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  1. I really like the theme of "The Collective" so I'd vote for them. I would really like to see the losing identity recycled themewise in pictures and texts of other cards. Somthing like "Special Announcement" Ops for NBN with Fisk in handcuffs or "Secret Lab" Weyland Agenda with The Collective as lab rats. So you would see what happend to them.
  2. HE aren't exactly the worst faction in manipulating what you will draw next. Follow the portent wouldn't be useless. -It will give you extra tokens for more damage as soon as the Eltharion is in the game. -It can give you a token the turn it enters the game. (unlike many other quests) -It is a quest so it is hard to get rid of it. -It can help you to get the Eltharion earlier. -Its Action is so medicore that the unit questing on it wouldn't be the first aim for unit destruction so your tokens are somewhat save. Eltharion's first Action is nice since he can get tokens from Elven Scouts. So even if you have to use "Flames of the Phoenix" at some point you can collect the tokens and dash put some more damage. Flames would be a nice addtion anyway since you can use all your Elven scouts and Silver Helm Detachment again after using their tokens. I would really love to play such a deck. Sounds like a lot of fun.
  3. With this Legend in game i wouldn't play the war room because of its own action. I would play it because of its tokens. Example: You play "Follow the Portent" + "Envoy from Averlorn" + Develpoment -> 1 token Then you play the War Room -> 4 tokens You use the first action of this Legend -> 1 token Then you use the second Action of this legend twice: 5+5 Damage (or 6+6 with an outpost) If your opponet doesn't dispose the War Room before your next turn you can give it 1token and trigger its action. If he does you can play a second War room and deal another 5+5 Damage. You can spice things up with "Ithilmar arrows" or "Citdal of Dusk" so you can deal at least 15 Damge each turn beginning from the third. Not too shaby in my opinion. With the right cards in your hand you could even start this your second turn.
  4. War Room is still nice for combo with its 4 tokens. You just need one other token in the game and you can deal 10 (or more damge with outpost) with just 3 ressources. The possibilty with the additional 10 damage each round is just a nice bonus.
  5. Daemon Prince + Brutal Offering looks nice. And it is always nice to have something cheap for a important sacrifice.
  6. Ice creme flavors: Banana, Strawberry, Apple, Blueberry and Plum. Makes me always hungry when playing.
  7. Usually we play with 2 players with Frodo focusing on the side lines and Sam on the main path. Missing life tokens aren't too bad for Sam. We always rush those side lines which help to avoid super nasty events in the middle of a scene.
  8. This DE quest is really horrible. Next time I'd prefer a blank card to design my own quest. Thank you
  9. Actually it may imply that you just go on normally even though there is no attacker If you are right, what happens if all attackers are eliminated in the action window right after declaring attackers?
  10. I really like most of your ideas especially the first and second. I'm not sure if the Shrine and the tactic for Khorne fit his theme in this game although i like the effects. I think Khorne prefers dead people rather than corrupted. My ideas: Shrine to Khorne - If a unit doesn't attack or defend although it could it takes 1 damage. Other Khorne support: Corrupted units may attack. If a corrupted unit attacks it gets +1P until end of turn. Deal 1 damge to it at the end of turn. Tactics for Khorne: -All units of the target player must attack if they can. All attacking units take 1 damage at the end of this turn. -Until end of turn when an opponet's unit enters dicard pile from play, heal all damge on a unit. (Bloodsworn's ability) Tactic for Slaanesh: All units of the target player must defend if they can. Corrupt all defending units at the end of this turn. Tactic for neutral destruction: X units in the defending zone can not defend. X is the number of attacking units. Tactic for Undead: Bring all units with Neromancy into play from discard pile. Put them under your draw pile at the end of this turn.
  11. Yeah you are right. You can only defend if you are attacked but you don't need an attacker to be a defender. For the Scout ability: You can still send your spies to the enemie's army even if something deters his units from attacking.
  12. Actually the faq 1.4 don't really help here. Neither the rules nor the faq say that you aren't allowed to declare a defender if there is no attacker. That is what this all is about. The Monster's abi and the turn sequence are totally clear. To correct you in a little point: the damage is not applied in the last action window. It is applied in the applying of damage part of the battlefield phase which is followed by the last action window.
  13. Good start let me extend that a little: 1. Does a battlefield phase with no attackers stop directly after attackers declaration? 2. Does a battlefiled phase with attackers declared stop if all of them are eliminated in the action-window after their declaration? 2.1. If no to 1 and/or 2 - Is it allowed to declare defenders on an attack with no attackers? 3. Does a battlefield phase stop if all attackers are eliminated in the action-window after defenders declaration? 3.1. If yes to 3 - Will this count as a combat for the purpose of triggering the "Scout"- or other combat related effects? 4. If both sides in the assigning of damage part assign no damage, does this count as a combat for the purpose of triggering the "Scout"-ability? 5. Can I skip the battlefield phase? 5.1 If no to 5 - Do i have to start an attack? (NOT meaning do i have to declare attackers)
  14. I don't think that applying damage is necessary to trigger the Scout ability espeically if I read the text on the card. Triggers are taking part in combat and surviving it. Question is until which point do I need attackers to have a combat? Also interessting for direct damage tactics which can kill all attackers before they assign their damage.
  15. My opponet has two units in his battlefield. I play DE and have one Monster of the Deep and one Shades. In the first step of his battlefield phase he decides to attack the zone with my Shades. In the Action window after i use the ability of my Monster to prevent both of his units to be chosen as attackers. So he has started an attack but no attackers. Does his Battlefield phase end here or does it go on? Can i declare my Shades as Defenders and trigger their ability later?
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