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  1. Thanks, Kartigan. Still pondering, so I'm still open to suggestions.
  2. My reading of the rules is that you can heal as many wounds per turn as you want, provided you have the gold (one gold per wound).
  3. Thanks for the input, Tony. Much appreciated. I'm going to ponder for a while about whether to purchase Essential or piece together my own collection.
  4. Thanks, that's very helpful. I see that your second choice, Cataclysm, is included in the Runebound Essential collection. Would you recommend that?
  5. I'm hoping to gather input from forum members on the Runebound Adventure Variant packs. Does anyone have a recommendation for which ones are best, or which is a good one to start with?
  6. It has arrived! I'll report back after I've played. Thanks to all who weighed in on my question.
  7. After weighing the evidence, I decided to go with Runebound. Just purchased it today. Thanks again.
  8. Dam/Steve-O, this is all immensely helpful. Thank you.
  9. In my quest for a new fantasy-themed board game, I've looked into Runebound, Descent, Talisman, and DungeonQuest. Runebound seems like the likely choice for me at this point, but I'd like to hear other opinions. Why should I buy Runebound? Or why should I buy one of the other three instead?
  10. Grimm seems like no other RPG I've encountered before. I'm curious: what do all of you feel are the best aspects of this particular game?
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