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  1. the expansion i would like to see next is one that has no errors, is play tested and proof read before hitting store shelves
  2. i agree as well, unfortunatly FFG is too greedy to care and i don't think they even read these forums
  3. i agree 100%, we pay too much and FFG cares too little... FFG board meeting, "hahahahaha we got those suckers to buy more unfinished, untested, and not play tested products again..."
  4. I'm with you 100% on your comments regarding typos, playability, game balance, etc. I wonder about the future of FFG with the quality of product they put out. I mean after all the mistakes in there other products (Designer Series, etc) you would think extra care would be put into the garbae they are selling. I picture the designers sitting around patting themselves on the back and laughing at the illiterate customers who buy there junk. It is truly sad that TOI has so much potential to be a great game and the scenarios are just crap.
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