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  1. The GM Screen and EPG sound great. I'm pretty bummed to hear about Keyforge being next though, zero interest in that kind of setting, not sure what it offers to me as a DM, and it likely means that a Twilight Imperium book is a long ways off.
  2. Have fun! And here's hoping we get some info about upcoming content.
  3. My copy arrived yesterday, quality and content is great!
  4. I do like how the Cyborg archetype counteracts that, by getting 1-2 initial implants that don't reduce Strain, and then with their innate ability that lets them regain strain equal to how many implants they have.
  5. My copy was confirmed shipped today, can't wait!
  6. It would be epic, no doubt. But a lot of time and effort stating up all those mech chassis and weapons. And the only guidelines for vehicle creation we have....are essentially from Star Wars books.
  7. Huh, seems like the book hasn't arrived in Canada as of yet, despite being removed from the Upcoming list. Here's hoping that the supply didn't run out early.
  8. Ugh, this is really disappointing. Here's hoping that Fully Operational and Ciphers and Masks aren't gutted/botched.
  9. 45 bucks is nothing compared to other stuff. I remember when the old Black Crusade supplements were going for 400-900, easily. I lucked out when I stumbled into a used book store and completed a few of my collections for market price (made up for the owner/shop keep being a total prick ha).
  10. Interrogator eh? Well I guess the concerns about Disney getting involved content wise were mostly false.
  11. Yeah, FO having no movement since March is a sign that something not normal is going down. Like, the delays caused by Ghosts (apparently something went wrong during transit) shouldn't have caused work on the AoR stuff to utterly halt for half a year. At this point, part of me wouldn't be surprised if they were cancelled or something...
  12. Stuff like this worries me, along with Fully Operational and Ghosts facing massive delays. I love FFG but I'd wish they would give us more updates when they can. Months of total silence just causes confusion.
  13. The redirection might also explain why other books have been delayed, you can only edit and print so many things at one time.
  14. I was thinking more along the lines of a simple content purge. Honestly, its probably something far less malicious.
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