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  1. No. There's no way that you can attack your own stronghold. Battle is only conducted against a target that is not controlled, but a stronghold in your play area is controlled by you. You couldn't siege it either as it isn't another player's city or home realm.
  2. Action abilities only trigger during the action phase of a player's turn. Only during this time are you allowed to play cards for their actlion abilities. It's in the rules on page 7 and 14.
  3. sigmazero13 said: I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive, so I don't know what the 3 new tiles have; looking at the rules, though, it looks like Tiles #10 and #11 have city icons printed? If so, then yes, it is remotely possible in a 4-player game that this could happen, and a clarification should be made; I'll ask Corey and put it in my document. (I need to get these questions batched up and sent, it's just been a busy week and I wanted to wait until I got my copy). If only one of tiles #10/#11 has a city icon, though, this couldn't happen, since only 6 of the original tiles had cities. That's right. I should've been more explicit. Areas 10B and 11C have cities. sigmazero13 said: You mention that 10D has the 2 beastmen. Are there beastmen in either Tile 9 or another area in Tile 10? (I can't tell by the low-res image in the online rulebook). If not, this one wouldn't be a problem, as in the base game, only 3 tiles have beastmen (1B, 6A, 7A), each with only 2. (Unless, of course, I goofed in making my spreadsheet). If Tile 9 or another Tile 10 area DOES have 2 more beastmen, it could be an issue. I'm excited to get my copy, in any case. Should be loads of fun! 11A which is a 3 Food area has 2 beastmen in addition to 10D. sigmazero13 said: Although, I do have to admit, your final bit seems a bit... odd. Basically you are saying that until you hear an official answer, you are assuming that the tile 10D is a misprint? IE, you are waiting for official clarification that what it says is actually true? Not that it's bad, it's just strikes me as kind of backwards to assume it's wrong unless told "nope, it says what it means and means what it says" Yes, well... A 2 Ore area just doesn't seem right having anything less than a dragon.
  4. I hate to be adding fuel to Curator's fire but I ran into a couple of issues myself with the expansion. The 8-city conundrum: In a 4-player game without using the rise of the free cities variant, it's possible, not likely, but possible that all 8 tiles with cities on them are dealt out to the players. With only 7 cities in the original game, one city space would either have to be replaced or go without. Without an official explanation, one is left to speculate as to what should be done in such a case. The beastmen in the mountain: With the expansion it is quite possible that all five tiles with beastmen areas are selected. If this happens, you would need 10 beastmen to fill all the areas. With only 8 beastmen figures in the supply, it's impossible to do this. I'm assuming there's a typo on one of the two new beastmen areas. The mountain area, 10D, with its 2 ore resources seems too obvious. In all other cases, we have a giant or dragon inhabiting such an area but here just 2 lowly beastmen. Why? I'm going off on a limb here, but I think that area was meant to be the abode of the 4th dragon but they didn't catch the typo before it went to print. Until I hear an official answer, I'm housing 10D as the 4th dragon area so that extra dragon can finally see some play. That poor dragon with the bent wing that's been sitting out since I bought the game now finally has a reason to be in the box.
  5. Phos_Hilaron said: Where to start. First, my wife and I are brand new to Runebound. We play lots of board games, so we understand the concepts pretty well... I'll be honest, I'm having trouble understanding and grasping this game. Problem 1 (and perhaps the main problem) we are getting decimated on green encounters in the vanilla game. I'm playing as Ronan of the Wild and I encountered a "ghost stag" I tried to fight, and was knocked out. Fantastic... After "recovering" from that I went to another green counter and pulled the "Carnivorous Flora" which I automatically fail my melee combat with. (Ronan gets a +2, and the plant's target value is 15. That means even if I roll a 10, I'm done). You roll both 10-sided dice not one and sum the results. That should make combat a lot easier. Phos_Hilaron said: Problem 2 Do you even start with any equipment or allies? It seems ridiculously difficult to enter green encounters without any equip or allies...but it also seems equally ridiculous that I would have to wander around the map going from town to town for the first five turns trying to get my hands on an item or ally that is under 3 gold (what you start the game with). To wrap it up. I feel like we aren't playing the game correctly, and we keep wiping on green encounters. Solutions? or clarifications? thanks in advance. Read above.
  6. Drakkkan said: cyb3k said: 3 - Incorrect, because movement doesn't have any additional phases. First part of Mobilize - you make your moves. Second part - you resolve a battle. When you make your moves just remember about area unit limits and what units came from other planets (they cannot be used to attack a base with Air Support module - except of BW, where you can have e module allowing to do it). thanks for confirmation. regarding point 3) Does this mean, that if I have for example three units on active planet and three units on Adjacent planet I can move all of them and "join" together to attack one Area on the active planet ? (if enemy has no antiair and if limit allows). So there is only one step which contains both "actions" described from rules on page 23, right ? (move units on active planet and move units from adjacent planet to active planet). You only move units already on the planet to other areas on the planet. The units you transport over can't also move to other areas on the planet once they've been transported over; they've already been moved. There is no need for separate steps; units are only moved once.
  7. So, these cards allow you to put more than one skaven token in play? Wowzers! I've been playing them wrong all along. Last I checked, 'any' and 'each' do not mean the same thing, but if that's how they want them to work... Holy Buckets!
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