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  1. Thank you rugal, I appreciate the help. John
  2. Can the potions be carried over to other quests of the campaign or are they only allowed on the quest you find them? My players wanted to know. Thanks! John
  3. "Crusade of the Forgotten Hero Pack," as Suneisha suggested, has an all female party and three creatures to add to the base game. Happy gaming!
  4. I tried to make picture larger, but having trouble. I've used photo and paint, but not having success. I hope you can tell a little what my painted figures look like. I will probably have better success, with individual pictures. John Brown If you want a better view of these, you can go to boardgamegeek.com, and look at them there.
  5. I thought about it. I'm not very good with pictures or computers, and last night tried to figure how to reduce the picture size, because I noticed there is maximum size you can post. If I can figure out the photo dilemma, I will probably post my pictures. I'm just not very good, when it comes to technology. P.S. I'm not sure how I figured out boardgamegeek's photo shop, but some how I did. That is only reason why I was going to post them there, because I knew how to do it on their website.
  6. My friends say, for a beginner, they look great. I might post them at boardgamegeek, at some point.
  7. Really enjoy your videos. I've painted some of my minis, but I'm not at your level, but I'm proud at what I have accomplished. I've painted my base set, Lair of the Wyrm, Oath of Outcast and almost finished Crown of Destiny. Are you going to do more videos on Descent?
  8. Awesome, thank for this. I start my campaign as overlord tomorrow. This helps tremendously. Thanks again! John
  9. Where do you escort the clergy? I'm not understanding it. As far as I know, the character with the acolyte, just remains there, adjacent to each clergy to gain a maximum of 100 gold for the quest. I know it isn't a winning condition, but is this all you do, while the other three characters, fight off the monsters? Thanks for any replies! John
  10. I'm fairly new to the second edition, myself, but I think I can answer your questions. If you don't have the first edition of this game, then Hero Packs are great, because you get more monsters and heroes to use in the second edition. I think a couple of these hero packs, have actually got new monsters and heroes, that were not in the first edition. Lieutenant packs are awesome, because you can replace the card board bosses with a figure and get cards for the overlord to use, however they are very expensive, but worth it to me, when you see the figures. I hopes this helps you! John
  11. Ok, thanks. I figured that is how it works. Thanks Sadgit! John
  12. Hi, I'm fairly new this game, and had a question. Can a team of characters, and all of their equipment and experience be used from one campaign to another? If not, is it because they would be too powerful, in playing, in the new campaign. Should you, always start a campaign, with new characters? Thanks! John
  13. Thanks Dragon, I would never thought it would be under catalog, but what do I know.
  14. gran_orco said: Yes to first question, and... ZAR THE BARBARIAN said: Also, where do you go to obtain the FAQ and custom material everyone makes for the community? Where do get free quests from Fantasy Flights to print out? These would be nice. Here I went to the link you gave me, but how did you get to it normally? I've gone through every place that you can click and can't find it anywhere without using the link you gave me. It would be nice for future reference to know where to click to obtain this information. thanks again for your help. If someone else can answer this question, thats ok too.
  15. Is it wise to gather potions and money while you can before you battle creatures in the room? I played my first game last night and somehow my heroes were getting hammered and I was blocked off from reaching these items. I was so low on health that I ran to town, but my group wound up dying when I re-entered the dungeon.
  16. Also, where do you go to obtain the FAQ and custom material everyone makes for the community? Where do get free quests from Fantasy Flights to print out? These would be nice.
  17. Does this cover everything from the basic game to the present?
  18. If your fighting and have no healing potions or money is it wise to grab it while you can before you go to town so that you do have money to spend. I played my first game last night. After I made my first attack, I was not in position to grab the potions and money due to bad rolling and being cornered where I couldn't reach anything. The overlord also was killing me with good card playing. This game is tough, and I'm always having to go to the rulebook every other minute or come on here.You guys are great. Thanks for your help. I know I'm probably driving you nuts, but there is a lot to remember and study in this game.
  19. 1) I assuming you can't spend fatigue on health, unless you have a special ability or skill or a potion. Is this right? 2) If a skeleton archer is adjacent to a hero, he can't close combat. Right? So assume he justs moves then attacks. Is this correct? 3) Staying in town or in one area is risky. Right? If a hero or two is killed, is it better to leave the rest of the party in the dungeon so the overlord can't respond as many creatures or is it better for them to stay in town together? 4) If you have no money, there is no need to stay in town is there? 5) Can the hero that activates a glyph go into town or do they have to wait next turn when the others have already entered town because of him activating the glyph for them? Thanks for replys
  20. Appreciate James, I wasn't quite sure i you could use a mage type weapon using a fighting skill card. I figured it had to be a wizad skill card. That's great to know. Thanks again!
  21. Lets say I have red scorpion who is carrying a mage staff, can she use her fighting skill card "knight" to get the extra attack when she declares a battle action. The card states, "When you declare a Battle action, you may immediately spend 2 fatigue to gain movement points equal to half your speed (round up) and may make 3 attacks instead of 2 this turn." Any replies would be welcomed! Thanks!
  22. I hope not because when I invest in a game, I'm a completist. I guess I better start hunting for it. Thanks again for the help.
  23. Appreciate the reply, I will. I heard the road to legend is hard to get. Is this true?
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