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  1. CitizenKeen

    Not a lot of Triumph related talents?

    I expect the setting books are where we're going to find all the good stuff. Vanilla Genesys is likely to get a little left behind.
  2. CitizenKeen

    Excel Character Sheet

  3. CitizenKeen

    Excel Character Sheet

    Thanks for bringing to my attention. Will fix in a few hours / when I get home.
  4. CitizenKeen

    Wealth Rules

    Oh, absolutely. Of course. Two separate ratings. The column that's currently Cost becomes a Difficulty instead of a 100x integer, but Rarity remains. A new sedan might be a Rarity 3 and Cost 6 (depending on where you set 10), while an unloved first edition might be a Cost 1 and Rarity 9.
  5. CitizenKeen

    Using Runes in place of Numenera Cyphers

    Cyphers really don't require much of a special rule. You can use a lot of them out of the book, e.g., No Genesys rules necessary. Also, I do not have the upper body strength to use these, no matter how magic they are. Even the ones that require some rules... can easily be tweaked to "Substances adds 1 to Intellect for one hour." Don't know that you need Runes, or even rules, to adopt Cyphers. I feel like I could run most of the ones in the Core Book as written without much thought.
  6. CitizenKeen

    Wealth Rules

    So, I’ve been considering using some sort of Wealth rules. You’d have a Wealth rating just like a Skill. At chargen, you can buy it like any skill. After chargen, you can only change it with a narrative justification. Or double XP. Or somesuch. Instead of a cost, every item has a Cost Rating similar to the Rarity Rating (1-10, difficulty is halved and rounded up). You’d still use Rarity Rating to know if you can even find an item, before buying it. When you want to buy something, you roll Wealth against difficulty. Success means you bought it. Failure means you didn’t. Treasure would be handed out as free Boosts. (So the goblin king’s hoard has 10 Blue Dice to be split amongst the group. Note on character sheet. When you want to get something, add 3 Blue Dice, mark it off, etc.) Obviously, this would require some thought with regards to the Negotiation skill. Thoughts?
  7. CitizenKeen

    Genesys Realms: Character Sheet Preview

    EmberStorm is not Scryr, Aethermere, or Beyond Virtue
  8. CitizenKeen

    Genesys Realms: Character Sheet Preview

    That opens up a whole realm of "Use this skill for that". I mean, before you get to that, you have to address that the character sheet can't be used in scifi campaigns, because it doesn't have a "Ranged - Light" versus "Ranged - Heavy", and scifi just uses "Melee". That's why I asked @Simon Retold for the source. It's a gorgeous character sheet, but almost every campaign is going to have its own skills.
  9. CitizenKeen

    Genesys Realms: Character Sheet Preview

    Would you consider putting the source files on your blog as well when they're done? Please?
  10. CitizenKeen

    Genesys Realms: Character Sheet Preview

    I love it. I'd consider putting an "Other" under each stat, though that would run in to problems with two Others in the same stat.
  11. CitizenKeen

    Any other pre-made adventures for Genesys Fantasy?

    I was a lawyer. IP was my jam. This is not only a violation of FFG's rights ("illegal" isn't quite the right word), but also opens up DriveThru to liability too. I doubt this will remain on their site for another month.
  12. CitizenKeen

    Any other pre-made adventures for Genesys Fantasy?

    Wait what? Googling... Link. How are people selling Genesys adventures? Must dive further. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. CitizenKeen

    Osmium Shorts

    If a Mod can move this to Your Settings, that would be awesome, please and thank you.
  14. CitizenKeen

    Osmium Shorts

    New Entry: Great Lakes Province What was once New York and Hudson Bay is now... a zombie wasteland ruled by vampires.
  15. CitizenKeen

    Conditional Soak?

    For those of you with lots of experience with Star Wars... How do we handle conditional soak? Was there an example in Terrinoth that I missed? Soak 3 versus most stuff, but Soak 6 versus guns, etc.?