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  1. I dont think the RTs would know anything about the party except for what they know from the dinner at footfall, the trip to the witches and Bastille/Charlabelle/Scourge's run in with them on Quppa Psi. I suppose thats enough to know the psykers are relevant party members and likely on bridge, and all their starting equipment, which hasnt changed much, and a slight idea on fighting style. bridge size I have no idea. made scourges about 60m radius so 120 across, theirs is probably close, whatever is more dramatic. I've got a big problem of everything always seems to be within thr 45 degree 30m arc of the flamethrower... kinda want either an NPC psyker to show up for a psyker duel or some sort of psy ward medallion on one of them to help negate the inevitable, without completely nullifying the 2 PCs. I know for sure warp eye and flamethrower are going to be a factor, along with compel, and astros default phenomena being darkness. they'll probably know the Fenix rocks a plasma pistol and inferno pistol as well. they'll probably just intercom their crew to storm the bridge so I think Krooker might make an appearance at Feckward's command to start the mutiny on cue I'm on the same page with the eldar ambush being at the climax, regardless of whos winning, but again what ships would make this 'together we can take them or separate we might be able to run away"? I'm VERY unfamiliar with eldar ships also had the idea of fel teleporting in with them as a "hostage" until Fenix admits to not giving a ****, and him turning sides. I keep trying to make them seem outnumbers and always finding out otherwise; but again him running may be the best option Edit: then theres the problem of half the party being on another ship. I dont know what they can even do while a battle is happening on the other ship. it would be completely over before another ship combat turn could even start, suggesting they wouldnt be able to make it there shipwise or in person unless bastille teleported them too. or at least enemies to their ship as well. either way a dual combat senario sounds like hell to run
  2. Update: with all the rivals powering up, they sent one final 'Surrender or Die' to Bastille who as expected chose die. afterwards they received 3 radio transmissions from Feckward Charlabelle and Gerrit. Charlabelle was answered first, and she basically laid it into them for being treacherous backstabbing emperor forsaking heretics and what have you, obviously on Bastilles side; Fenix simply hung up on her and moved onto Feckward. Feckward lets them in on the fact they're outnumbered right now and offers them a deal. for a large sum of profit (I'll get to this later) he will not fire upon Fenix in the upcoming battle, even though he still has to give appearances of being on Bastilles side. Fenix agrees after a tidbit of negotiation and moves onto Gerrit. Gerrit calmly tells them his side, he had contracts with basically every other RT here. killing the competition wouldnt be a big deal to him if it didnt cut into his profit margins, and now he respectfully must join the other side. Fenix deceives him into thinking Charlabelle was talking mad **** about him, basically just stirring the pot so to speak, and then negotiates some form of neutrality agreement with him as well. Finally they decide to ring up Blitz to see what he thinks, and basically tells Fenix "oh man you're in some ****, I'm staying the hell out of that one. good luck" So now its Bastille, Charlabelle, 'Feckward' and 'gerrit' and they start a firing. Gerrit starts kind of out of it. seemingly about to attack Char but doesnt, and eventually targets Fel. Char is far out of the fight and too slow to effectively get in range of anyone and spends the battle catching up. Bastille takes some major hits by Fenix, and Feckward fires on Scourges ship, piloted by Fenixs AM. Fenix calls up Feckward saying hey we had a deal, and Feckward tells him "the deal was I wouldnt fire on you. nobody said anything about your accomplices. how else would I keep up my appearances?" being as angry about this as you'd expect, they do some cross fire maneuver, Fenix fires on Feckward and his AM fires on Bastille. Bastille gets crippled and Feckward is majorly damaged. calling in to tell them they broke the deal and there will be consequenses, to no effect on their part. Fel spent most of the battle behind Bastille, so never took much damage, and the fight stayed on their side pretty well, but the whole time I was waiting for the right time for him to make a run for it, and every chance I got they would command roll him to do something in particular so well he basically had to do it. (I was rolling so bad I switched dice. they had a laugh) a round later they put a just in case salvo into Bastille, rending his hull busting components etc while he did nothing to stop it, and a salvo into Feckward hulked his ship as well. Just as they were feeling they won the fight, as Charlabelle was useless and gerrit was keeping out, a humming sound is heard and Fenix's bridge is full of Teleporting in armsmen, headed by Bastille, Charlabelle, Gerrit, and Feckward end session now how the hell are they going to get out of this. to keep them on their toes I told them I may edit who actually showed up but at least Bastille, 25-30 storm troopers, and a number of other Rogue Traders. In the background I had Blitz pick up Sun Lee mid battle, and was going to add her in too but did a bunch of rolls which lead to Sun Lee refusing and getting blitz to refuse to, but might change that too. just as the players keep saying, blitz is the wild card here so how would you run this coming battle? and how can I even it out? figure armsmen will be busy fighting bridge officers, and a RT per PC, but half of the PCs are on the other ship anyway. could possibly do something there too but dont know yet. astropath is super excited to use his flamethrower and mind powers so a stop for that would be good, and Navigator with his warp eye as well. thinking an NPC psyker in the mix would help that but havent done anything like that yet either. Fenix is already talking about 'well if it goes bad the AM can just blow us all up. if I'm going down I'm taking them all with me" I'm thinking start of session I'm gonna award him some corruption and insanity for all this. trying to decide if this is the time Fel runs, heads planetside, possibly already dead from this same incident a turn earlier, or even on the other team! maybe even a hostage teleported in, which would be fun but I know **** sure Fenix would let him die if he was a hostage. also something to point out is both of Fenixs current ships are below the mutiny line so that could be a factor. anyway back to Feckwards deal. every single time they try to do a deal I dont know what they're negotiating. at first it was something like what percentage of the final take, then bartering oponents ships etc, but I never know how to do normal business contracts. like achievement points? straight profit factor? both seem pretty high but I cant figure out what else to do. told them feckwards 'neutrality' cost them 300 achievement points, but at the same time it was one of the first times they even heard the words achievement points so they had no idea how much that even was. ugh help please Edit: also thank you all for your past and future input! I really enjoy building a campaign based on a whole forum worth of ideas instead of just what me and my books can come up with
  3. judging by the timeline in the book itsself, they would have already missed their opportunity by going back to space after landing the first time. if possible I may have to change the climax to be in space. I think they only have 2-4 sessions left for the year and I really want either the campaign finished or them finished off. so sounds to me like it'll be Bastille Gerrit and Charlabelle for sure against Fenix's current two ships with a shaky Fel ally. Blitz will likely stay out of it unless heavily persuaded by either side or even Sun Lee, and Feckward may just pull the same stunt they did on whichever side is ahead. what kind of eldar ship(s) would do well to be thrown into this grand battle and when? would it be before or after the farseer wakes all the wraith guards? also would any of the four be planetside? seems they all would if they were in orbit, and if so that may affect weather they join the fight or not
  4. to answer the very last bit, NPC RTs have been left fairly by the book, I see a definite need to buff them. Party is about lv4 right now consisting of RT, AM with ~60BS and the relic chain cannon from LoT, basic Navigator with regeneration and invulnerability complex (also the most likely to drift off when he doesnt see a use for himself) Explorator with nigh infinite inteligence shenannigans, and astropath who relies solely on flamer and OP mind control powers to throw any plot out the window (IE knowing everything NPC knows, sensing life anywhere in any direction regarless of hiding, compelling NPCs to kill eachother etc) Bastilles teleportarium is unpowered. easy enough for him to fix, and only unpowered from lucky turn of events. (focus augered him with 3 successes, didnt care about list of components so much as 'are any components damaged or unpowered' yeah one 'which one' lets see, dice rolls. uhhh teleportarium 'he has a WHAT?' assuming they are distracted for at least a round or whatever he might get that running. I'm kind of reluctant to bring Sun Lee back so soon but I do like that all RTs to bridge idea. I just dont want to turn it into the Final ultimatum before they even see eldar on the planet. although yeah having them show in space could work but I dont know how that would be able to be adjusted for the actual campaign climax etc? Edit: how would the various imperial factions aboard respond to their ships captain being killed/captured and the killer/capturer basically stating "you all belong to me now or you will die" which is basically what they said to the crew in general. I'm pretty sure nobody realizes that all those factions are all on board or what they're capable of. Scourges ship in particular so far as they already took it over via automatic mutiny rolls. but yeah how else in general is just taking over another ship more difficult that killing the captain and stopping a mutiny? thinking profit factor but I dont feel that will matter much til they reach a port for resupply repopulate and realize how expensive two ships is compared to one
  5. update: The group (hereby known as Fenix) has basically decided at this point that their treasure isnt going to be in the planet, but in taking all their rivals ships, in some sort of master plan similar to the Joker's bank robbery plan in the Dark Knight. in that they're going to ally with as many of they rivals as possible to destroy the rest and slowly betray their allies one by one. they started out by asking Fel and Charlabelle to help take out Bastille. Fel agreed, Char decided she was close enough to the end that she could handle it herself. being just 2 on 1 they then asked Bastille to ally with the 2 of them to take out Lee, letting Fel know we'd backstab him afterwards. Fel agreed, bastille agreed, and they went after her. BTW changed their setting slightly at the beginning of this session. Fel Bastille Charlabelle and the party were the only ones at the planet so far and pings of all the others were just reaching sensor range as the warp storm receeded. they formed an attack plan and went to work. Bastille + escort, Fel, Fenix vs Sun Lee + escort. the battle begins. Bastilles escort is lost, and sun Lee is brought down to a single hull point before surrendering. Fenix refuses and cripples her ship. she sends out an astropathic message on blast announcing a bounty on Fenix's head and reward for returning her flagship to her dynasty as she jets to her escort for a getaway. Fenix hunts it down through a couple failed disengagements and hulks it completely. Once the dust settled, and the next sesion started, the other rivals started to close in. Scourge came in to collect the bounty and assumably convinced Fel and Bastille to stay out of it, as he rammed at us. scared Fenix and them until they realized just how useful and how good at hit and runs and boarding actions they were. hooked on, and beat Scourges crew into submission while he holed up in the bridge. Astropath decided to take a guncutter in close enough to compel him to open the blast doors just long enough for some of our crew to get in. but didnt last long as his officers tackled him away from the controls and shut the doors again. so him and the Arch militant boarded, melta gunned the door, dispatched the flunkeys and compelled Scourge to lay down long enough to be bound. He's now held captive, and his ship was taken over. Immediately following this, next session, Captain granted Scourges ship to the AM and gave the signal to Fel to attack Bastille. worked out a ploy to get him to align himself ahead of them all to 'defend them while they repair' so all three ships could get a concerted attack on him. a few excessively difficult command rolls later and they were able to fire a massively overpowered 3 ship volley on him taking out half his hull, to which he retreated into orbit around the planet, broadcasting to all about their betrayal. they chase him into orbit (I portrayed this by zooming in the battle map from planet being 1VU in the corner to about 7VUs diameter) and found the rest of the competitors ships powering up their weapons. So this is where I called the session because I was in no way prepared for this situation. both their disregard for the planet itself and for their new goal of owning every flagship in the system. so I'm in need of some major advice for the next session. first off, how do I keep them from collecting flagships like candy, second how can I discourage them from ship combat within orbit of a planet, and third how would you expect Charlabelle, Feckward, Blitz, and Gerrit each respond to Bastilles announcement right before being chased into orbit by Fenix Scourge and Fels ships?
  6. nobody mentioned going AWOL yet? seems excessively easy to avoid being brought back to the ship when you have an entire planet to hide on, usually with other ships to jump on
  7. so the party started out this session bygoing back to their ship and scouting out the competition. and... honestly not much more than that. brainstormed what they want to do and are basically planning a ship battle before returning to the surface to deal with natives. Strange order how they skipped out the first chance to battle, but I think I can tweak the campaign to fit. anyway heres what they got so far. Hadarak Fel owes them a favor from saving his ass when first leaving footfall so they're hoping to call that in for an attack on Bastille. he is currently planetside and they were able to get a rendezvous coordinate from the CO aboard his ship Charlabelle agreed to an alliance early on and they havent really gone through with anything helpful, and she caught them hiring her own kroot mercs to kill her (everyone) so her status is thought to be around neutral. planetside, no location Blitz they totally forgot existed until they saw his ship. rolled well on RT knowledge so gave him the rundown from his profile and they think he'd make an easy short term ally Gerrit they've been disregarding as basically non-threatening being a business man and havent put much thought into his use Feckward they consider to be a total dong bag since hiring thugs to attack the party and they just want him to die regardless of any other option that happens Sun Lee they know nothing about except Bastille shot her escort, and barely even put that tidbit together Scourge they killed on Quppa Psi but his ship showed up anyway bascially promoting his existance on astropathic loudspeaker. I havent decided weather I want him dead and replaced with a scion, or have some new augmentation to make up for it and how severe. died from autogun headshot. was thinking like dibilitating amount of augments so he's basically helpless without his army or servants etc Bastille they think is Neutral as well, considering he didnt kill them when he had the chance, and seems to be the most honorable. currently they also consider him biggest threat, having largest ship and escort. so they're considering who to get to ally up to take him out. then again someone suggested they ally with Bastille for same reason. no plan has been made who they want to ally with or attack, but its fairly clear space combat is coming. although everyone would basically be planetside so I'm not sure how to run it. suggestions?
  8. I feel like I've seen it mentioned in a book that system ships borrow the wolfpack raider stats. not positive, but if it were me I'd use that and weaken them a bit more
  9. how do you guys run these with a PC path? think I read they can send them for free basically but have to test psynescience to receive them? how often do you have messages to send or receive and how do you have them played out? my astropath doesnt send them much but plays his psyker in a very OP way; delude, mind probe, compel everyone we meet, its hard to keep a campaign mysterious when he can know anything and everything that anyone he sees knows. thats kind of another thread, but I'm hoping it can at least be helped out with on the message side of things
  10. basically when the bombardment started, the tribesmen all ran and scattered and yelled "its your fault!"s at the party and they just whatever'd away from the tribes. apparently no interest in holding a good standing since they had no immediate wealth. seems I'm going to have to have the party meet up with one (read more than one) competitor who are doing it right, and hope they get the right idea before the eldar make it too late. even though thats supposed to be right about now anyway
  11. update: group told their transport to emergency warp jump and basically abort mission, then ended up just debating what to do about the rest of the ships. nobody was firing on them and they were too scared to fire on anyone else and didnt bother setting up an alliance. eventually Fel started making for the warp storm so they decided to race him to the planet. survived the storm, got to the Pearl first. landed, explored the first island, found a bunch of eldar stuff etc. followed a human back to his tribe and was greeted by the heads of family. got a just above neutral response. group tried setting up trade but the tribe didnt really want or need anything here, group couldnt think of anything to try trading and couldnt think of anything to trade for either. as the failed trade ended, an orbital bombardment was seen miles north and session ended. I wasnt very pleased with how this entire session went. a few mistakes on my end, what with letting them drag out their decision making in space instead of it being rushed before they knew anything, and I possibly could have described the planet better upon entry, but the big thing for me was instead of the "oh wow what an awesome planet" reaction the Pearl is supposed to convey I received more of "wheres the piles of treasure?" response. it was apparent before but obvious now that my group hasnt been playing Rogue Trader so much as Space DnD. the whole first two parts of the book can be played in space DnD style fairly easily; skipping anything needing more resources than what they can carry etc, but getting to the Pearl and not finding gold or magic items or better gear right off hand, not seeing anything of immediate value in the hands of the locals, not having the locals tell them exactly where the treasure or eldar are, they were noticeably disappointed. worst part is I dont know how to save it for them. next session I know they plan on going in the direction of the lander they saw speeding overhead to see what their only known competitor is up to while checking in with their ship to see what going on in orbit. obviously bastille is bombarding, I'm gonna say it was fel they saw overhead as he was the only other one to brave the storm's doing, what the others are up to, how to make the competition into a whole session before eldar attack (hopefully) I have no ideas for it. tl;dr help
  12. depends on the planet you're colonizing. I assume since its named its in one of the books or something but I dont remember it. any planet will need people like Greg said. a highly forested planet might need metal for buildings or machinery, fuel to run them, starting equipment for your colonists to survive with (thinking machettes to hack paths, flamers to stop the acid flowers before they spew, those pre made hab shelters), sounds like you'll want to bring in plenty of plascrete to lay down so worms dont pop up right in town etc. they could always need specialist colonists as well. some catachan style jungle guides so scouts actually return, tech priests for whatever machinery, enforcers or even a guardsment regiment to be garrisoned there if a full defence is needed. missionaries if your colonists arent up to snuff on their oh holy vows. basically any adeptus faction might want to be represented there as per usual with all newly founded imperial worlds. maybe even food could be a problem there. if the plants spit acid, I'd bet eating the plant would not be very pleasant. hyper worms might be too hard to kill to count on, gardening themselves would be difficult if dirt means getting eaten from underground. then theres always luxury items. definitely not necessary but a little comfort from home can go a long way in keeping people happy on Planet Tremors and could make for a trade item to get more production. any little thing they could want or need that they cant make themselves, they'll be asking the rogue trader to import. maybe just a couple things at a time, but quite a few to start to make it survivable all the way til your next visit
  13. Well he's not a psyker, and that idea does sound good. is the stats for a dire sword in any of the books? also I dont think the witchblade requires psychic so much as a willpower test not to lost INT and WP before dropping it. although being a psyker helps out.
  14. Question: so back on Quppa Psi the party looted the dead eldar to gain their witchblades. now that we're finally getting to the Pearl theres the mini encounter Sacred Blade, where they find a witch blade and have to pass a willpower to hold it. how can I explain why they didnt have to with the first blades or why it causes it now? any way I can buff a witch blade to allow this? my RT really wanted it to be more special than just a power sword, so maybe nows the time
  15. Errant I think your 50/60/70/80 is really harsh alright. If I was to go that route, I'd only drop it a little bit. incompetent at say... 75 80. competent at 80 95, above that at 100. or better yet have the morale depend on where the crew is obtained, how factions they came from feel about the RT etc. but I do like the keeping it at 100 and having each morale affecting thing affect harder. maybe x3 like stated earlier but more relative to the reason of the drop. almost completely remove the numbering system and keep it in your head. give the players an arbitrary number close to what your feelings of the crew currently are etc. I'm actually having a hard time with this myself. what with the party not really caring about their crew, basically considering them more cogs and wires in the ship waiting to be used. NPC officers personifying that morale helps when you can get it in there
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