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  1. Sorry, thread resurrection but the thread just came up in our meta so I thought id ask here since its pretty much relevant. Steelshanks Reserves. is their effect lasting or constant? The way we've been playing it is as a lasting effect "triggering" each time active player changes during the challenges phase. after the challenges phase, whoever had them last gets to keep them until the next challenges phase. blanking them does not return them to their owner, (nor do they return outside of the challenges phase). Is that about right?
  2. just to clarify what i think is a clash of logic from something ktom described months and months ago… it was regarding plots like feast or famine. if memory serves i believe ktom said that something like… for something to be a lasting effect it has to have a defined beginning and end, otherwise it is a constant or instantaneous effect. i think. it was to clarify that feast or famine would still be in effect even after flipping another plot that round. is this logic specific to plots? because veteran marauder has no defined end… that i can see.
  3. so I've got a few questions on attachments… Can you still trigger "Banner of the storm"s ability while it has already been attached to a character, to move it to another character? Do the king/queens chamber/drogos tent fall off when attached to a house card because they dont have the "attach to a house card" text? (its a silly question but i must ask) does veteran marauder fall off the location right after triggering its ability, since it would not have the "attach to a location" text?
  4. ktom said: ~But I don't want people to think I am making my own rulings to ruin another card. I chuckled heartily. And here i thought this is something that would have been clarified by now...
  5. Just for clarity, putting poisoned wine on an opponents character or moving it around through its ability does not change the controller, it is always the owner of the card unless specifically directed by card text. You still control the attachment, even if it is on an opponents character. and only the controller can trigger abilities of cards (unless otherwise stated), in this case the moving the wine around.
  6. Dabbler appreciation thread? It also listed the number of copies in a pack, which the newer sites seem to not bother with...
  7. Game of Cyvasse also would play differently... probably stronger than it already is...
  8. I am not saying the faithful are a better card than euron/doran. they arent. I am simply saying their response effect is more of a deterrant than euron/doran. its a limited response for a reason. I had played a deck with 3x in the name of the king. the power grab is definitely there. but it definitely encourages that player to go for you. somehow i end up with 12-14 power but with too few characters to push through the win. compared to the other 2, stacking ItNotK stacks strength as well. wheras the other 2 only give multiple instances of deadly/stealth, so you get a bigger benefit without giving them bigger boons. Spreading them around I had considered, but i preferred the idea of just having 1 person i couldnt beat (and could chump swing against for 3 power) rather than, being weaker compared to all 3 opponents.
  9. the major difference being that it is stealing a power, not claiming. Its a pretty big barrier for a person to decide they are going to give away a power just so the other players can not have to throw away that power... when challenging a controller of euron/doran/taste you are giving an advantage to them over you AND the other two players. the faithful gives them an advantage, and the attacker a disadvantage (relative to the other two players). as i said in the beginning, unless your doing it to deliberately damage the targ player, players will opt to make the challenges in a direction that does not cost power. Or probably not make the challenge at all.
  10. All things equal, Id sooner challenge doran or euron before i challenge the faithful. just saiyan. (Euron is all around the better character though).
  11. First of all, i have no problem with a big/growing card pool & power creep. It is all relative, and the meta will evolve with it. other ccgs have played this way just fine, and judging from the way AGoT tech is being designed/released (see raiders, mill, etc going from not viable to viable within a few chapter packs), that is the intention with the LCG format. only recently am I seeing reasons to play summer encampment(dragon knight, blood rider), for it to be cycled out now, itd be a bit of a shame cause that tech had potential. If they started rotating, they would have to change the way they design cycles. right now a single tech can span over several cycles. Now id think theyd have to contain a whole tech within a cycle. something like maesters or brotherhood... or sandsnakes(but even they span over 2-3 cycles)... I think the card pool would be somewhat quirky with incomplete techs until all the current sets rotated out. And thats a loooong time; or at least i hope it would be... The barrier for entry IS something to look at though and at this rate its only going to get higher... Is it a problem? If we want a growing competetive scene, id say it is... I really wish there was another way to keep it low for those newer competitors. I really can't pick a side on this one...
  12. playgroundpsychotic said: so is Khaleesi's Faithful What? They pretty much guarantee that you wont get challenged unless they have stealth and/or they are doing it to deliberately cripple you. Their cost keeps them from being auto include but hardly a bad choice if you can afford them. Id never play more than 1 per deck though, limited response and all that. I had considered martell maesters using the pale steel link to play all 3 melee attachments, taste for blood, elaria, etc. maybe some day. If it weren't for moribund rules you could kneel maester of the sun when attacked, tin link relevant melee attachment, bronze link it to your hand, and pale steel it to the attacker... I guess it still works if your opponents are actively discarding them for you.
  13. Wrecking Ball said: The only problem I see here is that FFg is running events where the prize support involves something many would like to have an equal chance of winning. If some people do not have an equal access to the cards they need to win these games then how is that fair? You can ask the exact same thing of any CCG Ever. its not. The question here is, does that fall within FFG's vision of what they want their LCG's to be? I would hope not, but i hope for alot of things.
  14. I respect that they can do whatever they want, and never reprint these cycles... Looking at the shelves in our store, they have rows upon rows of the north & kings landing cycle. Obviously they havent sold as many as they thought they would, as the big buyers had already bought 3x of the original printing. ffg might be seeing the same thing, sales might not be as good as expected to warrant reprinting the rest... if they decide not to reprint... well, im not sure how that sits with their LCG vision. i would have to be in favor of rotating those cycles out, but i hope it does not become a habit...
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