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  1. If while in conflict with player B, player A invites player C to ally on offence, and B makes no offer at all. Under this scenario, is C able to ally on either side, or only the one invited to? Second, Does the Triple (?) power of attack reduction for values above 15(?) affect just themselves or the other primary? It is kind of vague on that one and I can't see how reducing your own attack value could be handy outside of some very limited interactions. thanks
  2. Ok, don't know if anyone cares, but it was a HIT!! after the first few turns and alliances, everyone saw the possiblities of this game and heartily approved. Except for one person, who said she didn't like it because of too much overcommitment on ships, leaving her with almost none. She then ended up winning the game using her cursed Parasite ability! Now, of course, she loves it. Great time, and looking forward to many more crazy sessions.
  3. going to get this and present it to the group tomorrow! Let the hilarity commence!
  4. Thanks. I went back and after examining all the cards, found the clue 6 card explained my question quite nicely. Now I am really stoked to play this scenario. Hope it is as much fun as it sounds.
  5. The timed objective cards in this POD have instructions on both sides of the card. There really aren't any specific instructions for them, so I assume that both pieces of text are handled when the event occurs. I am correct in this assumption, or is the top flavor text done when the top of the card is revealed? Thanks in advance
  6. If a person takes a card from the 4 face up adventure cards, and the one that comes face up to replace it is a play immediately, does that care immediatly affect the next person to take a card or can it be chosen as any of the other 3 face up? My guess and the way we have been doing it is the latter. thoughts?
  7. Tyrant242


    I have a copy of the US version of this game that has never been used and am willing to sell it for a reasonable price. I will say up front that one corner of the cover is split and the one one the opposite side is slightly crumpled (came to me that way, too big a hastle to return it). Let me know if anyone is interested.
  8. Yes please give us an expansion. Some better items in the search deck, some new characters, new tiles, better and revamped monster cards w/ new monster minis, and most of all, a reference sheet with all the tiles on it like Drakkon or Isla Dorada. Just for the record, I play solo alot and prefer the dice combat varient over the cards.
  9. thanks, but that is one the sites blocked by my workplace. Otherwise I would be reading it post haste.
  10. Ok, I have the rules for AH pretty pat now and I am trying to engage my gaming group with this wonderful game, but I do need some help with basic strategies. I would normally search the web for such things, but the filter here at work will only let me access FFG's site (which they would probably block if they knew). So my question is as follows. In a newbie group, with say 5-6 players, what sort of approach should we use to achieve victory. As the group is new, we will be doing only the main board with no expansions for the first game or two, until others are familiar with the mechanics. In the solo games I played,I would usually run groups of 4 with teams of 2, one heavy on combat, the other on lore. Each team would pick gates and try to seal. There are just so many things I am not sure about, like is it worth the time to find allies at the boarding house, or should we have people trying to earn income from the paper or elsewhere, to try to farm some elder signs. Any kind of good pointer here would be helpful. Thanks.
  11. I hate to say it, but a newer, updated, streamline and less space intensive version of the game would be most welcome. I only have the base game, DH and KiY, so it would not be a huge investment for me to start over. I know the consternation a reboot would cause (see Descent 2nd edition), for the old timers but as someone who has only just started his slide into madness, a clarified rulebook and better, more consistent text on the cards would be great. Then I wouldn't have to deal with you crazy people on this board anytime I had a question. (jk)
  12. I have had to ask FFG for replacement parts for AH (lost a couple of sliders), got them in less than a week with a hand written note. I have to think that your problem is an abberation and not to give up. Normally, they are a fantastic customer service company, just need better editors and proof checkers sometimes (Elder sign, I'm looking at you!).
  13. Tyrant242

    Sad Day

    Friend of mine just did this to my copy of Aquire. And he is a Grown up!! In theory anyways. fortunately we were able to dry them out and press them under several heavy tomes of forbidden knowledge and they turned out ok. He is not allowed to drink at the table anymore.
  14. Cool. We just ran through Green-Eyed Boy last night and now are looking to get some of the expanded material. I figured that each would have the varients, but it is never good to assume. Thanks everyone.
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