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  1. I've put together Night of the Maggia, a little fan module for those who are interested. It's been playtested a fair bit, but is definitely in active development. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m8kbobshm77qqip/Night of the Maggia.zip?dl=0
  2. Nobody's talking about preference, people are talking about awareness. I work on a team with about 30 people in a non-geek industry. There are three of us who have read a comic book in the last five years. There is one person who hasn't seen Endgame. The Wrecking Crew, having never been in a movie, is very obscure, by virtue of the fact that comics, as an industry, are obscure.
  3. You wouldn't. That's the cost of running that hero. A 17 card hero deck is still equally Smash-Up swappable with the other decks, so no worries there. If you want to run no more than 40 cards, two more have been defined for you. But there's probably a reason they did it for thematic reasons. If Squirrel Girl has fewer than 10 named squirrels in her deck we riot.
  4. There's also a temporal nature to the comics. If they do Guardians of the Galaxy, are they doing them from when? Because the comics are slowly shifting in alignment to be more and more like the movies (because, as @jonboyjon1990 said, most people didn't care about most of these characters until the movies). So you get into this weird area where we've got various versions of the character from throughout the history of comics. Honestly, I think for the most part it doesn't matter. Like, you can interpret most of these characters however you want. Their relationships aren't super manifest in the game, it's mostly about powers and aesthetics.
  5. Yeah, between L5R and AH, I'm not sure who is clamoring for an intricate FFG LCG. I think "fun" and "long lasting" are my two biggest requests.
  6. I don't think anybody is saying focus only on any facet. I suspect that they'll focus on all of them. Nostalgia, movies, comics (and I think the nostalgia audience and the comics audience are very different).
  7. I think "Hawkeye" is the perfect pack for two mantles/identities. (So, same 15 signature cards, but different Hero/Alter Ego card.)
  8. The list is long. I was just throwing out Tigra because I hadn't seen her suggested, and I wanted to write it down so I could be like "Ooh, I was right!" I think doing Kate Bishop before Clint Barton as a hero would be... interesting.
  9. I considered her, but Tigra jumped out to me because of her prominence on the art.
  10. Sorry, I should have said non-movie, non-MCU. I like Misty Knight a lot (especially with a robot arm), but she's in the MCU.
  11. I don't disagree. I was just going through a mental checklist of non-movie, female, Avengers-adjacent heroes.
  12. Xelto has it right. I remember reading that each hero will have 15 or more. The five base heroes have 15, but there's no reason that's locked in the future
  13. I remember reading that the 15 Signature Cards was definitely not locked in, but right now for the life of me I can't find it. It might have been the marketing guy in the TC videos, but I can't listen to that now. But I agree. I think we should definitely expect variation.
  14. Nobody knows anything about the rights. What we do know is that the rights extend beyond the MCU (because of She Hulk). I suspect (and I used to be an IP attorney) that FFG's license isn't delineated, but everything has to run past Disney for approval. So, no contracts need to be changed, it can just be a memo. X # years ago, when this deal was being finalized, FFG may have gotten a memo saying "No X-Men". Maybe that's different now. Maybe that memo never went out. Maybe it did go out and it's not different now. The movie rights are mostly immaterial, because (for example) the She Hulk movie rights aren't owned by Disney. But Marvel has a history of down playing the franchises they don't own to devalue them (see, e.g, Inhumans vs X-Men). The only exception is Spider-Man, because Underoos is just too popular. I will wager a box of donuts that contractually FFG has the entire Marvel canon. The question of whether Disney is going to approve any given hero is likely to be an ephemeral notion and a moving target.
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