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  1. Great News ! I hope that this game will reborn from the dead Nexus. If someone got any other news, please post. Thanks and Good Game !
  2. KlausFritsch said: Any idea how to handle orders in multi-division games? What does the corps commander do? I suppose that he can be part of the Command Chain. The other commaders should be In Command to send orders. He can help to recover unit from Rout Status (given a bonus to the unit like +1 or things like this ...) He can provide the other commanders with a bonus for their Order dispatch dice rolls. You can as well start to introduce Supply in your game for artillery ; be sure that your artillery units are in command before firing .... What do you think ?
  3. Nexus, the company that produced the game, stopped its activities few months ago. Waiting for someone else that pciks up the license to produce it again. If not, no more add-on for this game will be issued unfortunately. From my side, I try to make few new scenarii for the game. Not so easy. I found few interesting things about Napoleon's battles but I have a problem with the scale of that game. I believe that we can consider this : - 150/200 infantry mens per figure - 150 cavalry riders per figure - 8 Cannons per set If someone else has an idea, please post.
  4. Skowza said: Hmm, the links to the pics or the pics themselves aren't showing for me. Could just be my crappy work computer though. It works with me. May be someone else can confirm ?
  5. RAF1945 said: What happens to a officer that has enemy units enter its hex when it is alone? The commander has to retreat one hex immediately, in a Hex which is not adjacent to an ennemy unit. If he cannot proceed like this, he is eliminated.
  6. RAF1945 said: Please tell what makes this game "DA BOMB"... Hi RAF 1945, My point of view is that this game is a good game to start playing Napoleon period with figures. Relatively easy to learn, good for beginners and for grognards (even if some points in the rules are still dark). The material is really cool : Mapboards in thick cardboard and old fashioned type, nice figures (Italeri type), nice markers, ... The game system is interesting, based on command links and order dispatch. It's fast to play and you don't have to wait hours than your opponent finishes his moves, ... That's more a general feeling but I like to play this game and I'm not the only one in my club. Cheers !! Olivier
  7. There are very few videos online about this game that may be found on youtube. To better understand the game mechanisms, you may download the rules and have a look on it. Cheers ! Olivier
  8. KlausFritsch said: I have had a sort e-mail exchange on BGG with the brother of one of the designers. They will keep the game alive but it may take some time. Hi Klaus ! If you have further news, please let us know through the forum. I'm really interested to keep, to see this game alive.
  9. May be someone will take care of this serie now ... but very few chances ... With everybody out and Nexxus closed, it could be a miracle to see our game surviving. I was interested as well to buy new products from this serie. New armies, new mapboards, new scenarii, ... Now the rules seems to be clear enough, updated with the FAQ. I'm really sorry to hear about this end ... What I'll do personally, I'm going to buy a second basic game to get more figs, more mapsboards and bases and try to make new bigger scenarri. I've already thought to use 3D maps instead of those 2D ones and I've got few ideas about additional rules. "Longue vie a l'empereur !!"
  10. Hello Meta Baston ! Unfortunatly, I'm in Idle for the time being ; working for airlines, summer is the Peak season and got not too much time to play. However, I had a big trouble in coating my figs last time. I had to remove the applied coating and clean all the set. The product used wasn't good ... I'll let you know about the results of our next game. I'm going to apply the optional rules too. And I'll play the Brits. It seems to be a challenge ... Aida is our next step too. Not yet played. Please tell me your feelings and give me the results !!! Cheers ! Olivier
  11. Hi Meta Baston ! Interesting ... I'm going to test it that way. The best player with the Brits to counter-balance a little bit. Otherwise, do you play that scenario with optional rules ?
  12. DocSavage said: Advance after a fire combat Infantry units in open order may shoot at enemy units in different hexes. How may this unit advance after a combat if different hexes become vacant? Advance after melee combat If attacked hex becomes vacant, a unit must advance. But infantry in open order is not disordered after this advance (as after the advance in a fire combat). Is that correct? Movement Infantry units in line may not move. Why are they allowed to do so during an advance after combat and a retreat? Is that prohibited only for normal movement? Retreat What about a unit in square? Same as with unit in line? May it retreat normally (not allowed to move) or does it lose a figure instead and do not retreat? Artillery reacting to a cavalry charge If an artillery unit becomes charged by more than one cavalry unit frontally, in the same phase and from the same cavalry unit group at the same time, may it fire against all the cavalry units once and if so, does it have to do a morale test every time or only once? Advance after melee combat is mandatory for infantry and cavalry with Attack order only. Optional after a fire combat.
  13. Scenario 4 is highly recommended. Few units and interesting situation. I have already played it many times.
  14. Hello Guys, Does someboby know where we can find new historic scenarii and if a Scenario Creation Tool exists, like for "Tide of Iron" ?? It could be interesting for this Napoleonic Community to start to share ideas and Scenarii. Thanks and good games !
  15. Meta Baston said: Je suis Québécois. On pratique l'anglais par submersion, ici! I better understand now, lointain cousin d'Amerique ....
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