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  1. Has anyone come up with (or found) a character sheet specifically built to track minions along the likes of servo skulls, cyber mastiffs, servitors, etc.? I've been trying to find one mainly to track the capabilities and upgrades of a combat skull one of my characters has acquired. The character sheets at the Dark Reign web site don't really seem to have anything appropriate. Ideally a single page that could show characteristics, attached weapons, built-in skills and any upgrades -- I'd think even a half-page sheet should have plenty of room for all that when it comes to the simpler minions...
  2. FWIW, I thought I'd check some of my other PDFs; mostly what I have is Paizo's Pathfinder line, but I think it's a good example of what *can* be done... The Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook: 578 pages, 77,384KB, internally hyperlinked, background graphics on every page -- in other words, *very* similar to the layout and design of the DH core rulebook. To me, this has been my "gold standard" of late, in that if that much data and graphics can be packed into a PDF of that size, then I don't see why my other RPG books can't come in at similar page/fiel size ratios
  3. S45qu4tch said: The size issue? Unacceptable. Agreed. However, it seems to be hit mor miss on whether a particular Dark Heresy/Deathwatch/Rogue Trader is a "good" size or not. My latest dowload of the core Deathwatch book (402 pages) included two files, one sized 98,312KB and the other at 64,695KB. Both look awesome on my desktop; if I'm viewing on my iPad, the former shows graphics but has other rendering issues (tables with the aforementioned "whiteout" issue, graphics clipping text that should flow around the graphic, etc.; while the latter is a "flatter"(?) file -- no background graphic on the pages, a lot of the graphics stripped out, but on the plus side pretty snappy to flip through. Others: Inquisitors Handbook: 258 pages, 31,357KB Radical's Handbook: 242 pages, 27,882KB Disciples of the Dark Gods: 241 pages, 30,475KB Ascension: 257 pages, 22,136KB Blood of Martyrs: 146 pages, 17,114KB (a case of too *much* compression; graphics quality is poor in this title, IMHO) I thought I'd try a fresh download of the core Dark Heresy book – I'm still waiting for it to download, though, and the download meter is showing a file size of 471MB <sigh> [edit: final file size -- 482,509KB] Clearly, given the titles I listed above, a (relatively) small PDF size is possible, while still retaining quality; but how to get this done across the entire WH40K RPG line? ...
  4. I guess the question then is, is Fantasy Flight directly responsible for producing the PDFs? I contacted DriveThruRPG about the issues, and they pointed out that they simply distribute/sell what is given to them, and that they don't have anything to do with how the documents are structured/bookmarked/etc. I don't know as much about PDF as I should (other than it being PostScript-based), but I would imagine that DriveThruRPG's watermarking process doesn't blow the file size up by 4x... <sigh> Any ideas/suggestions on how to get the issue noticed by FFG?
  5. I've searched the forums for "PDF" and "Acrobat" and can't find anything relevant so here goes... Has anyone else had issues with their PDFs from DriveThruRPG.com? I was recently notified of an update to the core rulebook, and saw that it went from ~110MB to over 400! Deathwatch: Mark of the Xenos and Rites of Battle both have one big long list of bookmarks instead of a hierarchical/tree view (like the core rulebook). And Blood of Martyrs has simply 9 bookmarks: "FC BOM", "00 BOM" through "06 BOM", and "BC BOM" Anyone else have the same?
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