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  1. Depending on the number of spacemarines in play, you have to use the proper void lock card. Example : if you are using 12 spacemarines, you use the void lock with 9 genestealers on both the initial left and right blip piles. Between these numbers are two triangles with numbers in them: a yellow triangle (major spawn number, in this case : 5) and a white triangle (minor spawn number, in this case : 3). So if a event card says : major spawn on red terrain cards and minor spawn on orange terrain cards, you add 5 genestealers (from the appropriate blip pile) on any red terrain card (ex. : spore chimney) and 3 genestealers on any orange terrain (ex.: promethium tank). Hope this helps
  2. This outstanding game keeps getting better! After a few sessions, the new gray and new red teams really stand out for me. Menalauis' hellfire attack is really versatile and the red team's gun servitor and servo arm are very useful. Green and purple are also good, but the yellow and blue teams are a bit underpowered in my opinion. Someone asked if the old teams could be mixed with the new ones : at first glance it doesn't look like we are supposed to do it (the numbers in the upper left corner of the action cards don't match), but it would be easy to work this out. Good job FFG!
  3. As Dam said, this game is not a walk in the park! I guess the difficulty level is part of its appeal. I usually spend the first couple of turns building up support and moving marines to build a cohesive defensive formation. Leaving a marine without support at the mercy of a swarm may pay off one or two times if you are lucky, but it unfortunately won't get you far very often... Good luck to you
  4. You need to activate the control panel to perform the action written on the location card. Example : generatorium (activate control panel : roll a die to potentially slay some genestealers). You need to play a 'move + activate' card with the marine that's adjacent to the control panel at the right of the formation. You can then resolve the ability. However, the 'upon entering' abilities are resolved when you arrive at the location (ex. wrath of baal chamber).
  5. I personally think that the 2-4 players game (8 marines) is easier than the solo variant, even if there is 1 more location to travel through (1C). The reason is that you have an additional team of marines to take care of a similar minor spawn (1 GS), and the major spawn only breeds one additional GS (3 instead of 2). The extra options given by the action cards of the fourth team is often enough to manage this small increase in genestaeler spawning in my opinion. The solo variant comes next in the easy-to-hard scale, because you only have 3 locations to go through (2, 3, 4). When luck is on your side, you can move along quickly to reach the final location while retaining most of your marines. And yes, 10 and 12 space marines can get out of hand quickly, because of the massive spawning that occurs!
  6. That game needs simple and effective expansions that would not drastically change the game system. Both existing expansions were small, but packed a lot of punch. Quite simply, I would like to see Mission pack 2 and space marine pack 2... 2 new teams, new terrains with activation abilities, new location for more variety, more event cards and a new enemy type that is spawned like the brood lords or adrenal genestealers (maybe chaos space marines that would also have an attack range).
  7. Berf

    Favorite team?

    I agree that black is really versatile and powerful, but blue is still the best team around in my opinion. Grey and purple are also quite usefull and well-rounded (all three action cards for purple are great and grey's powerfield always comes in handy as well as their attack card, depending on your level of luck with the dice). Yellow and orange are great at disposing of genestealers, but I give a slight advantage to orange due to their awesome support card ability (and my legendary lack of luck when it comes to rolling the dice after claudio's attack). Red is good, but I think yellow and orange are superior. as for green... they are not as bad as some people say, but yes they are the least powerfull team. So in order I would say: - blue (just dominant) - black (great impact on the game) - purple (3 great action cards) - orange (so powerfull) - grey (great attck and defense abilities) - yellow (great, but that dice is cursed!) - red (good, but not great) - green (well...)
  8. Cave troll is a nice little game : easy to learn and fun to play. It plays well with 2, but there's a nice battle going on for available spots when 4 players are involved. Moreover, it is compact and relatively cheap. It can drag to an hour sometimes but most games I played were over in 30-45 minutes. I would pick this over drakon any day.
  9. The pack gives you one new terrain card (hull breach, a terrain a space marine may activate to eliminate genestealers), new location cards (2 new locations for 1A, 1B, 1C, 2, 3 and 4) and 4 adrenal genestealer cards (a new kind of genestealers that has an extra attack ability). The pack (along with the new space marines pack), gives variety to the game and makes it better, in my opinion.
  10. Most of my victories in this game were acheived when I used the more defensive teams. I find that controlling the number of genestealers in play is generally more effective than trying to eliminate them as they are spawned. Blocking genestealers attacks, chipping away at blip piles and paralyzing swarms may be less thrilling, but is probably more forgiving when something goes wrong than just trying to blast your way through and being overwhelmed when you get a 0 on a critical attack roll. So, do you prefer to use the more defensive teams like black, green and blue (grey could also be considered defensive with their power field and stealth tactics abilities) or the more offensive teams like orange, yellow and red (purple is a well-rounded team, but could be considered offensive because of the flamer)? Or do you prefer to mix things up and use well-rounded squads with both firepower and defensive skills? On a side note, I recently had my first victory in the librarium vault, using black, blue and orange. Lorenzo is a beast!
  11. I also live in Quebec. Unfortunately, my advice would be to be patient! I ordered the expansions last month and it took about three weeks to receive them. Normal customs procedures I guess...
  12. Thanks for your answers. This game surely generates a lot of buzz!
  13. Hi! I am considering bying this game and I have a few quick questions for you experienced players: #1 I will be playing mainly solo. The game description says 30-90 minutes. I guess it depends on the scenario and your degree of rules understanding, but is the typical solo game closer to 30 or 90 minutes? #2 Does the game require a big playing surface and is the set-up time long? For example, I really like playing space hulk : death angel. It requires a reasonnable playing surface and the set-up time before a game is minimal. Does this compare? #3 Is this game another case of big box full of 90% air and 10% game components?!? Storgage space can be a problem!! Thanks!
  14. Rulebook p.22 says : (...)every swarm that contains this type of genestealer will move(...) The terminology list on the back of the rulebook describes a swarm as : a group of one or more genestealers on the same side and position of the formation. So yes, swarms move without breaking up!
  15. Hi, 1- when you make a regular attack (using an attack action card), you can use multiple support tokens to re-roll failed dice rolls. The 'run and gun' card however, gives you the option of spending a single token to make an attack. In that specific case, only one token may be spent, as per instructions. You may want to take a look at the previous tread 'awesome game - two questions', there was a debate concerning the possibility to make a special attack (example : a flamer attack) when a card other than an attack action card is taking effect. 2- yes you kill both. the brood lord must be the last genestealer killed in a swarm. So making 3 casualties in a swarm containing a regular genestealer and a broodlord eliminates both. 3- swarms are not separated when you move them. All the genestealers in a swarm move along if one of the genestealers has the movement icon revealed by the event card. Brood lords have two movement icons : it simply implicates that the swarm containing them are more likely to move since there are more movement icons in the swarm. 4- I guess the purpose is to avoid the possibility of a single player making all the decisions in everybody's place! I hope it helps!!
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