also the general flaccidity of these thrusts into the unknown, and the consistent loss of ground to the enemies of man, particularly Leviathan). So, it seems to me that the Imperium has its origins founded distinctly in waging a war for "personal" gain, and can blame its current predicament soundly on one half of the head trying to kill the other for control of the now rather foundering body. Furthermore, now it doesn't even stand for the idea of universal peace anymore! It stands for a religious base that preaches torture and death for any who dare question the way things work, for better or worse. There may be some philanthropists, but generally speaking the best you could hope to find in the drudging, meat-grinder of humanity is someone who lends a hand to his crippled neighbour in between bludgeoning someone weaker to death with a rock. Good Guys? Hah. The Tau at least actually offer peace. For races willing to cooperate, the Ethereals can viably promise an end to civil war and internal fighting. The technologies are not limited to what a cruel and unforgiving robot deems close enough to what we used to have ten thousand years ago to be considered "pure". Instead, they are limited to what can be safely and consistently harnessed for the benefit of the Tau. Sure, they use other races as fodder, but not senselessly. They minimize their own losses in the same way the Navy SEALS would use regular forces to minimize the losses to the elite, or Officers use non-coms to minimize losses to the Officers. That's not evil, that's prioritizing. They will fight, but only when their reasonable offer of induction into an empire that promises peace and prosperity is refused. Right now, they also don't fuel chaos or run the risk of falling to it, but hey, they don't bathe in sororitas blood so they're more then vulnerable. The Eldar may make war, but when do they do so? When the Skein shows the impending destruction of Eldar. They do not try to force others to their beliefs, but rather force others to halt if they threaten the dwindling race that once shaped the galaxy, They turned from the ways that caused so much harm, and now do all they can to prevent the deaths of anyone, but suffer not a threat to themselves. Orks were made the way they are. Literally, they were engineered to be this way. How could you possibly hate a race that enver had a choice, but was simply planted (again, literally) in a particular way to grow into something you don't like? That's like hating weeds, when they do just as much good for the universe as you do. More, in fact, since they are completely insusceptible chaos and therefore are one of the few and only ways chaos could actually be beaten. I can go on, but I would rather see your take on this first.
  14. On the difference between machine spirits: I will expand on Nathan's explanation with my own little relative comparison. By the general populace's understanding, Chess Masters is heretical to the point of exsanguinating a player for having it. To an adept of the Mechanicus, however, the basic programming is apparent and the distinguishing fact that it isn't actually thinking, but rather following a complicated series of if-then scenarios to form the opposing side of a game. In this way, I think Mr Dowdell's theory is half of the right of it. By propagating the general understanding of Machine Spirits (It's mechanical, and I don't know why it's doing that… Machine Spirit!) the Mechanicus does not have to worry about anyone non-mechanicus figuring out the way to program, create, and engineer functioning electronic software to empower hardware devices which are often devised by non-mechanicum personnel. Within the ranks of the Mechanicus, however, AI does exist. Not AI as in Cortana, with thoughts and feelings, but AI such as a Terminator. Complicated, intelligent, capable of adaptation, but governed by an unassailably empowered higher function (John Connor's reprogrammed unit is my example, or even all other individual terminators - not Skynet). This wouldn't be seen as heretical within the Mechanicus, for the simple reason that they understand it. They develop the code, they build the routines, and thus they know that all these AIs consist of is a very, very, very convoluted sense of "if-then" as decreed by the organic programmer that commands them. As for why they use servitors, they are common, cheap, and easy to replace and repair. Robotics to form a full humanoid would be very resource intensive, because not only are they creating those simple functions the servitor would be made for (the clamps of a cargo servitor, for example), they are creating the skeletal frame, the locomotion, the various balance gyros and servo-muscles required to allow for motion and adaptation to changed loads, orientation, speed, direction, and positioning. They would have to build all the thousands of joints and muscles required by a human to function in an upright position, and likely have a pricetag well above that of a modern day APC, and massive factory complexes devoted to producing a relative few, complex and highly precise parts. Why do that, when instead you can use the generic copy-paste programming on the mass produced cogitator-brains, and then augment the human chassis with whatever the required function-limb they need for a tiny fraction of the cost? Servitors, then, require organic matter to supplement the electric charge they rely on. I would imagine hyper-dense nutrient packs are located somewhere where the digestive tract used to be, and likely contain enough "rations" for months, if not years, of continued function. Waste would be nearly non-existent, since the waste we produce is a result of inefficiencies in digestion and the wasted energy used for breaking down foods that we only use a fraction of anyways. Remove that process and replace it with directly supplied nutrients tailored precisely to everything the body needs to function, and govern metabolism and energy usage by computer, and that goes away, allowing the weight-space equivalent of an apple to feed a semi-organic life for exorbitant amounts of time. Servoskulls, relying on the hover-pad propulsion and bearing no organic movements at all, would likely be able to have the equivalent of a ketchup pack last them longer then the preserved and reinforced organic components are likely to, even if they do run off a human brain-fragment. The only issue would be powering the mechanical aspects.
  15. Well, the example for Black Crusade under special qualities says that a Force Sword wielded by a Psyker with Psy rating 3 would have 1d10+3 damage and 3 Pen, so that may be where that came from. The rules from Black Crusade have them counting as a Normal weapon, not Good or Best, unless in the hands of a Psyker. Inconsistencies perhaps, but RAW they simply are normal swords with psyker-killiness.
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