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  1. If we're doing a pool, my money's on Moon Knight as the 4th hero. Strong Justice association, newly announced for the MCU. He's a white dude, though, which lowers the odds a fair bit.
  2. As the person who made the original comment, I'm begging you, please, take it to the KeyForge forum.
  3. Also, just in case this conversation blows up, the plural of nemesis is nemeses.
  4. They're absolutely worth discussing, and I think it's reflective of people's history that they want to discuss cards in isolation, not as a holistic body. Given that in any given game, you have about an X * 50% chance of seeing one or more nemeses (where X is the number of times you go through the deck), you will see nemeses a fair amount. I think the nemeses absolutely play out at different power levels. Look at Vulture versus Killmonger. Vulture has Quickstrike with 3 Attack, and sure, that's not fun, but Spidey can handle 3 damage. Compare to Killmonger. Killmonger has the same-valued stat spread (2/2 vs 1/3), and one more hit point. However, in a solo game, Killmonger is a beast. Dealing 5 damage as Black Panther to a minion without using your core mechanic is going to take a lot of focus away from your primary goal. Having played about 40 games, I can agree that evaluation of the weight of the nemesis deck is sorely lacking in a lot of discussion of heroes.
  5. As I've stated elsewhere... We don't know the breakdown of the Hero pack. It's possible there are two (or three!) Captain America identity cards that play with the same deck. There are multi-mantle shenanigans they could play without having to make a whole new deck.
  6. Nobody's going to convince them, and Ms. Marvel and She Hulk aren't "heroes we think we'll get next". And whether comics are political, and all the "sharing opinions or facts" and dog whistling can go in another thread, please.
  7. Mindful that we knew we were getting Ms. Marvel and She Hulk as MC heroes before their shows were announced, I wonder if there's any chance we're going to see the Wrecking Crew as a villain in Love and Thunder.
  8. Thought I'd start compiling things. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VUF7YKza13gIfveo4v_4SQK3gDw4ZDpZt1DIaEZX95U/edit#gid=0 Get at me with your weird and wacky variants.
  9. I'm pretty convinced this is no coincidence, for the record.
  10. If it is a coincidence / "great minds" situation, how ecstatic are the folks at FFG.
  11. That argument absolutely holds water. But I suspect FFG's assumption is that if you're getting bored, play a new hero or a new pack. Because if you only play Aggression, you're getting a new hero every month. Try them out. That's fifteen new cards in your Aggression deck! At the end of the day, putting four aspects in every pack means if I want to own every Protection card, I have to buy every pack. And that kind of thinking is what has lead to the slow death of pretty much every LCG FFG has released. I think they're working really hard to make it so that a player can join up in 2023, having just gone on a date to see Eternals 2, and be able to buy into the game very cheaply. If there are only six Protection Packs at that point, that makes it pretty cheap to get into Protection. No Kingo Protection decks will require you to hunt down a bunch of packs. Just the six. I don't know. Nobody posting here knows. But there are arguments to be had for both sides, and there's no "right" answer, and I'm not advocating, I'm just making my guess based on the trends we've been seeing in how FFG releases/markets their LCGs.
  12. I don't understand what you're saying. I know that under either distribution model you could run Protection Ms. Marvel with her pack, or her pack plus Core. I'm saying, this isn't a competitive game. The "meta" didn't need constant shaking. I think there's a very reasonable chance that the Hero Packs will be single Aspect, and I think people should consider that so that they're not disappointed if that turns it to be true. I am currently operating under the assumption that I won't see new Justice cards until May.
  13. I think we should temper our expectations. I could see it going either way. On the one hand, L5R went the "focused pack" route, wherein most of a faction's cards are in a specific pack, and still filled it out with other factions. On the other hand, that would run very counter to how FFG seems to be marketing/building this game. If I only play Protection Ms. Marvel, having packs limited to a single Aspect makes the game a lot cheaper to get in to / keep up with. If I have to buy all the packs to play Protection Ms. Marvel, it just got more expensive.
  14. I'm sure Campaign Boxes will be mind-blowing when they're announced, and we'll all be really excited, but the breakdown of what they intend to do with the gap between "playable deck" and "60 cards" is the information I'm most interested to learn.
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