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  1. I've seen discussion on other sites about a potential FAQ for Store Championships. This thread isn't about speculation on potential changes to the restricted list or what you hope to see. Has anyone heard if we're going to get one then or not until regionals? Previously the next FAQ was for Regionals, but we didn't have the Store Championships. I tried contacting FFG asking if we would get a FAQ or at least updated Tourney Rules for the new chapter packs, but I haven't heard back.
  2. The best way to get that info would be use one of the card databases (cardgamedb.com or agotcards.org) and look up cards in each cycle.
  3. It's more what Danigral says. Any ally isn't going to be automatically discarded as soon as it hits the table. Every ally is vulnerable to be discarded at any point by another character coming into play. The change in tempo is too much to risk on a character of 3 gold or more, arguably even 2 gold or higher. Ygritte very well may cause people to significantly question neutral characters at cost 3 or higher. Ironically, many people will still play a neutral ally (Varys).
  4. Bear Island is rarely played on this side of the Atlantic too. I think only midwestern metas play the card. Anyone know when we will see the Kingsguard pack that will be legal? Not that I'm able to make it this year.
  5. As Skowza said, the unique locations being placed on the restricted list in the first place were reactions against potential HoD builds that people were afraid of but never saw tournament play. I doubt they will see much play at worlds now that they are off.
  6. This is what I'm doing with my playmat from worlds last year at my computer at work.
  7. Just to update, everything went off amazingly well. She picked up earlier in the evening that I was nervous about something but was letting it go since we were at Wolf Trap. She had no idea it was coming until we rounded the corner of the gazebo since I had the candles, flowers, and ring put on that side to prevent it from being obvious further away. She said yes! Thanks for all the well wishes.
  8. I wanted to share some excitement going on in my personal life with the Thrones community. Since I can't focus at work, there's no better time than now to type up a post. Tonight I'm proposing to my girlfriend. We've been talking through pre-engagement topics the past month, so she has to be expecting it to come soon. I'm trying to misdirect to Monday when we have a big date to celebrate 6 months from our first date. Before our first date, we met at a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. Tonight, we're going to Wolf Trap to see The Fellowship of the Ring with a live orchestra and choir. Last week I went ahead with my sister to scout out a place we can walk to after the show and get away from the crowds when I propose. We found a nice gazebo that will work perfectly. My sister, brother-in-law, and a couple close friends are going to setup candles, flowers, and the ring at the gazebo for me when we walk there after the show. Needless to say, excitement has been high today. My sister was texting me earlier today and sent me a picture of the roses to make sure they would be good. I'm hoping to get out some of this nervous energy from all the excitement so she doesn't pick up on any vibes during the evening. Thanks for reading my ramble. I wanted to share this with the best gaming group I've ever met.
  9. Did he get more than 10 minutes with you at the bar? I'm Brian. I was at GenCon last year, but I don't know if we met. I had to leave GenCon this year before the first round of melee finally started. We may have met.
  10. Since 10 was the start of registration, not the actual tournament it didn't matter anyway. The best I would have been able to do is 1 game, and that's not worth hand writing a decklist over - especially for melee.
  11. I've recently learned that I will be leaving GenCon early due to a family situation. I'll be getting picked up from Indy around 1pm on Friday. Since this only gives me enough time to play 2 games in the melee tournament, there's no way I can win it. Under current rules, should I completely skip since I know I have to drop after 2 rounds. That automatically puts me out of the running and from the first game cannot be playing to win the tournament (though I can play to win each table)
  12. Corey really is the master deckbuilder. That doesn't mean the rest of us don't original deck ideas. If any of them turn out to be good, he takes a look at it, pulls out the bad cards, and puts in good cards. In the end, there's usually only a couple of decks that rise to the top. It's a shame I'm most likely going to have to miss the joust this year since it's looking like I will be leaving Indy Friday evening. Downloading the podcast now, so can't comment on that yet until I listen.
  13. I thought making TLV a neutral house only card was a good and interesting way to make sure it's rarely played. Being stuck with neutral resources, there just aren't enough for TLV. Maybe after the new season gold locations and neutral kingsuard come out there could be a neutral shadows build, but I bet it's more a "fun deck" than competitive.
  14. Fixed. Careful on mixing up those game terms. Putting a limited card into play is a way to get around the keyword and it's deserved for the effort. Further fixed as setup is not playing the cards, but placing them. That's why you can't trigger the "after you play" or effects on cards when they are in your setup.
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