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  1. Huh, I've always preferred random char generation over point buy, in every game for which that is the default. And I'm hardly an old grognard, I just think it's more fun that way.
  2. If the players are unable to stop it, I say run with it. Let them assault the Dark City, show those dark eldar what a few earthshaker cannon rounds due to their delicate crystalline spires, and likely the regiment die, but what a blaze of glory. Commoragh has been besieged at least once in its history, when a Salamander battle cruiser and a dozen or so other ships assaulted the city to rescue another ship the Dark Eldar has pulled there. They hard about 500 Space Marines and they did so much damage to the city it caused a complete collapse of their political structure. Which of course, was all according to plan.
  3. I'm not gonna lie, that sounds incredibly boring. I'm glad ya'll enjoyed that, but I am incredibly glad DH2 did not go that route.
  4. I too have a book in which the binding has come undone. Quite frustrating considering how high the price for the book is.
  5. 4. For a brief moment the lights flick off, allowing a terrifying glimpse of multitudes of horrors beyond the ability of a rational mind to catalogue, staring at the PC's with an unmistakeable hunger. Then the lights come back on, with no evidence of the horrors they just glimpsed.
  6. Hey folks, I appreciate the help. Should make for some interesting play.
  7. Basically just what the title says. Does anybody know if Ogryns have been statted out in any of the FFG books?
  8. Hey Cyphus, I'd be interested in hearing a little more if you're still looking for people.
  9. Hi folks, I'm gonna start a DH game soon, and I'm curious about using the Rogue Trader and up rules for manifesting psychic powers. Not Fettered, or Pushed powers, just making WP tests instead of rolling a number of d10's based on your Psy Rating. I'd love to get some opinions on this, and if anybody has instituted similar rules?
  10. After going through BattleFleet Koronus I think the Turbulent class Heavy Frigate would make a particularly good version of the Normandy-2. Granted the penalty to command is a little annoying, but there are so many different ways to overcome that it's almost silly. Gribble has pretty succinctly summed up the race substitutions for the game. I also considered Kroot for the krogan, they lack the hulking-ness but they make up for it in mercenary-ness
  11. Personally I think Nightwish would be very appropriate for a lot of games. Something about the symphonic rock just seems to fit the setting.
  12. Hey thanks guys, some really good points in here. I'm thinking possibly a frigate, with a high SP, it's not gonna start off too super. That'll be a part of the plot, finding upgrades and such to improve the ship. Actually, that STC fragment idea is something I was already working on. IT would certainly go a long way towards getting the Tech Priests on the party's side.
  13. Oh I intend to give them plenty of reasons to want to do that.
  14. Not really worried about the crew. That'll stay pretty much like the game, you have your core group... and the rest. They never really mattered until they got taken away.
  15. I was planning on increasing the scale of the ships. Otherwise they simply aren't comparative.
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