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  1. I think in one of the interviews I heard with Lukas he mentioned part of the reason they made it collectible was so that it could compete with Magic and Pokémon etc., in which case I'm guessing and hoping it will show up at Target eventually. Doesn't hurt that my wife manages a Starbucks inside a Target, so I'll be able to use her employee discount. XD
  2. I'm planning on being at Guardian Games in Portland, OR from 1-4 on Sunday the 20th!
  3. It would be fun to pick starting characters that do little more than create resources and fill the deck with expensive upgrades and supports.Yeah, I love that this is really thematic for Scum and Villainy types. Instead of being about pure military might, they're about making money, and hiring assassins and bounty hunters to do their dirty work.
  4. It's a small thing, but I really appreciate FFG using neutral "they" for the player instead of just "he" in this rulebook. They usually do a great job with inclusivity, and this is just more stuff in the right direction. That being said, I didn't realize before reading this that you didn't have to resolve all dice of the same type at the same time, which I'm sure will open more tactical options, and I love that they included basic multiplayer rules with this set. It will be interesting to see if they release rules for a team version down the road.
  5. I had a few issues with this review, and normally I like Dice Tower's stuff. One of the big complaints they (and a lot of other people have) is cost to get started. But if you look at any other Star Wars game out right now, it's all going to be pretty similar. Even if you get two of each starter and 10 boosters, you're looking at around $90, which is a lot cheaper than buying the Imperial Assault starter base set and corresponding figures. If you want to build a solid foundation for the Star Wars LCG, it's recommended you have two copies of the core set and two copies of Edge of Darkness, and then any other packs you might want. Collecting enough X-Wing ships will definitely run you at least that much, especially if you want to have a couple squads of different factions available. I actually love that the entry point for Destiny is kind of up to you, apart from the starters. It's easier to get your feet wet in the game without making an initial big investment. The other thing I thought was interesting was the question of replayability. I find games where you can always be getting new cards and tweaking your decks endlessly replayable, as long as I enjoy the game itself. Of course it will probably get old if you never buy any more cards, but where's the fun in that?
  6. I'd love to see a free upgrade for Boba Fett that gives him this ability. That and maybe Deadly could justify his cost and have him see a lot more play.
  7. I agree, a huge part of the fun of games like this for me is creating and tweaking my decks. However, I definitely see the value in things like drafts, especially if it gives the new players a way to start the game for cheaper.
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing the other day, and I came up with a design using foam board that chould theoretically be able to hold 2 decks, 20-ish dice, and tokens. Once the game is released I'll see about building it, and post schematics if it works.
  9. I'm planning on using a metal Star Wars lunch box with a custom insert as my dice/deck holder, at least until they don't fit. I'd love it if there was a foam insert that the dice could fit nicely into, but I'll probably end up using foam board.
  10. X-Wing was my first FFG game, Imperial Assault is the one I probably spend the most money on, but I also have LotR LCG, Star Wars LCG, Descent 2.e, and Rebellion, off the top of my head. The old Decipher LotR TCG was my first great TCG love (which I been thinking about getting back into it with some friends), but I'm definitely planning on playing SW Destiny.
  11. I was at MY FLGS in Portland, OR, yesterday and they had them all on stock. They look pretty cool.
  12. Yeah, I have the OT and TFA soundtracks on a thumb drive that I play on random on my TV while we play. I like to start off with the opening crawl, but I don't have more than one version of it. I also took out the Cantina theme and a few other specific and distracting tracks, and it seems to work well.
  13. On the reverse side, I have all the IA expansions so far, but this app is making me want to buy Descent as well. I think playing the co-op with my wife would be a lot of fun, and while my IA group isn't lacking for Imperial players, I'd love to not need one if necessary. An app like this for IA would truly be a game changer, and I really hope they're working on one.
  14. If you use Pummel on Davith Elso, could you potentially get 3 attacks in if you can trigger Fell Swoop during one of the two given to you by Pummel? *Edit* I realize now this should have gone in the Rules forum, but now I'm not sure how to delete this thread.
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