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  1. Fotonurth

    Deadland: Doomtown LCG PLEASE

    Necro-Post. Just a thought. They revived Netrunner quiet beautifully. I could totally see them introducing some of the themes like identity and balance. Also people having access to the jokers instead of having to pull them would be nice. There's also been a cult revival on this game, like there was on netrunner a few years back. I just wish I knew where my stuff was. I tried to snag some at GenCon, boxes were the full 90, and starter decks were hard to find.
  2. I think they should be called "Patches" and the back should read like patch notes. Have the first cycle have packs v1.1-1.6 and the second have v2.1-2.6. Have deluxe expansions be called "System Upgrades". I also think they should expand upon current gameplay mechanics and not introduce any new ones for a cycle or two, but give us identities so that we can try new things. Bioroid runners would be so cooool.
  3. I played in it. I'm new to Netrunner, so I was still picking things up. I went 1-3 but refused to drop. I learned a lot and have been aching to play more since. I ran Noise/ Weyland. I really enjoy Noise's ability to wreck R&D. I can't stop deck building. I saw a ton of Shaper. I had no idea Kate was so good. Same with HB. Looking forward to the articles discussing top decks.
  4. Fotonurth

    Mid-Late September

    pastah_rhymez said: HEAR ME ROAR!! D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  5. Fotonurth

    What is Netrunner like to play?

    I've noticed that some people I've taught./played with IT experience really caught onto corporation gameplay quickly. Which I find very interesting. As for the game itself, I adore it. It's a challenge to play and a challenge to build for.
  6. Once. Wasn't even tagged. He tagged me for his first action, then hit me with two scorched earth. I was sitting on 4 cards in my hand when it happened. I was a little irritated. Mainly cuz my Weyland didn't even have the card. >.<
  7. Fotonurth

    Domain Drain Episode 3- Halloween Special

    Hellfury said: Fotonurth said: http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/podcasts/_/call-of-cthulhu-podcasts/domain-drain-episode-3-halloween-special-r53 Hyperlinked for the lazy Thanks. I was half asleep when I posted this totally thought it was hyperlinked.
  8. Kennon has prepared a little treat for our listeners. A reading of two of his favorite short stories. The Terrible Old Man and From Beyond Get into the spirit of the best holiday ever, with these grim and morbid delights as only Kennon could read them.... Erotically. (not really) http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/podcasts/_/call-of-cthulhu-podcasts/domain-drain-episode-3-halloween-special-r53
  9. Fotonurth

    Domain Drain Episode 2- Plowing Old Ones

    We got an email from Damon, clarifying a bunch of stuff, hopefully we record it before the next FAQ, though I doubt we'll be able to.
  10. Fotonurth

    Domain Drain Episode 2- Plowing Old Ones

    Thanks for the feed back. That makes me insanely happy with Kopesh. We're actually talking about a special Halloween episode. And it's good to know what you wanna hear. It gives us more ideas for content to make the show better for the community. Keep it comin!
  11. Fotonurth

    Domain Drain Episode 2- Plowing Old Ones

    The rules misunderstandings are usually because, I am still relatively new and inexperienced with Cthulhu, so I'm still learning the rules and misunderstanding the cards. And some of em we kinda hope the listeners have some clarifications to help us out. Community involvement is a big deal for both of us, so feel free to send stuff our way. If you have questions you think we should discuss, rulings, combos you love, interesting tournament results, anything related at all send it to us. I'm glad you're still enjoying it. Just hope some of our banter isn't a little /too/ inappropriate. ;D
  12. Back by popular demand. DOMAIN DRAIN! Here's episode 2, it's been a long time coming guys. We talk the Shifting Sands, new Stories, Kennon's willingness to abuse things, new cards, and have a couple of random guests drop by, with the rest of 2 champs and a chump dropping by mid podcast. Hope you enjoy! javascript:void(0);/*1318197188611*/
  13. Fotonurth

    Domain Drain Episode 1 - Introductions

    Rendering it now, I still need to get with Kennon on Uploading it. Episode 2: Plowing Old Ones, clocks in at 1 hour 18 miutes!
  14. Fotonurth

    Domain Drain Episode 1 - Introductions

    Episode 2 is incoming. Kennon dropboxed the files to me so I could get them edited, please bear with me though, as this is a bit of a hectic weekend. My goal is Sunday evening at the latest.
  15. Fotonurth

    Domain Drain Episode 1 - Introductions

    Kennon has been exceptionally busy from what I understand. I'm a full time student, and my fall break is coming up in a couple a days so I figure I'll see if I can get it done then. Thankfully after midterms things will settle down for me and I'll take up editing duties until Kennon's busy load settles.