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  1. So I am far from an experienced player but here's my understanding: Aggro: a deck that focuses on putting out a lot of threats and establishing board control quickly. The idea is that any card in your deck is equally as valuable as the next, and that you're able to put out more characters than your opponent can control. Typically you're running a bunch of high strength/low cost characters, and your deck probably has a lot of synergies within itself. Stark Tully's come to mind as a pure aggro deck. Control: this is a deck that aims to control the options of your opponent. Either you lock down threats (lanni kneel, Martell Icon stipping), remove them from the board completely (Targ Burn, Martell VB/bounce to hand), or prevent cards from being played at all (Greyjoy choke). You might also consider cards that stop the opponent's strategies control or combo cards ( Location Hate or Event Cancel) Combo: This is a deck that tries to get a certain set of cards together, and once they're in play you'll win the game regardless of anything your opponent does. I don't think there's any true winng combos in AGoT, but there are a lot of combos that will help you get closer to winning the game. Most decks in AGoT exhibit blends of these deck types. Martell Summer for instance is a Aggro-Control blend. There's a bunch of threats that can overwhelm your oppoenent, but there's also a lot of control usually in place (VB, Ghaston Grey, Game of Cyvasse). I would almost consider rush strategies an aggro/combo blend. If you can get the right pieces in play (a bunch of power grabbing characters all in play at once) you're going to win the game. The typical "meta-game cycle" is Aggro beats control, control beats combo, and combo beats aggro. I hope that helps! I would love to hear the thoughts of some more experienced players. in particular, these terms, AFAIK, come from MTG. So I don't know that they apply directly to AGoT. Maybe we need to come up with our own deck archtypes that describe the possibilities? The biggest difference (and I'm not a Magic player, so this is my assumption) is that is that Aggro in magic can win games by dealing direct damage to the opponent. In AGoT however, you need ways to claim power. So purely attacking doesn't necessarily win the game by itself. Hence my opinion that rush is not by itslef an aggro build, and that aggro is more of a strategy of building board control.
  2. Besides the obvious fact that a melee deck should have a bit more rush, and probably a little less control than a joust decks, what are the steps to building a good melee deck? I've heard people say you don't want your board position to look too strong, but in games I've played a strong board position usually serves as a deterant to having people attack you. Any thoughts?
  3. Does anyone have a copy of the two deck lists from Lions of the Rock?
  4. Skowza said: Just not powerful enough... personally I cannot see it going into many of my decks, use seems very situational. I don't think it will change much, its certainly no Paper Shield... I agree, it's a good card in theory. Against a non-Targ Maester build it could be good. But Maester decks have such solid attachment control that i feel like a lot of people are not playing attachments as often. Which would make Bastard a dead card against a lot of non-Maester decks.
  5. Staton said: rings said: Penfold said: Microsoft and its suite of products are still the most used products in the world. A lot of companies forbid employees from adding or altering programs on their work computers for security reasons (and rightly so). Without an administrator password most things on a lot of work computers and networks are completely locked down. What Penfold said. I like to look at work, and IE is all we can have. Aren't you the CEO? Can't you just say, hey I want Firefox on my computer? Or Chrome? Or anything you want since you're the boss? lol QFT?
  6. So while listening to the 2 Champs and a Chump podcast I started thinking about something - what made Martell Summer so popular this year? The Time for Ravens cylce was 3 cylces old by the time regionals came around (King's Landing, Defenders, and Brotherhood were all newer). The Martell house box came out around the same time as the King's Landing Cycle, if I'm not mistaken. And during Gencon we were in the middle of the Oldtown Cycle. I believe Erick Butzlaff was the original builder of this archetype. Did everyone else just take the idea and run with it? Did the state of the metagame this year have anything to do with popularity? I'm a fairly new player of this game, Would a typical Martell Summer deck been able to keep up with Wildlings a year ago?
  7. Staton said: perpetual noob said: What if he had the opposite of his current text: "Jaquen H'ghar gets -1 strength for each power token on him" ala Former Champion? Its still too strong, because you don't need to put power on him. He still has Vigilant and Intimidate. There are tons of strength boosters out there as well. what if he had renown, or a passive response requiring any unopposed power gained to be placed on him? Not that it matters, since I'm not a designer!
  8. Staton said: If you are going to do that though, you are making a new card. The point of the old Jaqen was that he was all houses and had all the houses keywords. You can never make that balanced. Staton said: If you are going to do that though, you are making a new card. The point of the old Jaqen was that he was all houses and had all the houses keywords. You can never make that balanced. What if he had the opposite of his current text: "Jaquen H'ghar gets -1 strength for each power token on him" ala Former Champion?
  9. If Gylbert Fartwind is in play, will that turn off the "reduce by 1" portion of Blood of the First Men?
  10. OrangeDragon said: Just opened the new return of the others chapter pack. Blood of the first men now reads: "reduce the cost of the first unique wildling character... Each round by 1" Sweet! That actually makes Gilly playable.... Hmm, I wonder if the errata'd card will be restricted or not. If it's restricted you obviously can't play it with Val, who isone of the few unique wildlings.
  11. Ratatoskr said: And anyway, NPE is an accolade. If your opponent has fun playing against your deck, you're doing it wrong. This is a very good point.
  12. Penfold said: I want to try an Heir deck forgoing military challenges, and use my burn to kill off their characters. DOTN Khal will provide a kill during the power challenges, Pyat Pree will provide one during the Intrigue challenges... I think that there is something there, or something really close. So many people don't look at Targ in relation to power challenges as a primary challenge that I think they haven't stopped to really see what could be done if you put aside all assumptions and expectations and really examine the card pool. Of course I could also be wrong. DOTN Khal + Bloodrider's Arkh + Flaming Pitch Tower could get you some serious board control - assuming you can get the combo going and keep it in place.
  13. AegonTargaryen said: perpetual noob said: So you guys mentioned core set Drogon, and i have this Shaggatastic combo idea for him. Get him in play with killer of the wounded. Killer of the Wounded gets an apprentice collar, gold link, and lead link. Kneel killer to get 3 gold, then use two gold to trigger Drogon, which stands killer of the wounded. Then kneel killer to reduce a character's strength by 3 using lead link. That will kill almost any 4 strength character. You can do that every round, clearing an opponent's board. The only problem of course is getting (and keeping) all 5 pieces in play. So how can we make that happen? Even on the danger to sound humorless after the other posts: You can't play Apprentice Collar on the Killer of the Wounded, because it is "Maester Character only" now. Or maybe there is a joke in here that I don't get; in this case, feel free to laugh at me at my expense. Nope, no joke. I didn't know apprentice collar (and the other chains for that matter) were printed maester only, as long as you're playing from hand and not from the agenda. Is this the case?
  14. WWDrakey said: I was testing a Heir to the Iron Throne Rush for the Stahleck Melee, but ran out of time in getting the deck finalized... seemed somewhat relevant as an idea. The parts for this are slowly starting to get there, but I'm not sure if there is enough support for it in the cheap characters and locations yet... then again First Snow of Winter might actually play to this deck's strengths. Stuff that I learned there was: Characters: - Khal Drogo (DotN) and the new Ser Barristan Selmy as focal renown rushers (3x), since both also assert a nice pressure on your opponent. Core Dany also gives another nice cheap renown for the deck, and I'd also put in one Viserion for the stealth (uo's) & location hate. - Support from utility characters (Dragon Thiefs for attachment hate, Carrion birds for stealth & seasons etc.) and some of the unique Dothraki (Jhogo for draw & stealth, Aggo for Deadly). Maybe the attachment-loving Viserys for some final power push. - Sadly Lyanna can't be used with Royal Favor :/ Events: - Royal Favor so your rushers can do multiple challenges without kneeling. True Power for forced challenge wins with Khal Drogo worked well... - Stand & stand events are part of the problem, since Lanni can be tricky - Distinct Mastery and To Be A Dragon are probably you're only choices there. - Seductive Promise & Forever Burning could both work nicely (Seductive with Barristan pushing uo's and Forever with Khal's kill). - Ride them Down would help in having more renown in the deck, by using your dothraki support for rushing as well. - Dragon support is always fun with both Khal & Selmy Attachments: - Probably better to run more events and less attachments, unless you decide to brave the links, use Pentos for added Valar protection and stick with Targ in-house attachments - Regarding neutrals: Strength boosts from Rusted Sword seemed pretty decent with Khal and Jousting Lance helps nicely as well - Barristan would really need a noble crest, so I was trying out the Dragon's Blood - Flame-kissed as a support for rush is fun End Result: If anything the deck's a horrible glass sword, but simultaneously rushing to victory and killing a whole lot of characters is the most fun you can have in 2-3 Plots. These are some really interesting ideas. I had a similar idea with the renown stuff (in particular DotN Khal Drogo). One other guy that I thought might be interesting in a rush-type deck is Daemon Blackfyre. He serves two big purposes. First, he's one of the very few Targ Characters with printed renown. But he also gives characters a war crest, which can be combined with Pike Phalanx to increase your claim. Using a two claim plot you might be able to get through two 3-claim power challenges. That's 6 power in one turn, not including renown or unopposed.
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