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  1. Any sort of Detective or Investigation focused campaign would work well with 1 PC, and the themes fit into almost any setting.
  2. Said insistence is weird, given that some really nasty rumors (end of 3 RPG lines) were flying around unchallenged for weeks. I don't see the logic in it.
  3. When it comes to Tannhauser (and Twilight Imperium and Sovereigns of Steam), I hope for the best (supplements at the same quality before the RPG department was gutted) and brace for the worst (Genesys being killed outside of the Foundry).
  4. It is a very potent out of combat ability, as it essentially makes the verticality and size of the world far less relevant as a burden to exploration, looting and so forth. In combat, it depends on how common and how potent ranged attack options are. Flying in Genesys offers no defense against ranged attacks (if you fly out of range, you are essentially leaving the encounter). If a Flyer is looking at be blown out of the sky by arrows, magic missiles, assault rifle bursts, etc, they won't be breaking anything. ----- The Expanded Player's Guide gives the mutant Flyer as one of their mutation choices (they pick it, or one of the follow: Amphibious, +1 Soak, a free maneuver, or +2 damage and a Crit rating of 3 to unarmed attacks). The archetype is otherwise a low stat, high starting Exp one, much like Droids in Star Wars or Biroids in Beanstalk.
  5. Which is unfortunate for those of us who are focused on Genesys, because it takes up a slot in a system that maybe gets two major releases a year. And frankly if (non-Genesys playing) Keyforge players want more lore, they shouldn't have to buy a book supposedly focused on the mechanics of another completely different system/game type that requires another Corebook to function properly. I'm not sure how many Keyforge players will be drawn over by this alone. If Keyforge is so big, it should get the Worlds of Android treatment.
  6. The Keyforge announcement was a big disappointment to me. Unless the book contains mechanics I'm interested in, I'll skip it. I've preordered every Genesys release this far, but I don't see much value in Keyforge as a setting or an RPG.
  7. Received an email this morning saying that my pre-order is processed and about to leave the warehouse. The upcoming page has a US release of 11/29 (which typically means a few days latter for Canada, and a few more weeks for everyone else), though that's not exact (I've gotten products latter, and sometimes a few days earlier, and I'm from Canada).
  8. The GM Screen and EPG sound great. I'm pretty bummed to hear about Keyforge being next though, zero interest in that kind of setting, not sure what it offers to me as a DM, and it likely means that a Twilight Imperium book is a long ways off.
  9. Have fun! And here's hoping we get some info about upcoming content.
  10. My copy arrived yesterday, quality and content is great!
  11. I do like how the Cyborg archetype counteracts that, by getting 1-2 initial implants that don't reduce Strain, and then with their innate ability that lets them regain strain equal to how many implants they have.
  12. My copy was confirmed shipped today, can't wait!
  13. It would be epic, no doubt. But a lot of time and effort stating up all those mech chassis and weapons. And the only guidelines for vehicle creation we have....are essentially from Star Wars books.
  14. Huh, seems like the book hasn't arrived in Canada as of yet, despite being removed from the Upcoming list. Here's hoping that the supply didn't run out early.
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