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  1. I was reading thru the rule book and found an error. I'm not sure which rule is actually correct but, on Page 9 under the Search section, it says that if you search and find equipment, you place it face up. On the following page, Page 10, in the example it says when a crowbar is revealed you show everyone and place it face down in front of you. I am not sure which is actually correct. If anyone knows it would be great to find out. Thanks.
  2. Sebly said: Must be embarrassing to be that monster then Could be a cute cuddly rabbit ala Holy Grail...killer bunny.
  3. Yes we knew about those rolls for fire. Thank goodness I printed out the errata as well. We did the scenario with the flaming zombie and, all had a good laugh that if they hit him, he could end up burning to death but, wasn't effected if the fire was on him.
  4. We have played the game once and, have a non-wire puzzle issue. In a room that was dark, with a maniac, the investigators attempted to go into a room with a locked door. They simply evaded the monster and attempted the move to go into the room. There was a lock puzzle with the dials in which you have to match colors, three aside, to finish the lock. The point of contention is that there is no rule to the ability to solve a lock puzzle in the dark as the penalties are for combat actions and, any action costs one additional movement. How can they solve a "color-based" lock puzzle in the dark? This seems to make the point of having the lantern to be negligible. Why is there no penalty to solving a puzzle/lock in darkness? They decided the maniac caused so little damage if they failed to evade that it was worth taking a single hit point to try to solve the lock and just ignore the monster. They did the same with fire, simply rolling to move through a room with fire making the extinguisher pointless. Any help on the darkness/lock thing would be great. As an aside, if there is an expansion, update at some point, the power outage puzzle would have been a little more interesting if, they found that the lights didn't work and had to go find the fuse box in another location to bring the lights back on. Would solve the puzzle issue there as well in which you have to make a connection of colored wires in a dark room...just thematics but, makes more sense then solving puzzles in the dark.
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