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  1. You're right. A cost of three is too high... 2 is better... but I feel like its a bit overpowered for a cost of 2.. no ?
  2. If I use a Jade acolyte to 'transform'' a dev. into a unit and the unit is destroyed. Will it triggers the Garden of Morr ability ? Indeed, the question is : When the dev. is considered to have lost his unit status ? When it leaves play ? When it enter discard pile ? As soon as destroyed ? Thx for any answer.
  3. 1 - Redirected damage is assigned/applied to his target(s) and it will not goes on to the capital if it bypass the HP. However, you can redirect the damage directly to a capital if the card specifically say so. (Like Defend the border). 2 - Yes, the cost can be reduced to zero. Cards that have a limitation (like the Orc tactic ''We'z Bigga'') specify the minimum cost if applicable. 3- Developements that are put into play through a card effect do not count for the developement you can play from your hand during your turn. Hope this help.
  4. @Entropy42 How to make something so simple so complex... LOL . My algebra concepts are 20 years behind me !!! (Its a miracle I still understand them) In clear terms : 1 Bloodletter = 2 X damage 2 Bloodletter = 3 X damage 3 Bloodletter = 4 X damage
  5. Wow !! You 've done an incredible job with photoshop. I really like it !
  6. Feel free to share any cards ideas you may have. Maybe some will reach the ears of the designers (after all a GOOD idea is a GOOD idea no ?). Judge by yourself, but try to not overpower them for their cost/loyalty. Think of their possible loops (and break them) and try to be as precise as possible in the description - If possible use the technical language of the game and the form I used to present your ideas (see below). Try to ''create'' cards that do not ruins the play of the adversaries or leave them totally defenseless. Thx Of course like all players I have a few ideas myself and here is one : NAME : Standard of Sigmar COST : 3 TYPE : Support TRAITS : Banner POWER ICONS/HIT POINTS : 1/NA DESCRIPTION : Order only (The banner of Sigmar provides two empire loyalty symbols.) PERSONAL COMMENTS : Of course, one for each faction should be available. This Banner tough not overpowered (I think) would give a chance to legends to appear in more competitive decks I guess.
  7. Doc9 said: they are referred to as SPITES In the Warhammer tabletop game. It's a term Games Workshop has used for a long time. Ahhhh !! That makes quite a difference... still, the translator was a bad one.
  8. In his first years, MTG was a very innovative and interesting game (and a affordable one). But today the game is nothing but a shadow of himself. I quit MTG after the indestructible power got out. The designers were out of breath for the game and they chose to create stupid cards with stupids powers (this began with Urza's Saga). I was more a casual player than a competitive one (I liked thematic decks like Gobbos, Elves, Undeads...) and I really disliked competitive play (the same is true with WHI). I was tired of seeing those kids playing with the same type 2 deck because it was the last year championship world winner. The price of cards began to be ridiculous too... 1000$ for a piece of cardboard (**** I could have an LCD screen for this price !!!)... the re-seller saw that fanatics were vulnerable and they exploited it to the end. 50$ for a dual land !!! This is an uncommon dude !!! 5$ for a rancor !!! Its a f...k.ng common !!! But when its time to sell your cards they dont want to pay more than 20% of their value (if you're lucky). The pro-value of cards is a big joke. I heard that WOTC created a new rarity (super rare)... another trick to sell more boosters than ever. I always disliked this company and their vision of marketing (they totally ruined what was D&D with the 4th edition) just because they wanted to expand games to new players they just put aside what have made those games run for many years. WOTC and re-sellers are vampires craving for your cash and this disgust me. But it seems I'm alone to think that as more and more players buy their products. It's my opinion. Just an opinion. Play it if you like it but be careful not to get caught in their ''money-maker'' attitude.
  9. WOW !!, I really Like the idea. But cutting off the hammers in the kingdom zone hamper too much (adding one boost too much). I foresee a capital with just 6HP/zone but three loyalty symbols for each Faction...(this would give a chance to legends !!!) An Order or Destruction capital with a symbol of each allied factions but with 6HP/zone. A Lizardmen capital that reduce the cost of the first lizardmen unit you play each turn by one but have no loyalty symbol. An Undead one on on which you have to dump the first card of you deck in the discard at each of you quest phase but no loyalty symbol. A Skaven one that boost +1 dmg for each of you attacking units but without loyalty symbol. A Wood elf one that begins the game with a developpement in each zone but no loyalty symbol. A bretonnian one that reduce the quest cost to 0 but without loyalty symbol. (but there are not much bretonnians yet). I think Fantasy flight should check the possibility of creating officials (balanced) one (and accept them for tournament). That would expand the possibilities. Its sad I'm not a talented ''photoshopper'' . I'd create those myself and share them to the community. I wonder if a good fellow would do it for us !!!???
  10. Budmilka_fr said: The french card says "Farfadets protecteurs", so it is "sprites". I don't think the mistake comes from the english version. French guys wouldn't know there is a mistake, and translate it the other way. But we'll see... There is a typo for sure here. Indeed spite in french means ''rancune'' and this doesn't fit well with the wood elves thematic. This HUGE mistake makes me think that Fantasy Flight should really ''Whip to death'' their quality control management team. But they are not alone to be guilty. If the cards are first made in english then translated (I' pretty sure its the case) then the english/french translator should have a meeting with his boss because the translation is clearly not accurate. Here is the english text : Protective sp®ites ''Attach to target unit you control. This card enter play with three resources counters on it. If attached unit is dealt damage, remove a resource token from this card instead'' A literal translation should be : Farfadets protecteurs ''Attachez à une unité ciblée que vous contrôlez. Cette carte entre en jeu avec trois pions ressources dessus. Si l'unité attachée reçoit des dégâts, retirez un pion ressource de cette carte à la place'' That kind of mistake makes me worry about the quality of the translators. They probably barely play the game and do not understand fully the mechanics ,the concepts and its timing structure. Good players need only to read the card a few times to detect its combos, mistakes, flaws and possible loops. For the typo, I think that there are people who didn't take their job seriously. Designers, Beta-testers and quality controllers should have seen it and at least ONE of them should have done something about it... Fantasy Flight is a big business and when you only edit 20 cards each month you should check them before sending them to the printers. Still, the game is young and the design/testing/quality control budget is probably rather low but I guess we can hopes for better as the game progress if the sales are good. MTG also had his problems in the firsts years but through years the game got a lot of improvement until WOTC ran out of ideas and created stupids cards with stupids powers (Indestructible is the reason why I sold all my MTG cards)...lets hope Warhammer Invasion will never get to this point.
  11. I've gone through the rulebook without finding any answers so I humbly ask here. Thx for any answers. Q1 : Does the Savage ability stacks with itself like toughness ( EX : I give Savage 2 to a unit with Savage 1 does it make it Savage 3 )? Q2 : Does the Savage ability triggers even if the unit is destroyed ( from now on I supposed that yes or else Lizardmen really are the poor children of WI)? Thx.
  12. Can you play Plague Bomb if you have only one target in play ? Causing him one Damage (the 2 other effects are ''fizzled'' without any target)? For sure, if there are valid targets, you MUST apply each effect (even on your own units)... but if there are no other (?). Thx for any answer.
  13. A unit have Effulgent boils on it. What happens if Blessing of Isha is put on it ? What about the reverse - Placing Effulgent boils on a unit with Blessing of Isha ? Thx for any answers.
  14. Simple question : When you activate a damaging action that cause a certain amount of damage, can you stack them together ? Ex : If I activate 5 times Savage Boyz to cause five damage to my unit will it be 5 x 1 damage or 1 x 5 damage? It changes something about Toughness, that's why I'm asking this. Thx for any answer.
  15. Personnally, I'd say NO. By sending back the Scout to your hand it leaves play and did not ''survive'' (it somewhat ''fled'' but I dont thing the game makes that kind of difference). I think that ''surviving'' suppose the unit stays in play.
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