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  1. Your opponent was incorrect. LOS blocking is not the same as being in an area of cover. Many types of terrain will provide soft or hard cover, but still allow LOS to be drawn. The only requirements of FUBAR are: Each player may deploy only one unit into any area of cover on the table. The unit must fit completely within the area of terrain. No other units (friend or foe) may be deployed into the same area of terrain as a unit that has already deployed.
  2. An Ipad works wonders for purposes of carrying all the PDF books, FAQs and other docs. Easier to carry and travel with than a laptop too!
  3. spoook said: I see alot of plasticville stuff on ebay, is it the right size? As ItsUncertainWho mentioned, as long as it is O scale or O gauge you are in good shape. I have several Plasticville O scale buildings that I picked up on the cheap that work pretty good for terrain. There's a Police Station, Hospital, Train Station, Bank, Airport Terminal w/Tower and Hangar that all work great and have a nice late 40's / early 50's vibe to them that works well with Dust. Keep checking on Ebay, particularly for bundles or lots of old used stuff. Sometimes you can pick them up in bulk for low cost if you don't mind doing a little cleanup and/or repair.
  4. Well that settles that. Thanks for emailing, blkdymnd!
  5. Yep, they are the same. The Aircraft damage table is different than Vehicle damage, but the two results occupy the same slot (1 hit) on the respective tables so it's not too difficult to track. If the counter is on a land vehicle, it's "Blinded" and if it's an aircraft it's "Fire Control Damage".
  6. IceCreep said: Yes, but the rules state that the WC have to be flying in order to use his fists agaist a flying aircraft. So, there is some limitations on the vertical range of those close combat weapons. Should we asume the same for ground targets while flying? Don't you think there's a little bit of a contradiction in the rules? Unfortunately, assumptions != rules. We cannot assume the game designers intended anything other than what we have in the book and supplements. While I may think the Karl Marx is overpriced and that Tesla weapons should have the Laser and Burst rules because they do in Tactics, the book does not say that. I can only go by what's there. Anything else is just my opinion. As pointed out, there is always the idea of the swooping attack where Winter Child is coming down long enough and just low enough to smack someone on the ground. Just because he has to fly to attack flying targets doesn't mean he has to land to attack ground targets, so no I really don't see the contradiction.
  7. Dakkon426 said: I don't think there is actually anything about this in the rules. There is actually a mention of this in the FAQ, though it's not specific to Winter Child. FAQ 1.4, page 4 column 2 third question: Q: Can a Close Co mbat Attack Action target units high above (or below) an attacking unit? A: Yes, in Dust Warfare ranges are measured horizontally to make accurate measurement easier. This means that the 3” range on attacks with Close Combat weapons technically has no vertical limit. The FAQ goes on to suggest that players MAY disallow what they deem unrealistic, and advise Tournament Organizers to rule on this matter before the event starts so no one is surprised. Rules as written and FAQ'd, yes he can.
  8. Mattador Actual said: Yeah, those KV-3s and Red Guard almost make me wanna build an SSU army. And I'd love the Laser-Jagds, but the thought of painting them is just really…uggh. I hear you on the Laser-Jagds. WIll likely have to pop them off the bases to paint them, but I like the ice crackle bases so I would do that anyway.
  9. Mike J said: Yea, now that I've re-read it closely, the entire unit has to take the action. Something else to add to the never ending list of things we played wrong in Dust. Seems we've played more things wrong than right. It's that way with any game. As long as you are both playing the same way, it's not like you are cheating or anything, you're just learning!
  10. Mike J said: You cannot field a platoon with 4 walkers if you field the Sturmprinz. You can with the Prinzluther… And thus, the "Zombie Clown Car" list is born.
  11. ItsUncertainWho said: I would have bet money the other way. You and me both, Uncertain. You and me both.
  12. Rule Question: The DW:Hades book introduced many 'Unit Upgrades' for armies. In that section it says a unit may purchase one upgrade. In the DW:Core Rulebook, the Allies Combat Ranger Squad and Axis Battle Grenadiers maybe be "upgraded" to replace guns with a second heavy weapon. Do these unit upgrades prevent the unit from then taking a DW:Hades 'Unit Upgrade'? Each Soldier unit in a force may purchase one unit upgrade. This includes the unit-specific unit upgrades available to the Combat Ranger Squad and the Battle Grenadiers. If a unit purchases a unit-specific unit upgrade, it cannot purchase an additional unit upgrade from CB: Hades, and vice versa. I hope this has answered your question. Happy Gaming! Zach Tewalthomas Assoc. Miniatures Games Producer Fantasy Flight Games ztewalthomas@fantasyflightgames.com
  13. It's unclear whether the "one upgrade" restriction in the Hades book extends beyond the list presented in Hades. While I can understand the Axis desire to limit the Allies to one M9D per squad, this will have to get an official ruling before anything gets put to bed. It could go either way. I will send Zach a request.
  14. When you get a big swirling furball of TIE and X-WIngs, it's really hard to get the ruler in there. One trick I've see in other games is to make a T shaped ruler, where the measuring part is the top of the T. Then you simply invert it and go straight down to the gap in question to measure. Think I'm going to go make one now!
  15. ItsUncertainWho said: Check the stat differences between Rosie and the Bot hunters. M9-D is 1/4 against all Vehicles. As Uncertain has pointed out, it's the stat line. That's enough, in my book. Join Rosie to a Bot Hunter squad w/upgrade and you get 3 1/4 shots… not too shabby. Little in the game is going to take that kind of beating and live.
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