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  1. GM Binder and Genesys

    For those of us who have Minion, it still looks great swapping back to Minion Pro. Thanks for the hard work, @saethone
  2. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    How is this the first time I'm hearing about this?
  3. GMBinder Cheat Sheet

    Thanks for reminding me! Moar stuff: (inspired stolen from the GM Cheat Sheet).
  4. A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    But you have to have a character name, then? New Character -> Change Player Name -> Choose Archetype (Mongrel) -> New Character. Go back to old new character. No information retained.
  5. A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    From existing character, I click "New Character", type in a name "Jiminy Christmas", hit tab, click "New Character", and all I'm left with of Jiminy is their hash. I feel like it's bigger than that, but haven't 100% recreated other scenarios. Working on it.
  6. Using the Social Encounter Rules for Debates, Law Making, etc.

    Not quite a fair characterization, I think? The Aston Martin DB11 doesn't have a mechanism that allows it to drive underwater, but it's a pretty fine automobile. Genesys has its roots in pulp (as evidenced by the fact that the Pulp Tone rules basically consist of "end on a cliffhanger", because all the other rules are already there). Long term law passing is... not pulp. If @StanTheMan wants House of Cards-esque rules, that's awesome. I support it 100%. But I wouldn't describe the absence of those rules as a shortcoming.
  7. A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Did I miss the ability to save a character? What happened? I change information, I find nothing. When I hit "New Character", I get a new hash in the dropdown. Selecting hashes brings up information with no way for me to save. I feel dumb.
  8. How well would Genesys handle D&D-like dungeon crawls?

    I suspect when Terrinoth gets off the boat, we'll have a better idea.
  9. Fantasy Knowledge Skils?

    Forbidden doesn't have to be magical at all. Leave it for Lore. Criminal knowledge. Secret politicking. Lost and forbidden histories that kings and queens have killed to keep secret. Et cetera.
  10. Fantasy Knowledge Skils?

    Occult? In my science fantasy game, I have Science, Travel, and Forbidden. And I think those are the sweet spot. A knowledge skill for left-brained bookish characters (the engineers and mages), a knowledge skill for the well-traveled (bards and faces), and a weird knowledge skill for things normal people don't know.
  11. A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    @SkyJedi. awesome work. When you get around to implementing custom Talent sets, please include prerequisites. I'd love to import some massive set of Talents but only see the ones I'm eligible for, etc. Long term planning, but I know you're probably doing some architecture conceptualizing now.
  12. Requirements for CharGen App?

    I've been trying to figure out hosting, I've never hosted a Dot Net Core app before. The app is mostly ready for launch otherwise. However, I'm going to see where SkyJedi goes with their app, since the effort feels duplicative and they have the name recognition.
  13. Very Detailed GM Screen (probably overboard)

    Oh man. Now that I'm done adding stuff to the GMBinder cheat sheet, I'm going to start working on this. Good stuff. Thank you!
  14. GMBinder Cheat Sheet

    I had some issues with the Cheat Sheet in resources, so I recreated it (for the most part) in Before I start hacking away at it, I thought I'd make it available. (I'm an idiot and can't figure out how to share on GMBinder, so here's the pastebin code: Happy hacking. Edit: OH, here's a link straight to GM Binder!
  15. Genesys Master Resources List

    Was the Cheat Sheet made in GM Binder, or something else?