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  1. I've noticed that there's a weird tendency for anti vehicle weapons, but less often anti infantry ranged weapons, to get the Concussive tag. What the bork? Someone on these forums made an off handed reference to them applying to vehicle crews when struck. This reminds me of the "crew shaken" "crew stunned" results. Should krak grenades, battle cannons, etc. stun the crew of a tank? Certainly gives a better use for Iron Jaw and such for tank crews, and gives ork and maybe CSM crew a slight edge.
  2. I once had a fairly nice Thousand Son chaos sorcerer with a pretty cool human psyker implied-girlfriend, who had a catastrophically retarded and perverted Emperor's Children buddy and a Khorne Berserker who he only narrowly managed to stop from killing him, and from killing random civilians, with his generous gift of Warp Time (+10 WS and Agi has a way of soothing the savage beast). Too bad that campaign went nowhere. >Still, I'd rather recommend one of the other games. >What exactly is it that you like on Black Crusade that you think the other games don't cover? Well, its the one game you are free of the Imperium and free to do whatever you want (until you become a Daemon Prince/get a Mark anyway), other than RT, in which you have a really restrictive rule set.
  3. Thanks Calgor, that's about what I expected. For others interested in examining it, its p63 of the Book of Fate.
  4. Anyone ever look closely at Rite of Sundering? It talks about what happens if you spend "hours" in the area (corruption and fatigue), but it triggers Psychic Phenomena... every round, for 1d5 hours. Do these Psychic Phenomena affect the psyker as if he had triggered them (which in a way he did), or just affect the whole area, or what? Because it looks like this either unleashes absolute destruction and daemonpocalypses for hundreds of km around, or just absolutely guarantees the psyker's death. If the psyker somehow escapes the area before a psychic phenomena blows him up, should he still be affected once he leaves? If not, how should Grand Possession results (for example) be interpreted as functioning? Is there ANYONE on the forum who knows what this rite is supposed to do? Thanks for your time.
  5. Its not an archetype, so RAW would suggest they're still Bound.
  6. It HAS to include advanced archetypes, as there's no language implying otherwise and more importantly, it specifically notes picking one of the same alignment, and 0% of the non-advanced archetypes start with alignment -- prohibiting VotLW from picking an advanced specialty would be a case of the homebrews.
  7. So, Chaos Spawn gain eleventy billion fatigue per second in realspace... How many ways are there to keep Chaos Spawn from overloading and fatigue and dying? Ecstatic Oblivion and maaaaybe Frenzy seem the only reliable way to keep them fatigue proof for long periods of time. Are there other options?
  8. yeah, undivided. Black Crusade has AMAZINGLY few requirements on what Chaotics do.
  9. Probably the weirdest thing about Black Crusade is that undivided types, who are specifically stated to retain the most free will and can include people who are merely using Chaos to their own ends, arguably get the most fabulous powers (Exalted powers). Me personally, I would have made Undivided the weakest, since you give up the least, but as Undivided is my favorite, I have no complaints.
  10. Oh yeah, it only affects your own stuff. The new book has new ways to give orders to Comrades that lets them attack, other than the mehish mortars -- Techguard Sergeants ought to be EXTREMELY awesome.
  11. Ah yes, my bad. The idea is you use Sergeant, Commander, and Master of Ordinance, to have a comrade in cohesion and a comrade (or four) out of cohesion, for blowing stuff up. Also, as I pointed out, the vox ability makes plenty sense, RAW: sergeants already have stuff that applies to all in communication range. The vox thing permits you to apply ALL orders (it does state all orders, where it could have easily said 'some orders' or 'sweeping orders') to ALL comrades in range, which has a number of implications -- ordering allies' comrades, issuing stuff limited to one comrade at a time to multiple allies (for example, Intervention), and so forth.
  12. Some have wondered what good of the Sergeant's Vox Tech ability is. Afterall, sweeping orders already work on all in communication range. Well its a good thing Vox-Tech doesn't mention sweeping orders at all. "As long as his Comrade is in Cohesion with him, ALL of the Sergeant’s orders affect all Comrades within vox range." Mortar Strike is an Order. Artillery Signal is an Order. In both cases, its the comrade performing a form of attack, using the Master of Ordinance's Command score as an attack.
  13. I expect vehicles. Which means warpsmiths and plague marines, probably. PCs being made into helbrutes and obliterators would fit as well. And I hope we get rules for how to make daemon engines (there's a ritual for doing this, but there's no explanation of what sort of daemon you need, what the stats of it will be, or whatever).
  14. Deinos

    Hate Ratlings?

    I sort of resent Ratlings, in that they took one of the most popular archetypes (Sniper) and bottlenecked it under Ratlings (which are decidedly unpopular), so you can either play a space halfling sniper, or a substandard human sniper. This doesn't make me hate them or their inclusion or people that plays them, but it is a bit of a letdown. But that's okay. My rule of 40k roleplay is "Always play a psyker." and it hasn't disappointed yet. Except in the Black Crusade game in which after 6 months I didn't gain any infamy.
  15. There is no unified vision at GW. About anything, let alone commissars. On the other hand, there are, what, 3 firmly established "cool commissars" (Yarrick, Gaunt, and Cain) that don't fit into your paradigm. In other words, the "cool commissar" is the norm when he's a protagonist, and the rabies infected team killing zealot is the aberration. The RPG does exactly what it should: let the PCs play anything from standard infantrymen IG kookie kutter klones of Krieg, up to force commanders and commissars. I'm sorry, but its just not possible for more options to be bad, when you can selectively ban whatever options as a GM. Finally, GRIM N GRITTY ATMOSPHERE is 100% up to the GM. It is the GM's responsibility, no one else's, and not FFG's, to maintain the atmosphere he wants. It is the GM's responsibility, no one else's, and not FFG's, to ban whatever options he feels are ill fitting. Commissars are a popular archetype. It would be a colossal screwup to not ALLOW the OPTION.
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