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  1. Makes a bit of sense, seeing as how the silencer doesn't make the inmpact quiet but the firing itself quiet, and last I checked Meltaweapons were pretty much silent as is, they just make a popping sound as the air molecules are heated, while plasma weapons make a sound as the plasma dishcarge leaves the weapon and vapourizes the hydrogen in the air to fuel the blast. Then again, things do change, and mesh armour doesn't stop meltaweapons like it use to either.
  2. Hey all, just fired off a message to a mod to set up a game, but here is the link for the Recruiting section topic I have made so we can all get started with ideas/planning in the mean time. javascript:void(0);/*1319518218457*/ If the link doesn't work: http://www.nerdbound.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1024
  3. Seeing as how I frequent Nerdbound, and BC is player driven and leaves the GM with a rather easier job than the other 40k rpgs, I'm just going to throw my hat in and say I will run a game on Nerdbound. Once I get a few players I can talk to jason or someone else in charge and get a forum set up where we can figure out details of the game, setting, characters and the like. So anyone in?
  4. Thats one more player. Also, Gurkhal, start kicking players from Touched by the Alien in the ass, I want to start lighting nobles on fire already
  5. Nerdbound also has an active 40k pbp community and while a black crusade game is already started, you may be able to get in, or if not you could easily find a few players and possibly a gm for it. http://www.nerdbound.com/forum/index.php If you are starting a new game, count me in as a player, and if no one else is able to step up, I may try my hand at GMing it, but making it more sandbox style.
  6. You could use the sorcery rules from DH. It makes sense really, if they are a psyker, then they would need the psyker trait, use the psyker rules etc and therefore need the psyker/sorcerer archetype. But if you could brought over sorcery, it would make much more sense for the renegade to have the ability to do the things a rating 3 psyker could do, since he has learned the rituals etc. to do them, even if he doesn't have the inborn natural gift from his genes themselves.
  7. Or models, or a look, or existence other than as a back mention for nagash and some history until late 5th early 6th Essentially Tomb Kings were ancient egypt in the warhammer world and undead, while Necrons were undead in the 40kverse and egyptianish looking. Also, it is alot easier to have them be similiar for the sculptors sake I would think. If someone is good at one, they are probably good at the other.
  8. Etaren said: I'm pretty sure that Primitive Armour is handled the same way as any other armour, it's just that their AP is very low. The highest AP available for primitive armour is 3, and that armour weighs 28kg. From what I see, the rules doesn't state anything else. Like he pointed out, weight. Most primitive armour is heavy, and rather useless when compared to it's flak equivalent, as well as not getting the blast bonus Flak armour is AP3, and one stage scarcer than quilted, while also being 3kg heavier. But for a full flak suit it is ap4, covers ALL areas and is 11kg for scarce, while the closest primitive has is a chain coat which covers head,arm and leg for 3 ap, is 28kg and average. Plus with the flak you won't stick out on Imperial, penal, chaos, hive, war, and most other worlds like Conan at a redemptionist gathering. Also, primitive gets none of the nice upgrades (which are damned nice)
  9. Morangias said: The thing that irks me the most, though, is how I feel stupid for wanting to have a renegade guardsman as my minion when I could have taken a much more efficient gun servitor with Machine, Auto-Stabilized, Unnatural Toughness and Unnatural Ballistic Skill. Perhaps Flyer as well. It'd be nice to be able to cash in Traits for extra Talents, Skills or Characteristic Points. I know there's this sidebar telling me to just wing it in such cases, but I don't like winging it when they could have provided rules instead. You could still take the renegade guardsman, he just happens to have extensive bone-bracing (auto-stabilized), demon-flesh and machine-gibbins added to him, and his skin and eyesight have been mutated by chaos gifts. Still the same character, just with the traits added in and making sense. As for the Minions being over-powered, just like any overly minmaxed character or idea that a player has, it is the GMs final say, and probably the reason most players wont have the uber-psyker-buffer-death vortex. If the game is on a feral death world, do you really think the thousand sons librarian dreadnaught is going to be okayed when you take the talent, or the dung sniffing shaman? And yes I know saying the GM can fix it is a bit of a cop-out, it is really their job to keep pun-pun out of the game as much as to keep the game going and provide structure.
  10. Then again, you can always attempt to trick/decieve/backstab a demon by binding it in a weapon rather than a host. IE: Summon fleshhound or bloodletter, let them know for their compliance you will resummon it into a permanent form that will be able to kill untold millions over the aeons. They think they will get a host or maybe a vehicle and in truth they will be a demon weapon. May even get a bonus to the tests since they aren't fighting you and if tzeencth it may get a bonus for being deceiving. I was curious if anyone has used the rules for Demonhosts from DH for their games yet, or rules for merging minor demons and mortals in a possessed marine like fashion? Also, anyone think a demon would willingly allow itself to be bound in a once bound demonhost so it can have a semi-permanent existance on the material plane.
  11. I would go for the apostate, in RT the rogue trader is supposed to be a a master commander, and the apostate with the bonuses (the peer talent) seems more to the task than a combat character would.
  12. I may have said this in a different forum, but Nerdbound and PBP house regularly start new games in the 40k universe.
  13. Being a big fan of Melta weapons in TT(Guard army w/every specialist a melta, vehicles with meltas etc) and the RPGs (rogue trader with digital meltas, AM with wrist mounted melta(s), Explorator with Multi-Melta, Marine with Meltas and multimeltas etc )I would say go melta. For close, nitty gritty combat you want to make sure the target is dead. Are you fighting a guardsmen, a marine, a tank? Guess what, they are all essentially a womp rat that you can take potshots at in your t-16. Want to get through that dreadnaughts armour? That pesky and nosey Inquistor neighbour happen to get his newspaper in his full heavy power armour? Problem solved. Just don't miss. There are lots of powerfull weapons for long rang, but nothing compares to the stopping and penetrating power of a melta at close range. Turns the smallest and weakest of scum into an Astartes bbq'er.
  14. Do a jam session with noise marines?
  15. Hey everyone, looking for 2 more players for a Pbp game of dark heresy. javascript:void(0);/*1306540885098*/ So far got a scum, penal legionnaire, and an assassin. Any and everything (except Sisters of battle) are allowed. If your interested send out an email to drace_3@hotmail.com while you are waiting for you account to register so I can save you a spot.
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