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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=321262661998&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123I sold one of these already for $112 and I've seen the others selling for an average of $80-90 and all of those have been United States only, this time I am opening up the bidding to global good luck folks!
  2. The final table was Alex Davy and Frank Brooks. Alex won... clearly we know who the brains behind that development team is :-P
  3. I hope to see everyone tomorrow! I'm super excited for this!
  4. I would think so, I have never seen Adam remove his designs. I need to get him to cut me a new range template. I had his original prototype and it broke when I went to Worlds because I had it in my pocket and ran by a chair and it got stuck and snapped.
  5. They also have a Facebook page. I think there is a link somewhere on the website for it. The organizers tend to respond to Facebook. Faster than email
  6. If you've paid there should be a email link you can message them with, basically one of the event organizers just needs to get off their lazy butt and add you to the list but you should be registered already in their books. I know the guys doing it are really busy getting stuff together to set up tomorrow morning for the warhammer 40k event that will be happening over the weekend .
  7. Apt analogy sir. Well perhaps another time!
  8. Please see previous comment: I mean Wives come and wives go >_> but X-wing is forever? :-P
  9. Yup just got register on the site and pay via paypal and they will get you signed up. Also I don't know if anyone else saw but Alex Davy himself is signed up.... this promises to be a very fun event now!
  10. dude right now it's not a huge tournament dice can go anyway in a game. Also an hour is nothing they got a dude coming in from Canada for the 40K side lol.
  11. Or you could you know try and win $250 cash money! I mean seriosuly is your Xbox One going to potentially win you $250? no? and than guess what after you can use those winnings to buy more games for your Xbox One son! (yeah I rhymed that on purpose sue me)
  12. I mean Wives come and wives go >_> but X-wing is forever?
  13. There is a tournament this Sunday 11-24-13 that is $15 buy in with a $250 cash prize to the top players so like you should all go register for it because right now it's silly how few people are registered for it. Www.renegadeopen.com
  14. UWell A) it wouldn't be the "official one" which matters to people who get them for e collectible value B) clearly your not my market so I give 0 F#%^s
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