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  1. Original post http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/644017/reinforcement-variant
  2. SCRAMBLER (Thanks to Jack Reda for suggesting that this rule variant could in fact be an alien. It works well as an alien). (Big thanks to Bill Martinson for tidying and tightening up the wording, and putting it into CE speak). You have the power to Mobilize. As an ally, after encounter cards are revealed, you may use this power to increase your ships in the encounter. You may bring additional ships from any of your home colonies, subject to the normal limit for an ally (usually 4), and/or you may bring any number of additional ships from your colonies in the same system as the targeted planet, even exceeding that limit. Ally Only – Optional – Reveal Wild: If you are not a main player or ally, after encounter cards are revealed, you may ally with the defense even if you were not invited. Not Main Player or Ally – Reveal Super: When using your power, you may add any number of additional ships from your colonies in the home systems of the offense and defense. Ally Only – Reveal
  3. Kill Hermit/Pride (use of die is too radical). So that leaves us with UNDERDOG, SQUABBLER, MATHEMATICIAN (add, subract, multiply).
  4. Edit to Mathematicican - for those who don't like "divide" - leave it out (or as a variant) - it could be problematic and confusing. So, that reduces Mathematician to "add", "subtract", "multiply". All of those are fairly simple operations.
  5. MATHEMATICIAN. During the Planning phase the Mathematician may use his/her power by calling one of "add", subtract", "mutiply", "divide". For example, if Mathematician calls "add" then the digits on the encounter cards are added (e.g. 09 = 0+ 9 = 9. 12 = 1 + 2 = 3 etc.). If "subtract" then 40 becomes 4 - 0 = 4. 11 becomes 1 - 1 = 0 etc. If "multiply" then 06 becomes 0 x 6 = 0. 23 becomes 2 x 3 = 6 etc. If "divide" (round up), 23 becomes 2 / 3 = 1 (after round up), 0 / 9 = 0, 4 / 0 = negotiate, 1 / 0 = negotiate. (Alterntive rule is that diveide by 0 becomes infinity in which case if both encounter cards result in infinity then defender wins becaus of same result irrespective of number of ships because any operation on infinity is still infinity). This power applies to both main players' encounter cards.
  6. HERMIT (or PRIDE) - not sure on name You have the power of one. Use at reveal stage. If you have not invited allies, roll a die and add the value to your attack total. If you HAVE invited allies, subtract the die roll from your attack total. (Yes this introduces a new device called a die into the game - radical).
  7. I voted Laser. It's simple and fun - just like me!
  8. UNDERDOG The UNDERDOG adds the total number of foreign colonies (other than their own) to their attack total BUT only for aliens that have more foreign colonies than the UNDERDOG. For example, take aliens A, B, C, U (underdog). A has 1 foreign colon...y, B has 3 foreign colonies, C has 4 foreign colonies, U has 2 foreign colonies. Hence, U could add 7 (B + C) to his/her attack total. SQUABBLER The SQUABBLER. If invited to ally - if both players negotiate then the SQUABBLER may use his/her power to quash the deal. If only one player negotiates and the SQUABBLER has allied with them, the SQUABBLER may use his/her power to cancel the negotiating players compensation.
  9. I got a good response on another forum. Basically from the time allies are invited until the end of the Alliance phase. Works for me!
  10. Seren said: Maybe they just haven't discovered zero in that part of the galaxy yet. Good point. We shouldn't rule it out the possibility.
  11. The alien power reads "after allies are invited" but should it read "after alliances are declared"?
  12. Make a list of all players and their corresponding number of ships in the warp. That should do it. If they have done grade 1 math they should recognise that 0 is less than 1. You cannot explain things to fools using logic. Hmmm... i wonder if you were playing a Lunatic, Loser and Grudge. (just kidding). Sounds like they were not only hand managing, but player managing!
  13. From the official FAQ: Q: Are the terms of a deal EXPLICITLY RESTRICTED to one or more of the following categories: * granting a single colony on a planet you already occupy * giving cards from your hand *specialized use of your power where indicated (such as Zombie's regeneration) A: No, but either colonies or cards must change hands. Anything else you choose to negotiate with is up to you. Any other terms you set are not enforced (i.e. if you agree not to ally against each other, either of you may break that portion of the deal.)
  14. Are ALL flares shuffled into the card deck no matter how many people play? There are a lot of flares and I am not sure if all of them should be included in the deck. Thanks for any info.
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