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  1. Forgot to say - really like the look of the website btw. I like the large range of game related avatars to choose from and the way you can show your favourite games.
  2. Just wondering if you have the option to be notified by email when someone posts on a topic you have posted in or subscribe to. I've got this on some other forums and you unsubsribe from the thread if you want to as well. Thanks, Michael
  3. FTG


    +1 totally agree - I've just been trying to find a spot to make the same request. Subforums can also save repetition on common issues - with people posting about something already covered in detail. Perhaps there could be standard subforums for each forum, plus a handful of game specific ones. Maybe a moderator could make a post reqesting 'Subforum suggestions' All the best, Michael
  4. Thanks for the replies, I think you've basically cleared things up for me. The last rpg I've played was AD&D - and that was 20 years ago. I like the sound of a system where the characters are vulnerable and every time you get into a fight there is a chance you could die - makes you think! I'm guessing the whole career and character advancement system will make more sense when I've got the game in my hands. I'll probably get an expansion or 2, but I guess my main concern was of the game needing you to keep expanding and buying more stuff (a bit like the 1970s D&D, where you start with Basic book (for first few levels) then get the Expert (for the next levels)). Thanks also for your ideas such as Soldier->Soldier2 etc. I like the thought of tailoring things to suit your players' needs and not just sticking to a prescribed path. I'm looking forward to reading (and finally playing!) the game. All the best, Michael
  5. I'm waiting for the Core set to arrive... but am now wondering about the guides, vaults and expansions. My understanding of the core set: gives you everything to get started and keep you happy for several gaming sessionsMy understanding of guides and expansions: If you have the core set, you don't really need the guides If you want more careers or special rules you get the expansions Adventurers toolkit - extra careers and rules, general Omens of War - extra careers and rules - if you want more things with military flavour The Winds of Magic - if you're interested in more magical careers and rules The Creature Guide and Vault - if you want to add more adversaries to your adventures Advancing further? Q: If you only have the Core set, will there come a time when a character can't advance further and you will need to get one of the guides or expansions? I've tried looking around the forum and site, but couldn't find the answer. Thanks, Michael
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