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  1. Max of 4 gear slots is implied from character sheet but not mentioned in the rules. RAW, you can upgrade to a 5th gear slot.
  2. Bbg FAQ is pretty good https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1482162/unofficial-faq Most of it is rules you can find in rules reference but sometimes it is nice to have question and answer format. There is some stuff about conditions that are still up in the air...can you "become sickened if you can't recieve a condition" or "can you become sickened if you are sickened?" The former applies to the nightcloak and the latter applies to nemesis in quest 2. Jury is out...
  3. Stubborn resolve means that you add 2 shield results to whatever you roll. Refer to rules reference page 4. For any action, you roll white dice for your action card and black dice for the nnumber of readied enemies engaged. For each black die that comes up attack (looks like bacon), the enemies do damage to you based on the highest readied attack value to the lowest. If you roll a shield, those shields subtract 1 from the damage dealt. So on stubborn resolve, you start with +2 shields...or read another way...-2 damage automatically. This means the dwarf is less likely to take damage when resting.
  4. We've found the 2 player game with the Bright wizard to be the hardest; two player with any of the other 3 isn't as bad. However, the game does seem to get easier at 3 and 4 players...and in those (3 or 4 player) games the bright wizard performs fine if you work together to keep enemies off her. Finally, the Warpriest is the best of the bunch in any number of player game so be sure to include him in a 2 player game. As for quests, the third and the fifth seem the hardest.
  5. Hahaha ha slimed. As in goo all over it. Funny. Peril tracker straight out of WHRP. Small carded conditions just like RP also. Dice are similar. So yeah...a little gooey warpstone slime .
  6. Summary: Best RP module ever! But there are lots of really good combat/action encounters in the book; will probably need to speed along some content if your group is battle-crazy. TEW's fame is from non-combat encounters. The players research (and hopefully solve) a number of mysteries. Don't skip the RP you will regret it! In the process of their inspectigating, hornswaggling, and politicking...they will get into combats and you have plenty of opportunity to throw in more if that is the group preference. Heck you could make a WFB campaign of the module if you really wanted to just skip all the plot but I would not recommend that. One combat or at least some "action without combat" like putting out a fire etc is not a stretch for every session. It sounds like you might need to move along some of the plot lines/social situations. For example - when you go through the overland section you could cut out the "road/travel checks" and go straight to combat encounters listed. Another option that could really speed up book 1 is have each of the players already have spoken to one of the townsfolk and gotten their rumors ('seed' them with some/lots of info so the PCs don't use as much time on deciding who to talk to etc.). You could have your guys sitting in the tavern swapping rumors and then BAM the bar brawl scene and your off. In Book 2 - they actually tell you to kick the door down at just about any time you will have plenty of reasons to by then lol... A couple things to keep in mind: Try to keep the players (close) to 10 advances per book Encounters are designed for 3 PCs and early fights are a spring mow. Scale it up and bloody the crap out of them to get them back working on the whodunit! Each of the 3 NPCs should have at least one character in the party they befriend/ally with. Use a between session email to advance plot toward the part(s) of the module you feel is best suited for your players
  7. Some more investigation of the middenheim ritual ensued at different magic colleges but they never went to the grey college which is where they could have found the smoking gun that the ritual was disguise magic (they already figured out it was outlawed elf magic being used). At the library they found an ogre scholar who was very upset when he heard about people ripping pages out of books and joined their cause (this was the elf's replacement character Bartlegorp). it was time for Jack/Alexander/Reginald (criminal gambler/assassin) to choose his epic career and of course he wanted to be a crime lord. This caused a fair bit of tension in the group who weren't sure they wanted to participate in the things he needed to do for ascendancy. He had to find and ally with Karl aka FGross and then kidnap Clothhilds' #2 Karla and he had to murder Ferdinand von Leightdorf. <<Jack's player is THEE expert min/maxer and I've never seen a character so ridiculous. Every roll I gave him he picked up a fist full of blue and yellow and white and red. Jack had said from book one that he wanted to be the BC and now he was basically doing all the BCs work for him. Other players were uncomfortable. The group agreed they would turn a blind eye for crime lord benefits but Jack has to "lie" to them character to character. The group is now playing on the Emperor's Most Wanted card.>> Rolling into the 'high paced end of the module' the guys said they had no interest in trying to save an elf - one of them said "I think we would be more likely to kidnap an elf." Clothilde was no longer interested in Jack romantically but she certainly still wanted him and his merry band to clear the theater for opening. As soon as they left the Crescent moon, the guards came to apprehend them. They had run out of time to use the liber ecstatica to frame one of the major NPCs or to give/sell to get chaos cultist info. Rattadon (dwarf rat-catcher) was beat down in the hotel room but Gary (dog) got away with his magic hammer (from stormdorf) and was dragging it to the glory hounds. <<the rat catcher dog was so friggin cool. could a little canine jump out a window with a hammer and drag it through the streets to the Empire's Most Wanted Glory Hounds?!?! yeah probably jumped the shark here but wth>> The Empire's Most Wanted (former Glory Hounds) made quick work of the theatre plots. They solved the murder mystery and when they found the Black Powder they dumped a bunch of alcohol in it to neutralize. They would immediately regret this move because the theater was where the greatswords, the Knights Panther and the City Watch had all come to apprehend them. A siege ensued. They made plans to lure some of the guards into where they had found the spider but they started infighting and things went very badly. They escaped for a couple reasons...first - their new ogre scholar friend Bartlegorp wasn't actually on the wanted poster and some guards simply wanted no piece of an ogre. Second - The Knights Panther had orders to find out where the empires most wanted hideout (find the nest of evil!). They fleed to the yacht where Eotholir and karla were of course being held captive. The glory hounds that still thought they were "good heroes" let the prisoners go. Good/bad/neutral...all decided it was time to frontal assault the bar that Lt arta was at. As the yacht goes up in flames back at the docks, Mace LeBrat (battle-scarred highwayman) walked into the bar and demanded an audience with Arta; he had some history with her. The greatswords tied him up but he got to talk to her. Mace knew the lieutenant would walk him personally to Beerfast...thus Schaeffer and a few great swords head toward the bridge. A few minutes later Roderick/Brian (agitator/inspectigator outcast now back in home city) bought some hired help inside the bar. Jack came in with xbow blazing behind the ogre and it was an extremely bloody fight over a dozen greatswords died in that bar; the Emperor's Most Wanted were severely wounded and out of gold. Except Mace of course who was appealing to his "superior officer and old friend and fellow soldier" about her sense of honor and told her how evil the black cowl is and asked her how could she be involved with such things. He expressed how he always respected her and told her how she was marching him to his death and that she should at least give him an honorable way to die. And he told her about the dark magic at the auction zoo and how the world was about to be plunged into chaos when the bell tolls. Arta offered him a fight against her on the Karl Franz bridge to the death. He declined and said he would rather die dishonorably or be tortured than to fight against her. <<He rolled pretty well on that parlay and his passionate RP was convincing. Could Arta had just been "following orders" and able to be swayed?! I really wanted to see that fight for the death on the bridge or at least Mace's escape dive into the river but I found it in er...Arta's heart...to let him go..>>
  8. <<we've been done with the campaign for a while now. start to finish the 3 books lasted ~16 months of 2-3 sessions per month although i did add some stuff. i still want to roll into book 4 but for now sadly the group has disbanded. will try to finish out the write-ups though!>> The outdoor zoo auction was a carnival with strongman contest (snotling, halfling then wimpy), lots of animals the guys were on edge about getting out of their cages (griffon, bear, lizardmen from southlands etc). Also there was a competition to gain favor from many women. Pg49 for menagerie ladies...one wanted to participate in the dart throw (the audacity). Clothilde wanted to talk about anything but politics and ALL the ladies wanted to talk (some) about the Menagerie and the Southland auction! One enjoyed the art of the tilean painter. Amalie is a fluzy Margerete and sister von aschenback (sis was away at college in book 2) wanted to talk about religion and magic. Gambler jack has to deal with Cloth, Amalie and and Margerite all thinking that it is he and she, and he is being called 3 different names (Jack is "with" Amalie, Alexander is "with" Clothhilde and Reginald is "with" Margarete). This all made for a very interesting social experiment... Jack/alexander (criminal background) was trying to score favor with multiple ladies by impressive dagger throws and witty banter but then focused in on Clothhilde (his wooing of her was set back immensely). Roderick/Brian (outcast agitator/inspectigator who has returned to altdorf) was working hard on one lady. The elf Lysandir (foreign messenger) was afraid of the ladies and Mace was only interested in following the dastardly plot... <<Mace's player later said that all the ladies were out of his social class. I said c'mon man I made it clear that the Glory Hounds were famous enough to have a "chance" with any/all the ladies at this party; their heroic efforts in Averheim and Middenheim being common knowledge to those at the auction. He replied "Mace is 'bats for the other team'" lol>> The bc had to test this theory about opening a portal. The prof working with the bc had thought he learned enough from one of the captured/caged lizardmen shaman. it was now time to give this prisoner what he wanted to do all along - open a portal to the Southlands. Just a "focus" item was needed (the bigger the trinket from the auction, the bigger the portal). The players had a chance to spend a lot of their gold on these items but instead bought rings/jewelry for cloth A large bird flies through the portal and eats lysandir with swallow whole. Blotzkinwhich (gently born smuggler) is murdered by his brother in the chaos. Katrina mauer is hissing that the "end is nigh." Mace (battlescarred Highwayman) orders the guards to arrest the prof who he watched pass the egg to the shaman. That it is a funny situation - he is "on the outs" from beerfast bc but still trying to give orders to the soldiers. The guards were there to escort the prof out anyway so they did follow orders
  9. While LeBrot is with Mauer at THEE Holy Temple of Sigmar, other Glory Hounds are researching the ritual. Kastion Von Schweinsteiger (academic physician) goes to Thee Altdorf library where he finds a copy of Hammer of the Gods but it is missing chapter 2 (where the ritual is described in the prof's copy). <<KVS had made the check vs. the 4 purples to notice that chapter 2 didn't seem accurate to the original text>> Roderick (agitator/inspectigator outcast) really did well to stay out of trouble and off the radar from the "authorities" to this point. But he has come back to Altdorf were he was outcast from!!! So now he has to change identities and decides on being called "Brian." He who was formerly called Roderick tries some inspectigating of the ritual through the night... <<note some of the below is from hammerwiki>> The “Death Magic College” overlooks the infamous haunted Cemetery of Old Altdorf, where tens of thousands were interred in mass graves after the ravages of the Red Plague. The cemetery itself is associated with all manner of foul rumour, and the Amethyst Order's proximity to it is taken by many as proof of the unholy practices. Most citizens of Altdorf give both the cemetery and Amethyst College a wide berth, leaving the Order to their secrets. The building is dark and sepulchral, shuttered against the light and dimly illuminated at night. Within its silent halls the dust lies thick where it is dragged by the Wind of Shyish from all the ages, bringing with it the stench of eternal decay. Though the citizens of Altdorf are fully aware of this building, none dare approach it for fear of damning their immortal soul forever. Brian’s mind is stressed just from walking in the door. There is certainly no one that greets him and he wanders up a crooked tower. After disturbing some bats and carrion birds, he convinces himself not to run screaming like a little schoolgirl from this place. Did he half fall half run down the same stair well? Are those actual people meditating in front of him or….shutter….no ghosts aren’t real. The robed man at the front glares at the inspectigator who now wishes he remained an outcast of this forsaken city. He who was formerly called Roderick tries to quietly copy the meditative position of the person in front of him. Hours go by and somehow all the other meditators have disappeared. The robed man is tallying up the “body count” from pit fighter prison, the docks, Middenheim and the river. Did Brian tell him about all he has seen or is this guy talking to spirits? Did he just say “tell me more Adele” or “tell me more about Adele.” “I have been sent here by Luminary Mauer to research a book in your library” Brian interjects bravely. “Would a generous donation of these shillings allow me some time with your texts?” “Ha ha ha Luminary Mauer now, the wizard who is tending to the Emperor is that the best you can come up with? Be original boy and find out the name of a wizard that not everyone knows. And you should have heard from your classmates that it is ONE GOLD these days!” Brian wasn’t sure if he was paying the GC to see books or just to get the hell out of here at this point. Down in the cellars where all manner of verminous creatures scurried and squeaked, ‘the Necromancer’ showed him tome after tome and book after book of extremely boring and uninteresting stuff. Nothing was organized and Brian wondered if this guy just really wanted someone to listen to him. “No no no it is ‘UNnecromancer’ we focus on keeping the dead dead. And what book are you looking for? I think Firefist and one of the druids were discussing that one not too long ago. No this isn’t it. Did you check THEE library I know they have a copy. Hmm…not here…AHA!” The inspectigator had a fleeting thought of ‘all too easy’ but then noticed the title of the book (Last) Rites of the Mortals. “Well it is by Institoris Kramer. I’m sure that after you read it and discuss it with your professor that he will give you the extra credit you need. I’ve never had any complaints you know.” And with that the ‘UNnecromancer’ left Brian locked in the room and said “I’ll be back in a bit don’t go anywhere ha ha ha ha ha.” So he who was formerly called Roderick read the book. It was an absurdly boring piece that talked about why we humans deserve some of our ceremonies during life but then droned on and on….and on and on about the importance of proper procedures for the deceased. At the end, it nicely laid out a few of the oldest known rituals to ‘keep the dead dead.’ It certainly had nothing as exciting as chapter 2 of the copy of Hammer of the Gods they found on the prof! <<A couple minor insanities later...Roderick/Brian thinks chapter 2 was written by a different author. The 2 Books had similar "flow" except that chapter of HoTG that Kastion said was suspect. Firefist and the druids were discussing…that must mean something.>>
  10. Mauer shows up at the temple early in the morning. He asks around and tracks down LeBrot (battle-scarred) in the common room snuggling the box... Mace tells the wizard “Adele thinks you are a witch and the BC.” Mauer is not moved by Adele's accusations "a wizard must accept that all witchhunters will be suspicious of them. Given my family history, even more so for me than most." Satisfied, LeBrot begins to open up… He tells Mauer the ritual worked and that “the boys” have the prof's notes and 2 books instrumental in the ritual (HoG & MMD). He also says Beerfaust's accuses VonKMAN of being the BC but that they saw schlaff in the Captain’s drawer. He asks if Maurer if the symptoms match and if he could neutralize poison? “I am a wizard…not a physician” replies the old codger. “This is very disturbing but we must focus on the success of this ritual right now!” Mauer is so excited about the potential breakthrough that he cannot be bothered with Mace’s ‘Beerfaust is poisoning the Emperor theory.’ Back in Priest Sigismund's office, Mauer opens the box and a couple priests conduct a corruption detection ritual. Mauer is visibly excited before the priests declare the item to be safe. After that proclamation, Mauer rapidly fires questions at LeBrot about "where are these notes/books you have; who else witnessed this ritual....we must document this breakthrough!" The priests shrug and say something like "looks like a bell clapper with a blessing cantrip on it no big deal why the big box?" They don't seem to believe it ever was a corrupt item. Mace looks at the priests and says “don’t you recognize this item? You should be all over ANY approach to rid the world of corrupted items…it could be your ticket to a pointy hat!” <<Priests would recognize a bell clapper, just never witnessed a corrupted bell clapper. There are lots of bells with a "blessing" enchantment. These priests doubt the existence of skaven and certainly never heard of a screaming bell war-machine (MAUER had a book open to that page on one of the Glory Hound visits).>> Mauer wants to take the clapper for further study and the priests do not object "sure do what you want with it.' But Mace objects “I have to consult the Glory Hounds first! You can’t take it yet….” The priests now eye LeBrot suspiciously and he backs down. The battle-scarred veteran realizes that custody of the item has now passed and changes the topic to VonKMAN’s auction at the Altdorf zoo later this afternoon. “Luminary…can you speculate on what if any damage a BC figure would make at the zoo?” Mace is paranoid he will get killed if he shows up. The wizard says something about "well there are very big monsters caged at the Altdorf zoo but I'm sure security will be tight. I will take the bell to the Light College where my master will cast the 'truth of light' divination upon it.”
  11. Mace LeBrot swears he saw schlaff in BEERFAST’s drawer. <<I’ve started rolling observation/intuition purple & blacks behind the scene (but how many). So you know the battle-scarred veteran stood up, looked longingly into the Captains drawer as he pulled out some Riesling, rolled 4 hammers and a comet! and saw something….>> Weapons were drawn and BEERFAST refused to open the drawer. I believe it was – LeBrot’s sword pointed at BEERFAST, Lysandir’s dagger pointed at Lebrot, Jaquez’ hand on his 2 loaded but not drawn pistols, Artra’s pistol pointed at LeBrot and more and more Greatswords arriving as the dialogue continued about “a wagering fool would open his drawer for this bag of silver” and “you’ve made accusations in my house that are out of line.” Mace finally backed off. Before the confrontation began while drinks were being served, BEERFAST told Artra to get the veteran a breast plate. The lackey who carried it had dropped it and drawn his sword preparing for blood. LeBrat grabbed the breastplate on the way out. The GLORY HOUNDS rushed over to the Temple of Sigmar and started navigating the priest hierarchy. After a speedy trip back to the Crescent Moon to retrieve the goods, eventually they woke up Priest Sigismund. First was the old and hard of hearing Priest Carl, then Priest Theo Godspodin who they gave a gold crown and then Sigismund which sounds like Sigmar so it must be important. They spilled the beans…“we have an item the Grand Theogonist must see (a purified bell clapper) and think Capt BEERFAST is poisoning the Emperor.” Mace LeBrot slept with the bell clapper box in the “common room” of THEE HOLY TEMPLE OF SIGMAR that night. After sleeping at the Crescent Moon, Alexander met Clothhilde for breakfast and agreed to be her “bodyguard” at the zoo auction. Lysandir just had to check out why the theatrical performance was postponed... <<we are soon rolling into the Menagerie part deux...the Souhtland Auction at the zoo but first Mace LeBrot (battle-scarred) has a visitor>>
  12. i'd play it as a political struggle between 5 families: 1 alptraum always 1 leitdorf always 1 mostly alptraum (can be swayed other way but very difficult) 1 mostly leitdorf (can be swayed other way but very difficult) 1 on the fence Must have 4 of 5 to get the seat. All's fair in love and stealing an elector seat!
  13. Book 3 Part 1 Final (the barge floats to Altdorf) The Glory Hounds board the barge for the final journey to Altdorf and begin floating down the river. When the row-boat with the “river patrol” begins gaining on them, everyone gets extremely nervous. Jacquez/Alexander/Reginald spent the night robbing other barges and stashes the 3 expensive bottles of wine and gourmet cask of beef. Roderick is downright paranoid – the lead box is sealed and the bell clapper is safe inside but the forbidden tomes (Liber Ecstatica) he carries perhaps would get him executed on the spot. The group is suspicious of the ill-fitting and piecemeal uniforms of the “river patrol.” As the 8 “river patrol bandits” offload Yan & Also-Yan’s cargo, to do the inspection “on our boat” and are unable to produce the appropriate writ of authority, Jacquez/Alexander/Reginald (criminal gambler/assassin) starts shooting. Roderick (outcast agitator/inspectigator) holds his hand up and says “I surrender, this is not our fight; I make no claims of anything on this barge and we can walk to Altdorf from here” as Lysandir (elf messenger seer) dives into the water. Kastion (academic physician) yells “this is not right” and runs through the nearest bandit. The bandit chief unloads his pistols at Jacquez/Alexander/Reginald and other bandits try to subdue the assassin while more attack Kastion. Yan and Also Yan are in the fetal position and the bandit chief is using them for cover, thinking the former gambler won’t shoot at him again with innocents in harm’s way. The xbow bolt went through the neck of Also Yan AND into bandit chief’s eye – both collapse dead and remained skewered together on the single bolt. <<the gambler actually used his once per session re-roll after tossing a massive hit with a chaos star…but the second roll produced another chaos star and the grim fate of Also Yan>> With their leader dead and a decent take already scored, the remaining bandits rush back to their boat and begin cutting the ropes to cast off. Kastion and Jacquez/Alexander/Reginald heroically pursue and fight a boarding action and all the bandits are either slain or swimming. Roderick throws a rope out to help the drowning Lysandir back onto the boat. <<The elf has a STR of 2 and simply could not make a swim check. We joke that “Lysandir” is elvish for “bad swimmer”>> Much debate ensues on what to do with the rowboat. Some wanted to send Yan on his way alone and row into Altdorf with their newly acquired boat. Finally they agree to tow it behind the barge and, maybe, turn it into the authorities since it is probably “hot”. Lysandir helps the grieving Yan navigate the boat and finds he is pretty good at steering the barge. Later in the day, he notices a young girl off in the distance sprinting into the woods. As the boat rounds a tight bend, that same girl is flailing in the water screaming to be rescued. The elf warns everyone “this is a sham just leave her” but Kastion, citing his Hippocratic oath or something, tosses the girl a rope. Caroline tells her story but no one is buying it. They talk openly of tying her up and/or taking her to Altdorf with them. Jacquez/Alexander/Reginald points out that the last girl they encountered was part of an ambush (the highwaymen outside Averland) and Roderick says “nope nope no more stops - we’ve been attacked by Beastmen, Skaven, Trolls, Bandits, and this is now a ‘non-stop flight’ to Altdorf sorry.” Kastion is trying to get sweet with Caroline and she makes a grab at his coin-purse but he is too observant for the young thief. She dives into the water and the physician makes no play to stop her. Finally, the Glory Hounds arrive in Altdorf! Curd Weiss happens to be on the docks conducting business and is very excited to set up a meeting with VonKMAN in one hour. The group books rooms at the Crescent Moon and make their way to the old Horse Tower. When they arrive, Graf Friederick is politely trying to get Professor Schott Von Mandelbrot to leave “sorry, I’ve made up my mind and if you want to buy it you can come to the auction tomorrow at the zoo.” <<the players ask if the prof’s name ‘rings a bell’ and I say nope, new character. Someone comments…hmmm…doesn’t ring a bell but perhaps rings a corrupted bell clapper lol>> The professor leaves and VonKMAN listens intently to their investigation of Graf Wolfgang Von Aschenbock. They detail the story fairly thoroughly describing the chaos cults but insisting the innocence of the Graf; they do leave out the part about how they actually killed Adele (she met the hand of justice). VonKMAN is concerned that he doesn’t have any other leads on who might be stealing the black powder and the Glory Hounds suggest the Averland underworld boss the “Black Cowl.” VonKMAN says he will make some inquiries, instructs Curd to pay the Glory Hounds for their services and tells them he would like to employ them further. The group says they will consider the offer but are badly in need of some R&R at the moment. <<before going into the meeting, they decided to basically tell VonKMAN the detailed truth about the investigation/Adele although no one brought up the bell clapper ritual. The logic was that if he is the BC, then he would know everything anyway. Thus if they didn’t tell him stuff then he would think they are suspicious of him. So by “coming clean” they are either giving an ally who is not the BC important information or keeping the real BC from thinking they are suspicious that he is the BC>>
  14. This might be too obvious...but I think the Southlands would HAVE to have some dinosaurs!!!
  15. I had 2 players "infiltrate" the BC organization in Averland. They got to attend a meeting at a fancy hotel where the BC made an appearance and told his "loyal followers" how pleased he was about the consolidation of crime power on the docks. He passed out praise and some rewards. This showed the PCs how many people were in on the take and that the BC is influential enough to hold a meeting at a gold tier establishment. However, the situation was a certain death if they attacked... The players could have tried to talk with the BC (think speaking out at a town hall meeting) but they decided to keep quiet.
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