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  1. He thinks you're all morons and thus your opinion is invalid. Heh.
  2. No, once Killing Strike has been used the attack can't be evaded.
  3. Almost every RPG has a serious flaw, but that isn't important. The important part is that most RPGs don't have 40k content.
  4. Like it was said before, a Melta Bomb is a magnetic weapon. All you need to do is slap it onto a metal surface and arm it. It will stay there until someone removes it. I suppose if you wanted to attach it to a non-metallic surface you would need to find another way to make it adhere.
  5. The Aptitudes system has some cool upsides, but with those cool upsides you get some really irritating stuff. Like the fact that deciding what advancement you want to buy and how much it will actually cost you involved a ton of page flipping. There is no synopsis on the various talents in the part of the book that lists XP costs. So unless you have memorized what every talent does, you will have to flip through the pages to find that talent, then flip back to find out how much that talent will cost you, then probably flip back to compare one talent to another. It takes forever and its a huge pain. This has less to do with skills and more to do with talents though. I assume he was referring to the whole advancement system. Did I mention that you have a ton of different Aptitudes? Add even more flipping, character sheet glances and yet more flipping on top of all the flipping you have already done. The idea is great, but the reality isn't.
  6. What you need are cards with things like psychic powers, weapons and basic rules on them. Then when you want to reference something for any character, you can just find the card for it. You can also skip writing, erasing and rewriting weapon profiles and such things on character sheets. In fact, character sheets in general can have a lot more space on them for important things, rather than weapon tables.
  7. I didn't make my point correctly. This isn't about game balance. Sure a Relic Blade might be more interesting from a game design point of view versus melee talent access, but it totally breaks the lore of the 40k universe. Joe Blow the Sword Brother does not get access to a powerful relic. That isn't who the Sword Brethren are. I wouldn't say that a Relic Blade is a particularly interesting perk of the specialty either. What weapon would you upgrade to down the line? Why would you bother to take any other basic specialty over the Assault Marine when you are building a Sword Brother? Where is the challenge in getting the best melee weapon in the game at Rank 4? I agree that the Sword Brother should have some more melee focus, but adding a blatantly overpowered weapon isn't the way to do it.
  8. There is no reason to add a piece of war gear as powerful as a Relic Blade to a specialty that doesn't deserve it. A Sword Brother is not the ultimate champion of the Black Templars, he's a veteran. They are really no different than a 1st company veteran from any other Chapter. You would be pushing the Sword Brother into a heavy melee role as well. He gets a Relic Blade right? Might as well use it. There are very few ranged weapons that can compare to a free Relic Blade.
  9. More like a fanny-pack ammo supply for the Hell pistol. Same for the Hellgun IIRC. Sort of. The newest storm trooper models from GW have backpacks that appear to have a really big, swap-able power pack. The Hellpistol doesn't plug into the backpack though, just the Hellgun. I suggest you just disregard the "multiply by 5" rule and create a unique clip size for each weapon that could reasonably use a backpack ammo supply. There should be downsides to using one and almost never requiring a reload. Something like exclusion of the Fire Selector for bolt weapons fed from an ammo supply.
  10. Those are both great, though it isn't really how I would have done it.
  11. The Alpha Legion's homeword wasn't destroyed because its A MYSTERY! Ah yes slight oversight on my part. Ofcourse thanks to the HH "Legion" novel one could wonder if the Alpha legion ever truly turned traitor... For a long time the fate of Angrons homeworld was left undecided untill the HH novel "Betrayer" told what happened... (and it was awesome) That whole story is just awesome. It really reinforces Lorgar's level of asshattedness as well.
  12. Change the talent requirements to Wisdom of the Ancients. Change the wargear to Terminator armor plus weapons. If you don't want to add Terminator armor you can always add one of the other Wolfguard specific items like a Frostblade or a master crafted power weapon. Perhaps a Thunderwolf or Fenrisian Wolf companions for free.
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