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  1. Join https://www.facebook.com/groups/a.game.of.thrones.the.card.game.ottawa.league/ to find out about all ottawa AGoT events.
  2. facebook event up with info etc... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=768129346541078&set=a.124834990870520.15479.106431532710866&type=1&fref=nf
  3. You can try ordering some of these cards from a Canadian (Quebec) store in french and have them shipped.
  4. I am not running the event but i wanted to get the word out. Canadian Nationals will be held at multizone in Gatineau, Quebec Aug 2 (melee) and 3 (joust). For those that don't know the geography of Canada, Gatineau is right next to are countries capital Ottawa Ontario. We are still waiting on information concerning the prize support but i will post here once i know what it is. I would assume at least what other nationals around the world have gotten.
  5. Yes they will be taking place at multizone in gatineau Aug 2 (melee) and Aug 3 (Joust). For those that don't know Canada the store is about 30 from Ottawa the countries capital.
  6. Yes people have bought them in Canadian stores in Quebec and Ontario.
  7. i have to ask...Why so late and in the regional season and why at can games where their is a fee just to get in.
  8. We where of course 100% joking about Long Lances not being restricted. Ktom is right that their is no way i would let someone play another restricted card at a tournament if they had Long Lances in their deck and Alex would agree i am sure.... cheers
  9. A Game of Throne Regional - Montreal, QC Vicinity Sunday, May 18 – 10:00am at BD Cosmos (1884 Bd St Martin O - Laval Quebec Canada) For more information you can call or e-mail the store at: Phone: (450) 934-3922 Email: bdcosmos@magnistudios.com There is also a facebook event logo on where you can reserve your spot here Come up to the beautiful city of Montreal Quebec and have a great time playing in what we think will be the biggest Game of Thrones Canadian regional.
  10. Wish i could make i to this but i cant...everyone else should go...its gone be great.
  11. It is cheaper then buying all the house packs from team covenant and new all the cards would cost you around 860 from http://www.starlitcitadel.com/games/ or coolstuff. However, you can find used collections for 600 if you search around, which would give you all the cards from all the houses. I think this deal works if your only interested in one house (your gone have to buy the neutral stuff too) and cant find anyone to split a full collection with.
  12. http://www.agotcards.org/talkboard/v/784
  13. Return..lol...we are currently in the character-less deck competitive scene. Hoping this will change soon and the game can start to go back being based on challenges and not events.
  14. In a unknown environment i would go with joust.
  15. depends on the players in your area. General its joust but their are a few area's that prefer melee. I would ask the players that you currently play with and those that may attend the tournament to find out what they enjoy most.
  16. i have done it a few times and it worked great. octgn + skype = win
  17. I have the full bleed alt art cards for "The Power of Blood", "Ser Davos Seaworth" and "Valar Morghulis" for sale. Would like to sell them as a lot but would sell them individually if the price was right. Send me a pm with your offers.
  18. I have the pieces of 3 or 4 poker decks no idea if I could make 2 or 3 decks from them. How much you paying for them? to lazy to put them back together unless its worth it.
  19. I would also be interested in some of the old common / uncommons that where re-printed and i could get blackboard versions of.
  20. its the only game that matters
  21. Your just lucky i am not going to worlds or you would have seen my newest sillyness
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