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  1. Do you store your games vertically or horizontally? Would everything stay organized if stored vertically?
  2. No, it's a space station. The rules reference is very clear on this. Incorrect. "The Death Star and Death Star Under Construction are a type of ship known as a space station. They are not capital ships or structures." Rule Reference Page 6
  3. Who cares about additional planets or a larger board. The board size is balanced for duration so I can't see them adding another side unless used exclusively in a 4 player game. As for overlays or additional planets, why does anyone care about this? All these are are locations. What does it matter if it says Hoth or Jakku? What I'd like them to focus on in expansions would additional ships, heroes and abilities, additional missions and win conditions for both sides. Perhaps an additional board for new gameplay mechanics such as simple ground/space skirmish mechanics or resource management. Think outside the box folks. Additional planets are boring.
  4. Also, can it be used multiples times so long as you have satellite tokens?
  5. Can Mission Control be used to "recruit" a unit? Card reads: Place 1 [satellite token] here > Move 1 unit from its reserve from the board or from the board to its reserve. The recruitment pool is technically part of the board. So my guess is yes??
  6. So the rules read: Gold bordered skill icons are SPECIALIZED. If a soldier is assigned to a specialized skill icon and has a matching specialized skill icon on its reserve card, the Squad Lear rolls one additional XCOM dice during the resolution of the task. My question, do I just add one dice no matter what to the resolution, or do I add one dice per specialized matching skill? For example: I'm resolving Sectoid Commander which has a Positioning, Critical, and Teamwork icons on it. I have a Sniper, a Support, and an Assault assigned to this. Do I roll 4 dice? (3 per trooper + 1 for having a specialized icon) Or do I roll 6 dice ? (3 per trooper + 1 additional dice per matched specialized icon)
  7. 45º Would cause it to take up half squares... that's... that's just dumb.
  8. Two? It takes one to rotate large figures. Did I miss another rule again? Stupid compendium 1 point to rotate 90º. Another point to rotate another 90º. Making it 180º to look behind itself (if facing mattered). But since it doesn't, you can rotate the figure 180º for free, just so that thematically it's not shooting a guy out of it's ass.
  9. So, maybe I'm missing this somewhere in the rules, but does facing not matter for large figures? I.e. the E-Web engineer is clearly facing a particular direction All I can find is rules about Line of sight. Which would seem to me indicate that it doesn't actually matter which direction the deployable gun is actually pointing. Which feels a little... cheap that it can fire directly behind itself. Any help/clarification would be appreciated.
  10. I don't think this is a typical card game. It doesn't sound anything like the games you've mentioned. If anything it sounds more like a board game... just that you play it with cards and no board. My reaction was the same as yours at first, but after reading the article, it sounds quite different.
  11. Dang, I was about to tell you to go here where I picked mine up: http://www.meeplemart.com/search?x=0&y=0&q=battlemat But apparently they don't ship that item. :S
  12. I've never played the LOTR lcg before, however I'm curious about it since a few people I know have talked about it. As for Star Wars, I've played once a 401 with a few people from here, however it seems most of the organization is going on through the facebook group. I've also played a few times with a friend of mine at the Ryerson Hub Cafeteria. I usually prefer it there this time of year since it's not freezing cold in the basement and significantly less noisy.
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