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  1. I'd be interested in playing, but beforehand, I'd like to know whajavascript:f_valida_respuesta();t program/site you'd be using to play this, because this would be my first trip into online DH Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey everyone, I've just found death angel recently, and I like the idea of it, can you guys tell me some basic stuff about it so I can understand what it's about, what you do in it, that sort of stuff. Thanks in advance.
  3. What is the feat of strength secondary advantage normally used for? The description doesn't really mak it too clear… Would it help improve my initiative with my enourmous size two-handed sword?
  4. Thanks, everyone, this has been really helpful. I'll post anymore questions I have here. Thank you.
  5. This has been real helpful, thanks guys. I think I'll buy a level of the regeneration advantage. Just wondering. How would a WM normally be built? (Like how would you build one?)
  6. Thanks guys this is really helpful, I think I'll just go with the immunity over the resistance. After that I have 1cp left, is psychic immunity any good? I don't quite get what it does…
  7. Hey everyone, I'm new to Anima, and I'm trying to build a character for an upcoming campaign. The character I am making is a weapon master, but in his backstory he is heavily resistant to magic for some reason, so I am going to be giving him either the supernatural immunity advantage (GM's handbook), or the Exeptional magic resistance advantage (Core rulebook). I would like to know the difference between the two, but I don't quite understand them, and I would like to know what either of them are better for. Thanks in advance.
  8. So My little group of 5 PC's have just gotten onto this landing pad, situated hundreds of meters in the air, and they see the guy who corrupted this hive on the other side of the pad, who sees them, and instantly ducks into cover. Failing all their shots at him, the team decides to rush him, quickly running towards them, each followed by a single enforcer that were called as reinforcements. As the party closes in on the corrupter, the enforcers turn on the acolytes, as they were in the corrupters pay. Chaos ensures, everyone pairing off to fight one another, except for my scum wielding a knife bound with a nurgle daemon, who decides it would be a great idea to also attack the corrupter, as well as the guy already fighting him, so he charges to corrupter, who quickly grabs the scum, and proceeds to beat him to minimal health, and throw him off the landing pad, as he is right next to the edge. The scum burns a fate point to survive, and lands on a passing valkyrie a few meters down. The fight meanwhile is still going on above and my guardsman has had enough of not killing things with his autogun, so he whips out his suspicious looking rifle, aims it, and looses a shot at the leader of the enforcers, who previously to then had been ripping him apart with his custom autogun. The gun flashes, and a bolt of lightning flashes through the enforcer, disintigrating him. This is where the fight takes a turn for the worse. The guardsman now takes a willpower test, fails it, and is possessed by the tzeentch daemon inhabiting the gun. The daemon, not wanting the party to achieve its goal of capturing the corrupter for questioning, turns to the corrupter, and shoots him with the lightning gun, before going back into the gun, leaving the guardsman unconcious. The scum (not the nurgle knife wielding one, a different, God-emperor loving one) fighting about 10 meters away from him is fighting a hulk of a guy, and due to his lack of damage done with his laspistol, he throws his mono-axe at him, and proceeds to roll a 100 to hit, scatter dice rolled due to my liking of natural 100's being really bad, and the axe lands dead on in the chest of the unconcious guardsman, who is 10 meters behind the scum. After stabbing the hulk of a guy to death with a knife like a sociopath, the scum goes to retrieve his axe, and remembering what he saw the guardsman do with the gun, realizes that this is an unholy weapon, so he proceeds to kill the guardsman for wielding it, or he would have if the guardsman didn't have fate left, who burns it. The guardsman wakes up in a valkyrie, tied up, just as it's rear doors are closing as it lifts off from the landing pad, and in the few seconds he has left, he slips his bonds, overloads the lightning gun, and jumps out of the valkyrie onto the landing pad meters away, and the last thing he sees before the gun explodes, downing the valkyrie, but not destroying it, is the scum who did this to him, standing at the rear entrance of the valkyrie, screaming 'I will find you and kill you.' The guardsman proceeds to join up with the big bad end game boss so he can take revenge on the scum. All in all a good boss fight.
  9. Unless you're not doing grey knights fluff-wise, I suggest not incorperating them, as they do like to kill allies that see them (Or mind wipe if they're important people), as they are a secret organisation. If you have a decent reason as to why the grey knights wouldn't kill them go right ahead though. You could even use grey knights to add horror to the game, having this 9 feet guy come around the corner to kill the beserker the party has been shooting at for a couple of rounds and doing no damage in a single hit from his sword, before turning and raising his storm bolter towards the party and charging would terrify most acolytes, especially if they thought he was on their side.
  10. What Imperial Guard vehicles are there? Please say bikes :3
  11. This is completely brilliant! I am loving it so far, and it's giving me tons of ideas for my own campaign. Please continue!
  12. I've got the book, and I'm looking forward to my players being able to level up and use this so I have a few questions: 1. Why does no one seem to like it? 2. What is considered over powered, and why? (And don't just say everything) 3. What things could be used to fight a party of this caliber? 4. How would I make it work? Thanks in advance.
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