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  1. Had my first game tonight, really like the rules so far, just a few questions… Do units get locked in combat? Can units shoot into combat? When a unit has more suppression counters than models, does it make an immediate out of turn retreat? Is it right that infantry making a march move can move 12" through walls etc?
  2. having just played my first game of DW today, we were doing it wrong for the first few turns. plays much better when you get the rules right.
  3. Mattador Actual said: Cool! now I want one but I wonder what the price will be not for primium but standard Miniature Market has the Horton for $20 ($30msrp), so probably the same. I want one as well, a nice model. Of course UK prices are way higher than US prices. I don't know how Miniature Market do their prices with such a heavy discount. Shame the shipping to the UK is expensive.
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