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  1. I have the steam version. It crashed and provided a crash folder on my file system, and asked if I could supply the folder to the developers. How do I go about providing this folder to the developers?
  2. Just wanted to say that for iOS v1.0.3(208) we were able to successfully play through the Escape from Innsmouth scenario with two investigators (Agatha Crane, Minh Thi Phan) without crashes or lockups. It was a new game, not resumed from a previous save. We didn't win however . We lost by running out of time.
  3. I have questions on a particular 2+ Insane Condition card. For those who haven't run into this one yet, the rest of this post will be in a spoiler tag.
  4. I support this. Even if this doesn't happen, I can see someone coming up with a web-based homebrew version (open source possibly).
  5. Scenario - Cycle of Eternity, Phase - Mythos, Step - Monster, Star Spawn Attack. There was a typo in the attack text. The attack describes the monster tearing up the ground. Both test conditions begin with "If you pass." Each of the conditions were completely different and seemed to represent a success and a failure, it is just that they both began with "If you pass."
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