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  1. The lack in numbers of battleships has more to do with how the IoM builds ships than anything. They can build one in what a decade, sometimes far longer? They simply build them too slowly to make up for combat loses. The battle cruiser is made with ease of construction in mind so are churned out faster and in far greater numbers. The biggest issue with grand cruisers seems to be the Navy;s view of them. The navy simply does not want the things.
  2. What I mean is FFG did not go into great details and design x class to do just what its class in the navy does. They throw the "Heavy" name around when they fill like it fits or to look cool. As far as I can tell the IoM does not have a heavy cruiser in Rt as of yet. Chaos "Heavy" cruisers seem to be simply battle cruisers. Also As far as I know they still pump out battleships just as they still make grand cruisers.
  3. I never said smaller, I said under. I am going off only the Rogue trader books. BFK outright says that is what a Battle cruiser is, the replacement for the grand crusier. A "heavy" anything is still the hull type it uses in Rogue trader as far as I can tell. A "Heavy" cruiser is a cruiser, just as a Heavy frigate is a frigate. As far as the game cares its just means it has more armor and often more HP than is common for its hull type. A battle crusier however is a whole other hull type. They are the same size as a crusier hull but carry more weapons, meaning one more weapon slot. hey are simply up gunned cruisers. FFG did not base its ships off the navy. "heavy" is just a word.
  4. Heavy cruiser is under battlecruiser. The battle cruiser fills the role you are talking about. Heaviest armor outside of a grand cruiser. You are trying to replace the battle cruiser, the IoM tends to be very happy with the battlecruiser.
  5. BFK says "revolutionary and highly sophisticated warp and realspace engine designs are now poorly understood, leading to many well publicised disasters and warp calamities.Indeed" It also says they are still constructed, but rarely and the fleet looks at them as " dangerous,temperamental,and constructed using dubious and possibly heretical technologies". They are simply not trusted and not replaced. Moist still in the navy are placed in reserve fleets because of how officers see them. It also says many Rogue traders end up with them as many Lord admiralsare willing "to divest themselves of what they regard as expensive and hazardous anachronisms." Battlecruisers are what replaced them as Grand cruisers were seen as having failed by the navy. You are correct in that Battlecruisers are really upgunned cruisers with larger drives. They are cheaper to make, faster to build and regaurded as all around better and safer by the navy than grand cruisers.
  6. I simply do not see it as being able to carry grand crusier parts. That is my issue, I also do not buy the Secutor argument. The Secutor is an admech design built around that concept and as a light cruiser its not a big deal really at add crusier void sheilds. If sheilds were all you were adding it would not be that big a deal, I still would not allow it myself. It is an overlord with extra armor, more hull points and too much space. A battlecrusier is designed to straddle the line between heavy cursiers and battleships. They are the replacement for the old grand cursiers using tech the IoM can still mass produce. You are trying to fill a role already filled by modifiying a ship filling it.
  7. Its not that they can not make them, they simply have no desire to do so. They are an old style of fighting the fleet no longer uses. Something is to be said for the designs as well as many fell to chaos so often most do not recall those ships ever being from the IoM. They sill have plenty of them, but do not use them in front line fleets.
  8. I see what he is trying to do but ,I disagree. If he wants grand cruiser parts it needs to be a grand cruiser, Make it a grand crusier hull, hit the manuverablity and speed hard to make up for the armor beef up and call it a day.
  9. I do not see how it could use grad cruiser parts, Its a smaller ship class. That has to be nixed off the bat. Your concept just is not working here if that is all you are trying to do. If the goal is a lighter grand cruiser make it a grand cruiser hull but "light" or weaker. It looks like an overlord with too much armor, more space and more Hull points. I would drop the space back to the overlords 78 ditched the thing about grand cruiser parts as it makes no sense and keep the other changes.
  10. Kender are an abomination that should be exterminated from the gamer landscape.
  11. GM rant: Every freaking time I run RT I always get folks who want to use stuff from the other 40k games, gear, talents you name it. even if it is said up front "X books only" you always get at lest one guy who just has to have something from a DH, BC or OW book. EVERY FREAKING TIME. It is highly annoying.
  12. Oh, I have a good idea Thanks for the explanation and the work, it really is a rather handy tool.
  13. Yeah I have the same issue. Love the program but it will only use ship stuff from the core rulebook.
  14. Mythweavers also has a built in EotE dice roller. Not many games active yet, but the dice roller is there.
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