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  1. MadRabbi666

    Dear FFG

    Dear FFG, Thank you for reprinting the Yula single figure pack for Tannhauser. I just got into it last year, and couldn't find her any where. I thought she was discontinued due to a copyright infringement in regards to her weapon, Krueger, which is similar to the character Freddy Krueger of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise. But I guess enough fans sent you emails in regards of ever releaseing Yula. Once she's out, I'll be just about caught up with the figure packs except for the Matriarchy troop pack. That and the Shogunate expansion. again, thank you for rereleasing the Yula single figure pack. Tannhauser, along with the arkham Horror series (including Mansion of Madness), are my favorites Keep up the excellent work.
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew when the re-release of Dunwich Horror expansion (reprint) is coming out? I ordered it on Amazaon, was suppose to get it in early June, and wasn't notified that it was a reprint. So if anyone can let me know in regards of its release I would really appreciate it, because I'm getting no notification of its release unless it's straight from Amazon.
  3. Thanks. I figured as much, plus I have the revised rules when I bought the core set. Though I am looking forward to the Shogunate figures as well.
  4. Just recently got into Arkham Horror, I'm curious to know what are going to be the upcoming products for Arkham Horror after Miskatonic Horror., It's an excellent game, unique and tons of replay value. Besides some of your games, I am also involved with Flying Frog Productions' board games, such as Last Night On Earth, A Touch Of Evil and Invasion From Outer Space for the same reason. Though they are quite high in price, their uniqueness surpasses the cost of the product itself. Arkham Horror is my all time favorite because victory is almost impossible especially going after some of the Ancient Ones (except for Azathoth for he ends the game wining.)> Tannhauser and City of Thieves are also excellent, but I can't wait to see what The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus. I'm hoping it's as good as its predecessor The Adventurers: The Temple of Tlaoc (which was from another company). Keep up the excellent work, and hoping to see much more in the years to come.
  5. At one time, I thought I was going to get a Yula single figure pack. However once the problem I was having was all sorted out, I was told it was sold out. I was wondering if they were going to re- release her for those who never got the chance to get her in the first place. By the way, I love the idea of adding the Shogunate to the mix. Now you've got four groups to choose from: The Union, The Matriarchy, The Reich and now The Shogunate. What's next for another faction to be added to this game?
  6. I have found three Dunwich Horror expansions on Amazon, but you aren't going to like the prices. Check out the upcoming products because I believe they're going to revised Dunwich Horror for the upcoming Miskatonic Horror expansion. I manage to get TKiY expansion for almost double the regular price. If you're willing to pay one of the three prices, go right ahead. However, I believe one of the prices is almost $250 for a brand new DH. I am looking forward to the newest one. As for the painted figures, Amazon has them as well. a complete set is also about $250. Have fun purchasing them.
  7. Thanks for answering my question, hopefully. I'm just starting so I don't have DH but I'm waiting for the reprint and I found TKiY on Amazon, so I ordered it. I use to play the Chaosium RPG version of Call of Chtulhu, but there was so much stuff for it that it was difficult to find. The board game versions make it much more simple and enjoyable.
  8. Correction on that last post. The person who was going to sell it to me just sent me an e-mail telling me it was sold-out and that I'll get a full refund. That made me very upset, because I was looking forward to that figure. Now I'll never find a Yula single figure package, since it's out of stock. I hate it when that happens!!!
  9. I am new to Arkham Horror, and I've got just about all the expansions except for Dunwich Horror, Curse of the Dark Pharoah and The King in Yellow. Besides CotDP, are the other two expansions going to be revised? If not, where could I find them besides Amazon? I found TKiY expansion for almost doubled the regular price, but couldn't find DH. I would really like to complete all the expansions for I think it's one of the best, if not the best, board games I've ever invested into, besides Tannhauser.
  10. That's right. I found only one of the Yula single figure package on Amazon.com and paid a bundle, almost $90 for a new one. You see, I'm just getting into some of these games. But the reason I figured that Yula is so hard to find, as well as expensive is because of her special weapon. The blade glove known as Kruger. Where else has anyone heard that name before....huh? "A Nightmare on Elm Street." Therefore people, such as yourselves, were going crazy for them before New Line Pictures went after Fantasy Flight Games with a whopping lawsuit for copyright infringement. After all, Freddy Kruger has been around a hell of a lot longer than Tannhauser. So I am thankful that I've found one, because next to Eva, Yula kicks butt.
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